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  1. That’ll be a big indicator game. Hopefully they come back playing mad
  2. Anyone else feel that shift back to the normal pushover und football we thought we broke away from? Got spanked by the rival, have a few new key injuries, moral fell hard, and now losing a needed game off the schedule. 5-2 with a loss to 1-4 YSU or misery state would put them on the fence for even making the playoffs.
  3. Youngstown is hot and IL state is no sluff...I’m a little worried this moral killer could have und losing their last 3/4 games and missing the playoffs all together
  4. Look at those baggy long sleeve polos. Reminds me of 90’s Tiger. Or 90’s everyone I guess
  5. Anyone know of anywhere in Fargo that’ll have the game on?
  6. Glad they’ve figured out how to put games away and how to come away with wins in these close games. I’d like to see better QB play but overall everyone seems stout. Important to remember this easily could’ve been a 35-10 or at least 28-10 game if they clean up those Deep turnovers. exciting team to watch. I know I’ll enjoy watching other games this weekend a lot more knowing UND already took care of business! Go misery state!
  7. Seems to be an important trait for a QB. He’s certainly looked better but he better turn it around or we’re about to see a lot more of Quincy
  8. How much time left? Need a TD here though to keep away from a clock watch
  9. I may have missed it, but are there any changes to the 2 deep worth mentioning? New Injuries, guys coming back from injury?
  10. Caught that fumble bounce though now didn’t he?!
  11. Why is Otis not getting 9/10 carries? This is a huge game and he is absolutely by far their best carrier
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