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  1. What are the injuries? A couple O line, Q at QB…what else on O? Haas out for the year on D but I think they’re set otherwise?
  2. College kids could use it for a full week each school year!! but In all seriousness stuff like that might keep a few more college kids in town in the summer?
  3. Same owners for all 3 other ND locations. I believe the plan was to break ground in GF spring 2021 until covid. I believe land is even acquired but not sure where
  4. Hand Crary 1.5M to convert it to an apartment complex. If that failed, then give Hugo’s 1.5M to post a big “coming soon” sign in the parking lot for 5 years. Then eventually pay Rydell 1M to use it as overflow parking.
  5. Good catch, Minot zoo is definitely nicer. Hockey rink situation is better…list ends there ha
  6. Doesn’t have much of an advantage in terms of actual population or in terms of what? In my eyes Bismarck has a big advantage in essentially everything. Straight population is roughly 35% larger than minot, and MSAs would be an even larger gap. Quality of life and quality of…well everything seems much higher in bis too unfortunately. Minot has made some strides with the downtown revamp, finally making some progress with schools and even a stabilizing population not relying entirely on oil-boom citizens. Not even in the same league as Bismarck or Fargo though IMO.
  7. All estimates I’m seeing for both Grand Forks population and Grand Forks MSA are showing between 800-1200 growth from 2010-2020. In some cases it appears slightly less when updated with 2021 populations. What are you seeing if you believe me and essentially all online estimates appear to be incorrect in your opinion? I’m not sure if you’re just too old and senile to utilize online resources or if you just can’t read.
  8. Yes and the estimates tend to be very accurate in most cases. That’s why it’s alarming to see that ND grew by 107k people from 2010 to 2020 yet the 3rd largest city only grew by 800 people (listed estimate). Grand Forks hit a major slump for many reasons and just can’t seem to get out
  9. What’s the latest on the Aldi’s coming to GF?
  10. I can agree MSA population does definitely give you a clearer understanding. GF MSA is essentially the same as 40 years ago and Fargo MSA has essentially doubled. WOW
  11. Many more college kids available to be retained? I don’t think that’s the issue. GF/EGF has roughly 20k college kids each year...I think that’s plenty. It’s not the number of kids to retain, it’s the number of opportunities available to retain them. Grand forks is slacking for long term salary career type options.
  12. Exactly! if you look back 20-30 years the 2 towns were extremely comparable in size. The flood was a big hit of course, but overall the poor long term leadership played the biggest role by far in Gf falling so far behind. The “Closer to the cities” or “civilization”comment is mostly dumb to me. Canadians love to come to the US, even when the FX is unfavorable. There is a metro area of almost a million people (larger than all of ND) just across the border that used to flock to gf in giant armies. Now (pre-covid) they bypass gf for Fargo because everythings out of business in Gf.
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