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  1. What businesses have recently planted roots in GF? Red river petroleum? 30 employees? I honestly can’t name anything else recently which is unbelievably sad. Grand Sky and GAAS somewhat recent. Marvin windows? Nope. Digikey? Nope. FedEx? Nope. US Borderstates? Nope. You can physically see GF falling behind Fargo, Bismarck and even Minot by the week.Oil money yes, but you can clearly see Dickinson and Williston pressing on at a rate much higher than GF which will likely prove them out to be bigger hubs than GF by 2030 at this rate.
  2. Yet another kick in the pants to Grand Forks. This was a HUGE opportunity, and Wichita took it on like the new USA Drone Capital champs they are. I’ve been following this pretty closely, and never once heard of GF even being in the running even though they should’ve been all over it. My guess is the city council and leadership weren’t and still aren’t even aware of it. Just continue on...everything is fine! We’re fine! LMAFO, what a joke. I should probably start trying to not care anymore because these hits will likely keep coming and the city clearly doesn’t care. https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/07/09/2059948/0/en/AgEagle-Aerial-Systems-Selects-Wichita-Kansas-to-Locate-and-Expand-Manufacturing-Facilities.html
  3. First thing I’d do is hire a full time salaried city employee as a Business Recruiter to capitalize on the current state of the country. There are thousands of businesses around the country in California, NY, IL, CT, and best yet MN that are being gutted by their state and local governments and are chomping at the bit to move out, given the right opportunity. Call them ALL. Find out which of those companies would be a decent fit for GF and figure out some sort of benefitted offer for them to move their business to GF. Tax relief, discounted land, or whatever else would seem fit for each situation. God knows there’s an unlimited amount of Empty and open commercial real estate in Gf so that would give many of them a quick option for moving to GF if needed. Even reaching out to every large and small drone company in the country would be a good idea, even if they’re not itching to move. Claim GF as the drone hub and they’ll be left behind not being here with the top talent and center of the industry. Screw the good ole boys club that has drug GF down for the past decade and open some gates to get something flowing. Anything. If it’s going to compete with an existing business, then good! Create some competition. I think the community has spoken by voting that old stagnant mayor out finally. Take some risks and create some excitement for once GF has grown slower than the average US city (5% vs 6%) while Fargo, West Fargo, Bismarck, Mandan, Minot, Williston, Dickinson have all absolutely blown up over 15,20,30% in the same span. Jamestown is the only town over 10k that GF is growing faster than. WOOF Obviously an oil boom is an outlier situation, but when you’re surrounded by other cities just launching with growth you should be seeing at least a little of that success which usually comes from successful neighbors. Yet, here’s GF seemingly going backwards. It’s actually depressing and sad to drive through that town with very little new sites other than shut down businesses that were just open on my last trip through. I’d love to see that turn around.
  4. Wow. If Otis (only possibly?), skokna and Mitchell are the best they can offer from the backfield I’m going to be majorly concerned. Hopefully the OL is much better this year because they’re going to need all the help they can get. Seems like a pretty average D2 backfield to me. who’s next to leave?
  5. Yikes. Another small kick to GF while they’re down. Can anything survive there? Where do all the residents go to spend their money? How are so many stores dying off one after another? Seemed to be slowly snowballing even before this covid-crisis. Not gonna be good for anyone but especially not good for GF unfortunately.
  6. GF kids leaving for EGF is pretty rare. This Season is the first time I can recall it happening in quite a while
  7. With this logic then the same goes for MN state hockey too right? All blow outs today, so something must be wrong and it’s not competitive so that’s why kids leave. Right, right?!
  8. Does anyone know where/how to donate directly to the next phase of the HP facility? I’ve skimmed pretty much everywhere and can’t find a place to do that specifically.
  9. I imagine Schuster is running the #1 QB as of now? Does Vaughn look as though he may pass him very soon?
  10. No. I’m still convinced Central and Davies were overall better teams but didn’t peak when it counted. It appears they were out coached and out “teamed” by RR who was solid and steady 3 lines through. Davies, Central and especially south relied heavily on 1 main line and it proved to be their weakness.
  11. Okay now go do this exercise with GF youth hockey rosters and come back. It’s unbelievably scary how loaded that towns pipeline is. GF will continue to dominate with a sprinkle of Fargo and Bismarck snagging champions every once in awhile. Judging by GF youth hockey strength, it’s unfortunately looking like they’re going to get even more dominant before they’re going to get caught up with or passed by anyone. Fargo has the numbers to put together some teams that’ll beat them every now and then, but through and through GF just breeds hockey players. It’s all that town has (tennis doesn’t count).
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