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  1. I highly doubt it was a protest game when there was a playoff spot on the line. I would’ve maybe believed it if there wouldn’t have been. No way they throw THAT game to prove a point.
  2. Good lord Goon you’re simple .......everyone in the entire USA would agree that anyone who makes it as a seal would be known as elite. No one is arguing that! All I’m saying is that all he has done is supposedly say he wants to be one. Which proves nothing. I don’t get why this is so hard for you boomers to comprehend I’m not questioning seals toughness....I’m questioning how on earth someone just saying they want to be a seal automatically labels them as a tough person. ????? Hey I want to be a seal
  3. What kind of toughness? The toughness to state he wants to be a seal? I don’t get it. And if he did become a seal, what field would that suit him well on? The nfl after he became a seal? Did he already begin seal trading??? This is so dumb Again, all he has done is say that he wants to be a seal. That makes him as tough as a seal? What am I missing here? Yes, I thoroughly understand that navy seals are as tough as they come, so no need to further explain that. But kett is not a seal and hasn’t even began the first step toward training to be one, so I just don’t understand where these comments about that type of toughness will suit him well on the field are coming from? Just for saying he wants to be a seal, he’s now a badass?
  4. I'm not even qualified enough to analyze a game like that. I'm just here to comment my thoughts on the team.
  5. He WANTS to be a Navy Seal? How does that exemplify anything? Someone saying they want to be a navy seal now instantly gives them a tough and gritty demeanor? Pretty silly logic if you ask me. Go rewatch the entire Northern Arizona game and then come back on here and lie to me that you didn't see a broken QB. Everyone on this board was screaming for Bubba or Rudy to pull him. But now he says he wants to be a navy seal so hey I hope he had a great off season and can shake off all the jittery muscle memory from the 2nd half of last season. But I am just predicting from what I saw, and I say he is going to struggle when he's pressured. I think he will make some great plays when given time, but when the going gets tough, I just don't see him as the QB we'll want behind center. He doesn't have the right demeanor to fight through tough games, and unfortunately that doesn't bode well for the 2019 schedule.
  6. Who the hell said I threw in the towel? Settle down poncho My predictions were positive and negative, but mostly just explaining the differences I thought we might see from last season compared to this season. You coming to the conclusion that I threw in the towel for the season because I predicted Kett will struggle...now THAT'S dramatic. Bad take once again. If you have one fluke win against NDSU and go 1-10 and NDSU wins another natty?? Sorry to say, the one fluke game won't trump the rest of the entire season and the entire region will still gravitate to NDSU 100%. Your hate for NDSU is overpowering your common sense. Or maybe you're just one of the people that you spoke of that doesn't understand football. I'd take a winning record and competitive playoff run over 1 regular season win over NDSU any day. Seems dumb there's even a conversation about it, so I'm hoping it's just exaggerated comments to show how big the hate for NDSU is. Obviously we'd all take a win over NDSU and a playoff run as the top choice. If I was from Cow U and came to poke around on this site, I would LOVE to see all the belittled whiny comments about how badly UND fans hate us and want to beat us. So much so that they'd trade in a broken season just for one glorified regular season win over us. That's a loser mentality
  7. I agree that 5 losses on any schedule is unacceptable but this is my prediction and that's all it is. I would hope the expectations of the players and the staff are much higher, and I'm sure they are. But you're replying to my prediction as though I'm letting the team down and my expectations have some sort of real effect on something...anything.
  8. Did not watch, but see he had two tackles. His name isn’t mentioned on their twitter feed at all so a quiet game is usually a good sign for a corner
  9. My pointless unpopular predictions based off of evaluations mostly obtained by the 2nd half of last season. One of the 2nd or 3rd string RBs will be more valuable to the team than JJ. I think JJ will have his bone breaking moments and some break-free long TDs, but game in and game out I think this offense will rely much more on a faster, pass catching RB that can keep up with the faster pace. With the new O style contributed with his injury prone body and playing style, dare I wager someone else will double his all purpose yardage plus some. Camcam Rudy broke Kett so he will continue to struggle when UND faces a tough D-line and LB combo. His performance in the last game of the season has destroyed nearly all confidence I had in him. I have NEVER seen a QB decline as distinctly or as steadily as he did last season...and it's not even close. It was a sight to see, and his long-term confidence and ability to perform under pressure are most likely gone. He will struggle in games where he's seeing constant pressure and Danny will not hesitate to pull him and give Zim a shot (unlike Rudy). Zim will use his mobility but will struggle with decisions. I think UND will run into a QB debate starting late in the 3rd quarter against NDSU and it probably won't be settled until the last couple games of the season. I think the defense will flip 180 from their norm of being strong with the run game but weak with aerial attacks. I have confidence in the LBs, but it won't be enough to make up for the weaker DLINE lineup they have this season. Sure they have a few great pass rushers and pursuers, but they don't have nearly enough guys that can hunker down and absorb the blow for the LBs to clean-up so things will get messy and 5-6 yard runs will be constant. With a veteran backfield, athletic LB core, and some good pass rushers, I think the air will mostly be locked down outside of the EWU game. Teams will exploit the weakness and will run run run and it'll pressure the offense to keep up. Thankfully I think the offense will break enough big plays to avoid the constant 3 and outs we saw in the 2nd half of the year that just killed the D. I think special teams will be improved but will still be embarrassingly behind for this level of football. There will be blocked punts, short kickoff issues, and the other same issues we saw last year but there will be a marginal improvement to our FG kicking abilities. Kostich should have been gone along with Rudy last year. Outside of the kicker, the ST problems weren't talent issues. I think the OL and some of this new RB talent is going to be the bright spot on this 2019 team and they will keep this squad in every game. I think there will be a new combo of thunder and lightning and I think Zim is going to see the field more than expected and will make some plays with his legs. Unfortunately the team's strongest position group will not see an enormous up-tick in productivity compared to last season, even with the more favorable offense just due to the QB struggles. We can hope they all stay healthy and can make some plays after the catch to keep the sticks moving.
  10. Drake: W but closer than we'd like so we'll worry about the offense, but they're still working out the bugs NDSU: L by 21 but better game than 3 years ago. UND offense sees some flashes of what the new offense is capable of against a very good D. Sam Houston: W in convincing fashion EWU: L but give them a good fight. Their aerial firepower will be too much for our D and will out gun UND to pull ahead late in the 3rd quarter UCD: L another tough loss but gives the team a good gut check to bend but not break ISU: W Absolute blowout W Cal Poly: W in convincing fashion Montana State: W in a barn burner Weber State: L in a barn burner N Colorado: W to keep playoff hopes alive Southern Utah: W UND has shaken off their injury bug from years past, beats a tough team in a must win game in front of a big deserving crowd at the Alerus and lands a long awaited playoff spot again to revenge the fluke home playoff loss to the spiders. Should be in a good spot to have a favorable match-up in the first round that I don't see them losing. I believe they'll run into a higher caliber team in the 2nd round that they'll stick with but will be outmatched by. Good progressive season and Bubba is back on track and realizes Rudy was his giant clumsy heavy handcuff.
  11. Ben Gerdes Barney Stinson- How I met your mother
  12. As I look through their roster of photos, I can't help but notice they all look like really happy and nice guys. Not very many mean or intimidating dudes which is a great sign for UND
  13. I have a bad feeling there will be multiple winners to this pool. So I'm in!
  14. Now Panzer will get to watch his kid get whooped up on by Central and RR. I see where his mind is at, but ND east region is pretty much in line with A MN hockey in my opinon, especially the teams that EGF plays on a regular schedule. The only place they'll see a higher level of competition and exposure is at the state tournament...if they make it. And also when they cross the river to get beat by the Grand Forks schools. The A MN hockey teams of the north aren't what they used to be. I'd much rather have my kid play Grafton, Fargo Davies, Minot, and Bismarck than Crookston, and today's TRF, Warroad and LOW teams who are no longer elite, and are actually a step behind some of these top ND teams. Devils Lake and Minot go into warroad and walk all over them every year in that Holiday tournament. He'd have higher skilled teammates at Central, and he'd play fewer garbage teams on his ND schedule than he would on his EGF schedule. On the other hand he'll get to play some higher caliber teams like Moorhead, St. Cloud and maybe a TC or iron range team in non conference play. Any of those higher caliber teams are still at the a small step behind the skill and tradition of Central. Wish him the best, but in my opinion I think it's unnecessary and just gives off a bad attitude vibe.
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