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  1. Why would they name it the Cargill School of Business?
  2. Great, now that song will be stuck in my head the rest of the day, thanks!
  3. Yes bring someone from the outside in please. GF is covered and we obviously need some new ideas for the forward group. It can't get any worse, so pretty much any hire is a win. Is school out yet? Any updates on bottom dragger players getting cut?
  4. No news is not a good sign. John will land somewhere in the CFL at best, and Harris is likely done. Pretty disappointing end result considering the hype this class had through the years. How many of us would've guessed this empty result after their Sophomore season? We all know that Brady's CFL shot probably wouldn't even exist if he wasn't a Canadian. I hope he's able to develop some with his new staff before the season starts and I hope he's able to take advantage of his opportunity. How many of these Cow U kids that just signed were at the same level as Brady and John their Sophomore seasons? Outside of Stick my guess would be 0. Both Brady and John went backwards instead of forward after their sophomore seasons which shines a bright light on the UND coaching staff's development abilities. They got passed up HARD by kids in their class around the country. I'm really really hoping a lot of that had to do with their limitations caused by Rudy, but deep down I know he was only a portion of the problem. Time will tell, but UND isn't going to get many Kleinsasser caliber players to lean on for NFL production. Remember, UND is a FCS program where NFL production is an important attraction for top recruits. If an upper midwest recruit was to compare with the other 3 local team's NFL production list, they'll notice UND is far behind, if they're even included on the list whatsoever. Unfortunately they're actually behind several of the local d2 programs as well... As much as I'd like to be excited about the future of the UND football program, I just can't get myself to trust Bubba's system. It's hard to even get excited about seeing some top recruits sign because I don't trust the development skills of this staff, so it doesn't seem to matter who they land. Which I think is a fair argument after seeing what happened to John, Brady, Reyes, Harris, Harris, and now what we're seeing happen to Kett and some of these LB and OL. Yes some of those had to do with injuries, but that's a part of the game and other teams are getting through it. Next year will be a .500 season at best with a few blowout losses. My opinion is that the Rudy termination was done 2 seasons too late and the Bubba change will come 1 season too late. Either way I'll be watching their games and contributing in any way I can, but I'm just a bit frustrated. Hopefully I break fewer remotes next season now that my expectations are a little lower.
  5. Will did Johnson beat out Bjerke? With the GF economy hurting, will the challenger finally beat out Johnson?
  6. Does someone want to post all the totals? Only because I'm too lazy
  7. Am I seeing the only two options as the "Little Big Man" scholarship and the UND FB priority needs fund? For places to contribute to the FB program I mean.
  8. I'd love to see the Friday+Saturday midnight to 2am revenue vs all other hours combined
  9. Doubtful for next year, I say in two years. Either way, the tide will definitely turn if they start winning again. All these negative signs will wash away if they're a top 5 team again.
  10. Anyone worried about any unexpected departures?
  11. Good points. I actually think the lack of scoring could be blamed on the lack of playmakers more so than lack of scorers. I think UND has some true blooded scorers on this team that are just struggling to get open opportunities. Some of this could be do to the offensive strategy but I think it's mostly due to a lack of Nick Schmaltz style players (exaggerated example). Some of these guys have proven they can pot the puck in their years before UND, but they're not being presented those same opportunities.
  12. Okay, I can understand that then. My tweaks? I would at least try a few changes. I'd try fixing what's broken and that might even mean tweaking a few things that aren't broken to help fix the broken. Don't laugh at my recommendations, but here are a few things I'd try. Let me know what you think Either let Shaw go, or shuffle duties around with the coaching staff. The ST units have progressively gotten worse 3 seasons in a row, and are now in the bottom 10 on PP and bottom 25 in PK in the entire country. Strength of schedule skews those stats, but that's absolutely unacceptable. Get someone new in there, and have them try something different. If it's not working, shake things up. Have 3-4 different PP set-ups and match it up to fit the competition every weekend. Teams will throw the film out and will just have to wait to see what UND is going to do on the PP. Forcing the same style on every single team is getting UND nowhere on the PP. It's not 1990, the PP is no longer one size fits all. For the PP I would try more of Bast and JBD, especially on the zone entry. Poolman is a great all-around player, and penalty killer, but he's the wrong guy to QB the PP. I'd use JBD on PP1 and Bast on PP2. With such a hard shot, I'd try Peskie on one of the PP units more often as well. He doesn't get enough playing time IMO. The defensemen need to criss-cross and set up off hand one-timers sometimes. Taking the time to set up to take a shot will surely get blocked, and UND should know that better than anyone else at this point. They're keeping CCM afloat in the shin-pad business. Also, screw having a dedicated net front guy on the PP. Every forward should be a net front guy on the PP depending on who has the puck and when. Shuffle around and move the puck. You outnumber them as it is, but shuffling will create even better shooting lanes. Shoving a place mat player in front of the net turns it into 4x4 and that drives me crazy. Way too easy to cover, and way too easy for the goalie to work around when he knows who will be screening him and when. Lastly, Adams should be on PP1. Cut Johnson and Rieger 100%...then maybe even Yon if the recruit pipeline timing works out. Do this ASAP and bring in guys early or guys that are waiting because of roster limitations. Throw everything you have at that CC grad transfer. Make the hard decision and offer him Johnson's scholarship. Move on and up. Johnson should've been gone a year ago and is wasting a roster spot. That spot could've been used by a kid who is coming into his 2nd season now so why make that mistake once again and bury that roster spot another year? No sense in keeping a Joe Webb type guy around on the team just because he filled a void once upon a time. Cutting those 3 would be no loss to this team, so the risk of bringing in someone too early or of a recruit not panning out is still lesser than keeping those 3 on the team IMO. When the injury bug hits, this team will rely on those depth guys and the current caliber of depth-guys is clearly hurting productivity. Let Adams play his role. He's a small playmaker that gets knocked off the puck easily. He does not belong on a grinder line, he belongs on a line with 2 other quick forwards who can move the puck and can create space for one another with their speed and playmaking abilities. Putting Adams on a line with two bruisers isn't helping protect him, it's just bogging him down and holding him back. Have the weakside winger bust the zone once in awhile and cross center ice behind the defensemen during break-outs. It'll keep their defensemen honest all game long and will help greatly with exiting the zone. Worst case you at least pull one defenseman off the blue line and create some space. Best case you create some odd man rushes and wait for it...fast break scoring opportunities. You have to keep them guessing. I think this team has the speed, skill and work ethic to do all of this but they're just coached into a corner. This is much more minor compared to the offensive and PP problems, but get the defensemen to take some risks and step up before or right at zone entry every now and then. Enough of sitting back and letting them gain the zone scotch free so often. Shaw wouldn't hit the puck carrier at the blue line if he freaking ran into him. Create some big hits, create some quick turnovers and fast breaks the other way. The defensive mindset and mentality is weighing down the offense. Scoring chances can be created in your own zone and I think UND forgets that. Yes they've been pretty good at keeping shots down and odd man rushes to a minimum, but they need to get more aggressive and cause some chaos. Lastly, sit down every player on your team and tell them to NEVER. EVER. lay or dive into the crease to lay on or grab the puck. Between Poolman, Shaw and Peskie, I swear I saw this happen 2 dozen times this season and I don't get it. Panic? Being told to? What's the deal? Same with Bowen trying to shove the puck into Scheels pad to freeze it that turned into a goal. CLEAR THE PUCK and live to fight another day. Stop looking like a little candy cock and diving on the puck. You'll either allow time for their guys to come in and shove the puck into the net or create a penalty shot.
  13. There's no evidence to back up a statement on either side, Goon. Just like 100% of your stories and tweets. How was his locker room tunnel situation different than any other 1st rounder's after their last game of the college season? You saying he got pressured to sign like it's unheard of made me laugh. How do you know his agent wasn't encouraging him to sign because he saw the writing on the wall at UND with Brad at the helm? Obviously the situation was right for him and the Av's who were struggling at the time, so that was a big reason. All I'm saying is that he didn't have much to look forward to development-wise if he decided to stay, especially with Boeser leaving. You're all saying he gave no thought to what his next season at UND would be like? Or that if there were 3-4 blue-chippers and a really good shot at a national title that he still wouldn't have stayed? I think there's a really good chance he got a good nudge to take the jump to the NHL knowing he wasn't going to be missing much. I personally agree that he could've used another season to bulk up and learn to lead. Even if he would've been doing a lot of one man island offense instead of actually leading.
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