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  1. Oh, but hey, Davies is no good...currently taking central down the the wire just like EGF did. But ND hockey sucks.
  2. Thank god panzer switched to EGF to play against the highly touted Crookston team...because those RR and Central games weren’t competitive enough.
  3. Maybe bubba will have them punt on 1st down this drive
  4. I’m 100% with you on this and share your frustration. It’s getting worse every single year. Even when there are examples of kids who stayed through their SR in both the east AND west and made it D1. Then the large majority of these kids who leave early to sit on the bench of a crap jr team and kill their careers. Hard to comprehend what these parents are thinking by pushing their kids out early to ruin their development. Why not stick around and learn how to be a leader of a team, score a ton of points and finish out high school with your lifetime friends. There’s plenty of time to go play hockey after that. I too often see kids leave too early get beat down and ruin their development. if you’re good enough, they’ll find you anywhere.
  5. Any score updates from opening night? Sounds like central game is close?
  6. Debatable. Even if they have a blow out win today their chances are still sub 25% to get a playoff spot. Look at all the other teams in the mix and tell me the committee won’t have a bias away from UND
  7. OgieOgilthorpe


    How do they consistently crumble In tight games like this. It’s so predictable
  8. OgieOgilthorpe


    That’s Honestly more likely than UND scoring again.
  9. OgieOgilthorpe


    Letting 2-8 UNC put 40 on you is enough to keep you out of the playoffs. And it will, even if they win next weekend. Just watch
  10. OgieOgilthorpe


    This coaching staff is a joke.
  11. OgieOgilthorpe


    This team is playing in true bubba fashion. Never bury anyone, and make every game a tight one. Lose when it counts
  12. Here we are looking back at replays to bitch about the refs missing minuscule calls that caused us to lose. Always looking for excuses. Just gets old that we’re constantly looking back at what could’ve been and looking to point fingers. It’d be more fun to finally have things go well, have some convincing wins in big games and make a push into the playoffs showing some hope to actually do damage. Surprised people aren’t more pissed off like I am. The majority of the fan base just seems used to it I guess. My main point is that UND once again beat themselves in a huge game, just like the 2016 playoff game. Weber state didn’t make unbelievable plays in the 4th to beat UND. UND mostly beat themselves and allowed Weber to capitalize on it by just playing football. I walked away from the Sam Houston win and UC Davis game with the same mentality. UND tried everything to throw those games but couldn’t quite do it. They were sloppy ugly wins with extremely poor performances late in a tight game by UNDs main guys. Walking away from losses and even WINS with not much confidence in this team is a crappy feeling
  13. imagine being so numb to their consistent big game losses that you get rolled right in with the loser mentality. Don’t down play it...this loss solidified the end of their season and all they needed to do is manage the clock and play solid fundamental football and they just couldn’t do it. If they were 7-1 or 8-0 coming into this game, it’s a different story but this was their super bowl and they pissed it down their leg in true bubba football fashion.
  14. Fancy plays, boring plays, triple option, they’ll lose every important game out there because they’re losers and always will be. 7-4 won’t get them in with a committee that left them out in 2015. With no accountability and poor attitudes they’ll lose at least one of these last 2 games to just hammer it home and take our wonder out of the equation. Why hope for the playoffs with this team anyway? They’d just get embarrassed anyway, because it’d be a big game
  15. Good god what a depressing thread. What in the world is going on in GF? It seems 1 business is shutting down per week. What’s the city council, mayor etc. etc. doing to combat this downward spiral? Will a downtown facelift really be enough to bring in or keep young people? Not sure I’d ever move there. And even if I did there’s not many options for strong companies with strong career growth potential. UND, aviation, simplot? , Hugo’s? Haha
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