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  1. Yikes. Another small kick to GF while they’re down. Can anything survive there? Where do all the residents go to spend their money? How are so many stores dying off one after another? Seemed to be slowly snowballing even before this covid-crisis. Not gonna be good for anyone but especially not good for GF unfortunately.
  2. GF kids leaving for EGF is pretty rare. This Season is the first time I can recall it happening in quite a while
  3. With this logic then the same goes for MN state hockey too right? All blow outs today, so something must be wrong and it’s not competitive so that’s why kids leave. Right, right?!
  4. Does anyone know where/how to donate directly to the next phase of the HP facility? I’ve skimmed pretty much everywhere and can’t find a place to do that specifically.
  5. I imagine Schuster is running the #1 QB as of now? Does Vaughn look as though he may pass him very soon?
  6. No. I’m still convinced Central and Davies were overall better teams but didn’t peak when it counted. It appears they were out coached and out “teamed” by RR who was solid and steady 3 lines through. Davies, Central and especially south relied heavily on 1 main line and it proved to be their weakness.
  7. Okay now go do this exercise with GF youth hockey rosters and come back. It’s unbelievably scary how loaded that towns pipeline is. GF will continue to dominate with a sprinkle of Fargo and Bismarck snagging champions every once in awhile. Judging by GF youth hockey strength, it’s unfortunately looking like they’re going to get even more dominant before they’re going to get caught up with or passed by anyone. Fargo has the numbers to put together some teams that’ll beat them every now and then, but through and through GF just breeds hockey players. It’s all that town has (tennis doesn’t count).
  8. Look up the enrollment of the 5 bis schools and add them together vs these other schools you’ve listed. It’s not even close With that said, the WF, Fargo, GF and Minot schools are next, but Bismarck is by far biggest issue.
  9. As each year passes I’m surprised over and over that it’s still one team.
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