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  1. Ozzie82

    SH Game Day

    Thank you for your refreshing post. It's exactly what SHSU should have done. It was a good win.
  2. An FCS QB beating out Cardale Jones, a QB who beat Alabama and led his team to a national championship? Yes, I do think it’s an accomplishment.
  3. IMO they absolutely are an FBS level program. Obviously they aren’t nowhere near the Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson level, but they are a better program than a significant number of FBS schools. Their last 2 QBs are in the NFL, they’ve won however many FBS games in a row, however many FCS championships... I think the data is pretty clear.
  4. Outstanding. Thank you, UND Fan, and thank you to all who donated. The football program has many needs... the funds will be put to good use.
  5. I saw a new Live for Gameday T-shirt at the game.
  6. 31-6. Our running game will not be where we want it to be yet but short passing game will hit its stride, their running game will do fairly well but will need to throw to catch up on the scoreboard, D will make life miserable for the true frosh QB.
  7. It will be official after they play in their fifth game.
  8. I expect this position group to be the biggest issue this year. Opposing running teams should be encouraged by what we have up front. I'm more optimistic with passing teams; a good back 7 and an excellent pass rusher. If we score a lot, and opposing teams are forced to throw, I like our chances this year.
  9. Posts that have the "anyone who disagrees with me is wrong" subtext are, in my opinion, not helpful to this Hawk football community. It's a discussion board; "end of story" does not further discussion. There are many good posters here, yourself included, who are loyal and intelligent fans and I look forward to their thoughts on the football team. The trend in today's society of black or white opinions, no grey allowed, is troubling. I hope for a higher level of discourse and camaraderie.
  10. End at 10:45. No afternoon session per NCAA rule change.
  11. I agree with you. You seem to be missing that part of my comments, or I'm not being clear enough.
  12. Ozzie82

    2019 Season

    You nailed it. The 1's will be good. The 2's are inexperienced but talented; the hope is that they grow significantly during camp. Knopf had his hits and misses recruiting wise (for instance, Hergel and Waletzko most recently are studs, some others not as much), which isn't a surprise considering how hard it is to project offensive linemen. Of course more recruiting hits are preferred, but I think he was replaced mostly because of the lack of growth each season on the field. The new coach is excellent; if there is significant growth on the line this year, I do not expect him to be at UND long term. We don't know how well he recruits, but he sure can coach. Speaking of how hard it is to recruit/project college OLs, this is an excellent recent article on the subject (subscription required; the Athletic is excellent): https://theathletic.com/720233/2018/12/18/college-football-recruiting-offensive-linemen/
  13. Man, your buttons are easy to push!
  14. You're right. I would hope we'd beat them handily, especially based on previous seasons and the results you posted. But this is a different Drake team this year, and this is a different UND team. They have a brand new head coach, we have a new OC and a brand new style of offense, personnel is different, etc. You know how football works. It can be weird. But feel free to draw any conclusion you wish if UND doesn't win by the artificial margin you have deemed necessary.
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