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  1. Sorry for the delayed response. The UND coaches, especially the head coach, established a better in person connection with the player and his family than UM did, and did a better job laying out the upcoming years on and off the ice.
  2. Ozzie82

    2019 Season

    I love the numbers! Perhaps I'm in the minority. PS: the uniforms are used for multiple seasons. They were near the end of their life cycle last year; it'll be interesting to see if they get new ones this year.
  3. He probably wasn't, but I can tell you that UND made a hell of impression on Tristin and his family. Nearly everything UND did on the visit was superior to what UM did... better connection with coaches, better facilities, better academic presentation, etc. But the lure of staying home was too strong. We can all relate to that. But it was worth taking a shot at him for sure.
  4. Ozzie82

    2019 Season

    I love it! Let's go McKinney!!!
  5. Ozzie82

    2019 Season

    I'd love to see him lead the team in carries. He's a load with speed... a phenomenal combination. I just don't think it's going to happen. His running style leads to injuries, and he had them as the third RB option in this offense this past season. That leads me to believe that it's likely that he'll be injured again as the #1 option, perhaps multiple times. Running back by committee is the most likely path going forward - as it has been. I think Gordon is going to have a big year and I'm excited to watch him. I hope the transfer is good enough to contribute. Side note: losing Otis hurts. I would have accepted his LOI all day, every day, and see where his path leads. He's worth the risk. I think he's still got a future with UND football, but he's got to commit to working at it and rely on the help of others to guide him to improve. But he was needed this year. Dang it. As for the Gopher RB transfer who left, it was worth it to bring him in and see what he had, but it quickly became clear it was addition by subtraction. Best of luck to him.
  6. Ozzie82

    2019 Season

    Yeah, you've made that pretty clear.
  7. This is a thread talking about former UND players. Please go away unless you are talking about the thread topic.
  8. All in all, a fantastic haul for the football program. People really stepped up... thank you to all who donated, especially the folks who matched the donations.
  9. I follow Dane Brugler, who is the Athletic's draft expert. I think he's done an excellent job in previous drafts. Here's what he has to say about our UND players: Brugler rated Santiago as the 58st best RB in the draft, which places him pretty far outside of the category of "draftable" or "priority free agent." Hopefully someone measures his heart and not his size; if so I think they'll find he could have a shot as a special teams player. Here's a video from KARE 11 in the Cities: https://www.kare11.com/article/sports/minnesota-native-preparing-for-nfl-draft/89-fe8cb4dd-94ec-41e5-8794-0698e78da985 Brady is not listed on Brugler's RB list. I would expect him to make a CFL roster. Coach Agnew has been consistantly posting Brady's pre-draft workout videos, which are all impressive. Interestingly, none of the other players are getting the same social media attention as Olivera. Deion is listed as Dane's 52nd rated DB, which is pretty high on Brugler's list, and puts him two spots away from from being considered a "priority free agent." He's the highest rated of the all of the UND guys. Based on this I would think he's got a decent shot at a FA contract. Tank and Austin are not listed on Brugler's list. It would be great for all them to get a FA contract and have a shot to make a roster. I'm rooting for them!
  10. I've not seen this reported anywhere, but the Englestad Foundation has given the football team funds to pay for summer classes for the players and some other items.
  11. Ozzie82

    2019 Season

    A good overview of spring ball from Tom Miller and Alex Heinert including what's on the horizon for 2019. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/midcosn-podcast-und-football-spring-recap/id1068689015?i=1000435175352
  12. Ozzie82

    2019 Season

    The 360 guys said in their chat that DL transition better to OL rather than the other way around because they are normally better athletes.
  13. Ozzie82

    2019 Season

    OL Wesley Jeffries is also tranferring per Tom Miller. Looks like the coaching staff had a sit down following spring ball with at least a couple of players.
  14. Ozzie82

    Spring Ball

    The first "when it counts" is getting the best players on your team. Cool unis are not what fans think about them on game day, it's about what recruits think about the unis. It's about the Jimmys and Joes. I would hope the spring game is about creating an environment where kids can't wait to play there some day. What I saw on Friday was not that.
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