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  1. Ozzie82

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    Some quick hitters after returning from Houston.... - Offense looked good in the first half and half of the 4th quarter. Third quarter was tough to watch. Credit to Rudy for 2/3 of the game and the players for executing. It's a step in the right direction. - Thankfully the defense played great and gave the offense a chance to win it at the end. You train all winter, spring, and summer for the chance to have a game winning drive in the 4th quarter and they did it. - You train all winter, spring, and summer for the chance to stop a game winning drive in the 4th quarter and they did that, too. - Nice to see these kind words from the SH head coach: "Their tailback is phenomenal, their quarterback is really good, their offensive line is great, they’re very well coached…and you know that’s kind of where it’s at." - Most thought we'd need to get some turnovers to win. We didn't and still won. - Rudy's third down call on the game winning drive, a swing pass to Brady, looked from my angle like it was going to score. It appeared to be a great call that wasn't executed. - Ket struggles with quick outs; hopefully he relaxes going forward and sets his feet. It appears he's not comfortable throwing it; perhaps he's thrown a pick six with that throw at Sac St. and it spooked him? I'm not sure. - On the other hand his bomb in the 4th quarter was gorgeous. - What else can you say about Holm's play yesterday. He was fantastic. - Kostich is the best recruiter on the staff, the kids relate to him as well as any coach on the team, and he should absolutely not be fired, but he has to get the special teams fixed immediately. I'm not talking about the place kicker; that's not on Kostich, that's more because the kid is a true freshman and D1 is a big step up from HS. I think he'll be fine (there has already been improvement). I am talking about the other facets of the special teams. From my view the player off of the line doubled the SH player coming up the middle with Aplin instead of hitting the guy on the outside which led to the block. As we all know normally the percentages say we should lose that game when you get a punt blocked and we are fortunate the the offense and defense picked up the slack (especially the defense immediately after the block). - I was at both the Washington game and the SHSU game and there is no comparison between the wide receivers at both schools. I'd take SH's wide outs here at UND in a heart beat, but the Washington WRs are heads and shoulders better than SH's and it's nowhere close in my opinion. - We were missing Mortel, Waletzko got hurt during the game, and we still gained 187 yards on the ground. Hats off to the OL who look like they are beginning to play as a unit even while rotating players. Maybe last year had something to do with the fact that the line had 4 first year starters? I'll answer that, yes, that's why they struggled last year. Lots to improve on this year but they are headed in the right direction. - Who would have thought we'd have 76 more total yards of offense than SH? Amazing effort by the defense. - I was pretty surprised at all of the negative comments on this site following perhaps the biggest win of the D1 era here at UND. I'm glad there is passion but my goodness. Enjoy it for a while, everyone. This was the game that many here said they "had to have," and they did it. The mood at the game was absolute elation and joy, and to come here and see complaining was a real head shaker. - Beat ISU!!
  2. Ozzie82

    Bubba and his band of coaches

    It’s this type of non emotional commentary that I hope to see more of going forward. Great post.
  3. Ozzie82

    Best Chance To Play In NFL

    I agree that’s a great way to use him. But yet, against the #9 team in the nation, had had over 100 yards primarily lining up in the backfield. He’s so good it doesn’t matter where we put him.
  4. Ozzie82

    Sam Houston

    I believe Ngyun is practicing this week, although I don't know if he will be available on Saturday or not.
  5. Ozzie82


    I have an interested party that is looking to begin allocating some resources for tax purposes before the end of the calendar year. They are excited to receive the updates to the Help Bubba site. Thank you for your work on this!
  6. Ozzie82

    Gameday: Fighting Hawks vs MVSU

    Uh, no.
  7. Ozzie82

    Washington vs Auburn

    They played Utah like this last year.
  8. Ozzie82

    5 Reasons UW wins next week

    Seriously. WTH?
  9. Ozzie82

    Gameday: Fighting Hawks vs MVSU

    Where did you find this image?
  10. Ozzie82


    That's correct. It's the same subscription as all of the big schools have - Alabama, Ohio State, etc.
  11. Ozzie82

    Starting QB

    Anything else would be a surprise.
  12. Ozzie82

    Starting QB

    I loved Grover when I watched practice last week. I thought if he’s the fourth string QB this team is in great shape.
  13. Ozzie82

    2018 Season

    If people knew how much he was hurt in the NAU game in 2016 his name would be forever remembered by UND football fans. He couldn't lift his arm over his head in the second half yet he led them down 21 midway through the third quarter to the Big Sky championship. I'm not going to go into medical detail on a public forum but suffice it to say he knowingly potentially sacrificed the remainder of his career that day and led UND to its most memorable win of the D1 era.
  14. Ozzie82

    2018 Season

    I am worried about the reaction of some of the posters on this site if we lose the Sam Houston game. Too many people here seem to think that this is THE game that will set the tone for the season, and if we lose the game than all hope is lost for the year. Can the Hawks win? Absolutely. But be realistic about the chances. Losing the game does not mean the end of the season, or end of our playoff hopes.
  15. Ozzie82

    2018 Fall Camp

    Thank you!