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  1. iramurphy, I'm with you. The main reason that the OL is so good this year is that they are experienced. Blowout games like the one on Saturday are a blessing because it gives the young players some experience and reps. In fact, I was hoping they'd put in the 2nd team OL when they got the ball back at the 8:00 mark (and up by 4 scores) in the fourth quarter because they need the reps. Same holds true for other positions. I wanted to see Vaughn in there more often at the end (although I understand the need to get more snaps for Schuster).
  2. Well said. Most of his posts sound like that. He knows the least amount about football of any poster on this site. He's really good at being opinionated, though.
  3. Yeah, that's an excellent comparison. With kickers and goalies the skill set is so different from the rest of the team. (Side bar - I think kicking in football is weird. It's bizarre how it became such a crucial part of the game and why it stayed.)
  4. At the risk of sounding like I'm related to Kostich (I'm not), I did some further research on his responsibilities as special teams coordinator. Since the other big complaint about the special teams was that the kicking game has left a lot to be desired in recent years, I wanted to find out exactly what special teams coaches do. Are college special teams coaches supposed to be experts on kicking and punting techniques, especially since it seems that special teams appears to be a gateway job when moving up levels (D2 head coach becomes a ST coordinator at a Power 5 school)? I reache
  5. CM Sioux said: Hasn't the other aspects of special teams been pretty good as far a blocking kicks and covering kicks - yes it's a total picture but certainly has improved over the last few years. I thought UNDBIZ's comment of a "few" blocks per year didn't sound right (a "few" to me means 3 or more), so I dug into the stats. Only 2017-2019 stats were available on the UND website, and they did not indicate which type of kick is blocked (punt, place kick). Summary: CM Sioux is correct, UNDBIZ is incorrect. According to the stats, (some) other aspects of special teams have clearly i
  6. Two things were abundantly clear last night. 1. Notre Dame is one of CFB’s top teams, but is not elite. 2. Ohio State is elite. And absolutely belonged in the playoffs.
  7. What a shame that Cinci didn’t get in. The 4 team playoff has really changed FBS football for the worse. They must expand to at least 8 teams so that deserving teams like Cincinnati and Coastal Carolina have an opportunity to go to the playoffs. Plus expanding will even out recruiting... right now most high level recruits are going to Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and Georgia because they have the best chance at the playoffs.
  8. Nebraska is fantastic. Great fans, great stadium, tailgating, Runza... it’s a great gameday experience. Can’t wait for UND to play there.
  9. It’s fantastic. I tried to do the whole experience - went to the band practice the night before, pep rally, the game day trumpets in the admin building, and the game itself. It’s pretty fantastic. I took my dad, who grew up an ND fan thanks to being Irish Catholic, and had never been there before. My only regret is that I don’t have a picture of us together at the stadium (he has since passed away). Highly recommended.
  10. You just described the exact method that the committee has always used to choose the top 4 teams - the eye test. They have no guidelines to follow... they don’t have to choose conference champions, they are not bound by any statistical guidelines. Their only job is to pick - in their view - the best 4 teams at the end of the season. (I’m not necessarily advocating for OSU.)
  11. I read that the ACC would welcome ND into their conference schedule this year. I was hoping they’d be forced into a traditional conference. Tom Miller brought up a good point that UND might have been in serious trouble if this virus had happened the last two years when they were independent. Grand Forks is too far away from all of the other Big Sky opponents... would have been smarter for them to drop UND from the schedule and look to a school that’s much closer by.
  12. All FBS conferences will likely follow suit. I am sad about the UND/KSU game probably being Cancelled... I was looking forward to the road trip and game.
  13. Yes. Missed most of his senior year.
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