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  1. From someone who would know. Plus, I was hoping.
  2. Santiago to the Blue Bombers.
  3. Must have been just you and I.
  4. Magic number is 160.
  5. Has anyone ever seen Matt Entz and Gary Busey at the same time?
  6. Both Danny Freund and Joel "Slappy" Schwenzfeier got their degrees in Business/Finance areas. And Carl Reinholz played receiver in college.
  7. Other way around. He was at USD first. But he was there when the DakotaDome was built. Just a benefit of of being really old.
  8. She was a UND girl. Johnny was in over his head from the start.
  9. 2022 is what I’ve heard.
  10. VMeister

    Game Day at PSU

    Chicks dig the kicker. Thats documented.
  11. “Just”? I’m kidding. Never heard a bad word about him. That was a great story.
  12. I’ve seen it happen. Granted, I’m old, and this was way back in 2016.
  13. I would prefer to not like the guy. He makes it tough.
  14. VMeister

    Gameday vs USD

    Johnnie sat with me a couple years back. Also ran in to him in the beer line at multiple other games. He pays attention...he just doesn't care. I dont mind smart-ass youngsters.
  15. I've got 2 extra tickets for Saturday I would trade for some really cold beer. *No fat chicks*
  16. VMeister

    2017 Season

    Saw him play a few times with the Salukis. He was all kinds of quick.
  17. VMeister

    2017 Season

    That sounds pretty slick! Of course, there's something to be said for the old school way your mom did it.
  18. VMeister

    2017 Season

    I think there should be a program for each tailgating group to "adopt" some students. Would get them there for every game and hopefully get them hooked.
  19. Which side will they display in Bismarck? The team that won the most meetings, or whoever won the last time it was played for?
  20. Anyone, alum or not, can call/write UND to bitch/praise anything they want to. Somehow Chip needs to write out a big check if he wants to voice an opinion?
  21. If you don't have to pay to get in, it's not a major sport.
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