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  1. I read that the ACC would welcome ND into their conference schedule this year. I was hoping they’d be forced into a traditional conference. Tom Miller brought up a good point that UND might have been in serious trouble if this virus had happened the last two years when they were independent. Grand Forks is too far away from all of the other Big Sky opponents... would have been smarter for them to drop UND from the schedule and look to a school that’s much closer by.
  2. All FBS conferences will likely follow suit. I am sad about the UND/KSU game probably being Cancelled... I was looking forward to the road trip and game.
  3. Yes. Missed most of his senior year.
  4. There is zero reason for this type of speculation.
  5. It’s gonna be Schuster. He’s got “it.”
  6. I assume you mean Lincoln Riley? Plus add Ryan Day to that list.
  7. The news from Colorado this morning is not good. I will leave the specific medical updates for the family to provide. Please continue to pray for Hunter.
  8. That sums up this entire forum in my opinion.
  9. S+C is the biggest issue in this program. Bigger than coaching, bigger than facilities, bigger than NDSU being down the highway.
  10. Playing with a separated shoulder happens all the time. Whether you choose to believe it or not, Noah had one. Two of the OLs played over half the season with even more extensive shoulder separations. The bigger issue is missing the fracture. This, unfortunately, is not an isolated incident.
  11. Ozzie82

    Playoff Time

    He’s comparing Wanzek and Holm and calling Holm’s character into question. Of course Wanzek will play if if there is any possible way he can, even if he’s in pain. He also doesn’t have a redshirt decision to make, so comparing Holm and Wanzek is not fair.
  12. Ozzie82

    Playoff Time

    Calling a player’s character into question on a public forum? With limited information and a large amount of speculation, that’s the path you are choosing to go down two weeks before that decision needs to be made?
  13. Ozzie82

    Playoff Time

    Agreed. Evan might be the best player on our team and his presence makes an enormous difference to the outcome of each game he plays in - or doesn’t. He’s a stud. I wish he’d have played against UNC and I want him to play vs. NDSU if we win this week.
  14. Ozzie82

    Playoff Time

    I usually ignore the game threads because of the level of snarky anger, and opinions based emotion and not logic. It’s frustrating for me to read that level of negativity, so I normally skip those threads. But I naively thought that this thread would be a happy celebration of a achievement that’s only happened twice in our D 1 history, about a team that won four of their last five and only lost by 3 to a seeded playoff team on the road to earn a playoff berth. Perfect? Obviously not - much to be improved with this team and program. But I thought today was a day to celebrate a significant accomplishment and look ahead to a team we know nothing about. But for you, and some others, it’s just another day to complain. Can’t we have one bitch free day? Just one? Please?
  15. Ozzie82

    Playoff Time

    They will. And if we win there will be a choice to make.
  16. Ozzie82

    Playoff Time

    First class as always. Found out UND made the playoffs just a few hours ago, you’re still negative. You have serious issues, man.
  17. Tom Miller is convinced margin of victory does not matter in the eyes of the committee. He got swept up in the importance beating UNC by a comfortable margin last week, but after looking at poll movements of lots of teams he’s convinced he was wrong and all that matters is a win. That said, it would be great to crush SUU today. Leave no doubt. Let’s go get that home playoff berth.
  18. Ozzie82


    The player makes the decision. The player makes the decision. Everyone repeat after me. The player makes the decision.
  19. Ozzie82


    I honestly think if Holm played we'd have won by 21.
  20. Ozzie82


    The player has input. It about the only thing they have a say in. The coaches are not "saving" anyone.
  21. Ozzie82

    On to UNC

    Seriously? Kett throws a great deep ball.
  22. Ozzie82

    Weber St GDT

    Awful call. I'm trying to see it from the ref's point of view and the only thing I can see is what Siouxperfan 7 saw, too... maybe that's what the ref saw. Must be because man that's a tough call that completely changed the game. Great protection, great throw, great catch, awful call.
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