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  1. Richie Swangler still has a place on 42 north of Gateway.
  2. Hope he gets some playing time! He just needs a shot.
  3. You can park you're car and then walk thru the tailgate area. No pass to get in unless you want to reserve a spot. At 1 or 2 o'clock games people are there by 9 a.m. or so. It's always fun to watch the players walk thru. That usually a couple of hours before game time.
  4. The Vikings picking him up is a possibility with Zim being a cornerback whisperer and with Hughes coming back with a knee injury last year. Plus Hill being suspended. This is all on the premises he gets cut of course. I hope he makes Washington's roster.
  5. Getting my 4 season tickets!!!
  6. I have heard Pierre will have a good chance getting his shirt pulled. I've heard he is very strong for a true freshman.
  7. Just did it! Hoop on the wagon everyone!
  8. Call it a dream or what ever you want, but what if KEM comes in and says if MK goes we will pledge money for Phase 2!
  9. Saw practice on Friday. Boltmann really looked good at WR. He is thicker and looked fast.
  10. Unless SU tries to get him on the cheap with PWO thinking he is a shoe in for them. Things may change then.
  11. I heard the same. Seems we dodge a bullet.
  12. That can turn the tide in recruiting also when he maybe torn between two or three schools.
  13. Maybe one of the most important things is what he wants to do for a major. Anyone know?
  14. Not enough arm talent? Have you seen him throw a football before? I have many times and his arm is right up with the rest of them if not the best.
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