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  1. siouxfantastic

    2018 UND Recruiting

    I believe Heidlebaugh was proffered walk on.
  2. siouxfantastic

    Fighting Hawks vs AZ. Wildcats

    Just a simple question. If Avants can barley jump over a phone book why do the coach's have him take the opening tip?
  3. siouxfantastic

    2017 Season

    I wish him the best also! He is a good guy.
  4. siouxfantastic

    2017 Season

    I hear Eastern Washington is where he is going.
  5. siouxfantastic

    UND to Summit/MVFC

    My feelings exactly.
  6. siouxfantastic

    Travel to Northen Colorado

    So are there no good bars in Greeley? 7 of use are going to the game and will be there Friday night.
  7. siouxfantastic

    2016 Attendance

    The student section is a embarrassment. I sit next to them and it doesn't matter what the score is they will leave at half time or when the tuition money is given out. Many people around me were booing them as they left. It's a sad deal. I've sat next to them since the Alerus has opened and it seems to get worse every year.
  8. siouxfantastic

    UND Budget Cuts

  9. siouxfantastic

    2016 Season

    I heard this also and he passed his classes.
  10. siouxfantastic

    National Signing Day

    Is any one getting the live feed yet?
  11. siouxfantastic

    2015 season

    I heard from a good source they are done with football at UND.
  12. siouxfantastic

    Fall Camp 2015

    Is it true that I heard the Hartness twins quit?
  13. siouxfantastic

    New Nickname

  14. siouxfantastic

    2015 Spring Football

    I heard they let Sharp go.
  15. siouxfantastic

    Spring GDT

    Like I said about Sharp. I can't confirm. But heard it from the a student that knows him. It might be all hear say but that's why I was asking if anyone else had heard anything.