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UND MH Sweaters ‘19-‘20


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7 minutes ago, dmksioux said:

Adidas really needs to fix the toilet bowl collar — some of the NHL jerseys with them look ridiculous (especially the Blackhawks).

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I’m hoping for something similar to the Dallas Stars jersey with anything other then the hawks logo on the chest. I’m ok with it on the shoulders but not the chest. Maybe an interlocking ND on the front or even HAWKS slanted down similar to the SIOUX jerseys they wore this year during the exhibition. Anything but the awful logo. I won’t really like to see the third set of black jerseys with a slanted NODAK on them. Not sure if that’s allowed though.

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My guess is the changes will be subtle and nuanced from the 2018-19 jerseys: North Dakota on the front; hawk on the shoulder; maybe re-striped (as some say) like Dallas. That's it. 

Why do I say that? Brad Berry has final call on the jersey. He's never said "Hawks"; he was forced into the "on the shoulder hawk". You won't see further movement toward it. 

That's my prediction. Make me wrong, Brad. 

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55 minutes ago, Siouxperfan7 said:

I am hoping the new design won't be one that requires you to spend hundreds personalizing it with a number to make it not look dumb.  They would have sold a lot more of the current jersey had they had they not done that.  

Take these jerseys and replace "SIOUX" with "HAWKS" and keep the logo on the shoulders.  


Ummm...this would also require you to spend hundreds of dollars personalizing it with a number...

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