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  1. I think we need to remember even though Berry has a guy on the 3rd or even 4th Line doesn’t mean he thinks that guy isn’t a tip 6 guy. He spreads the talent through out the lines very well and finds those matchups that mesh well. Which provides him the confidence to roll 4 lines in important games when guys need rest. Weatherby is definitely a top 6 guy but he might not have meshed well with the listed top two lines. Wouldn’t mind to see Gaber slide in with Adams and Kawaguchi at some point. His obvious scoring ability might go well with Kawaguchi and Adam’s pkaymaking ability. Keep Pinto on line two so we aren’t using our PP1 all game long as our top line.
  2. Probably meant that he was shocked that Wolfe actually graduated.
  3. C - SENDEN (2 year leader) A - KIERSTAD A - GOOCH A - JBD
  4. Anybody know who the recruit that’s here from Calgary for tonite game? Mentioned Brad and Dane by name invited him.
  5. First of all, as a college hockey fanatic I can say I have seen about 20 posts from college hockey programs across the nation posting pics on their twitter accounts about their home ice being in. They do it every year, it’s a big step towards the start of the season. It takes nothing away from the football team. It was posted in a college hockey thread not football. Second thing is, I know the Engelstad’s paid for part of the new scoreboard, but the other half came from the Ralph fund for constant updating. The only way for the Ralph to keep that fund filled with money is to get people hyped about all the new upgrades and the upcoming season. Maybe the Ralph invited Brad down to write up a little story about it. Third of all, almost every college in the country has one favorite sport. UND’s just happen to be hockey. Deal with it. Go Hawks football! Also Go Fighting Sioux hockey!
  6. How crazy would that game be. 10 minutes left in the first. Sioux have scored 10 goals on 11 shots. Cloud has scored 4 goals on 5 shots.
  7. I’m guessing the problem with them being hung over the ice is now we have a giant scoreboard that will block the view of half the banners. So hanging them on the end where most will be able to see all of them at the same time was their thought.
  8. This spot on. I think the REA realizes that the bulk of alumni/donors that have had time to work hard and donate their hard earned money are the Fighting Sioux crowd. The Hawks logo is still in its infancy and doesn’t have a lot alumni that has only known the Hawks logo. Give it time and it will slowly shift. I don’t think we should ever rid the REA of the Fighting Sioux logo as it is an important part of our history. Plus it’s just fun to hear about all the people that get so butt hurt about seeing it.
  9. My Great Grandfather was a flickertail. Would have rather we returned to that nickname.
  10. My obsession is the university I attended as did much of my family. I love the history of the school and everything it use to be. I’ll never stop with the Fighting Sioux and neither should the Ralph. Why throw our history down the drain. Display it proudly and keep the memory of what this place use to be.
  11. You must just sit awake at night thinking about how much you hate the Fighting Sioux logo. I sleep well at night dreaming about all the people that can’t stand it. It brings me so much joy that it bothers you morons so much. Here’s to another good night.
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