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  1. There’s something other then hockey? Do we have these things at UND? These other things need money? They also must have really long history of national success then.
  2. The guys an idiot. I use to work for him in the summers. Didn’t he get a 14yr old and 15yr old brothers to commit before he quit.
  3. I guess we wait to see what Kai can do as a 14 year old. See if he even comes close to what Bowden did.
  4. Can’t we assume that Bowden stepped up a level and crushed it. Possibly playing against much harder competition.
  5. I’m seeing Bowden with 68 points in 29 games. Matthew with 39 points in 33 games.
  6. Probably why they lost. Need to play your physical guys against the Russians.
  7. Forget the rankings. The rankings are figured out by people just like us. They may call themselves experts but they still don’t know. How many top 10’s have never worked out. How many 60’s - 90’s have become studs. How many guys have found the right coaches, players, systems that fit them and become amazing. How many studs end up at BU and become worthless. Haha. I believe in find a guy with character and develop him. Some will flourish some will dive. You never really know. To many factors come into play. Players can struggle mixing hockey with school, location, teammates, fans, some many different aspects. Let these kids be kids, come to our great program and learn from the coaches we have and for the most part trust will turn them to champions.
  8. Well print off a picture of him, grab a bottle of wine and get a hotel room. Have yourself a good time. We are talking jerseys, not your infatuation with Kennedy. Unless they work for Adidas, we don’t care.
  9. Thank you. Also I’m sorry. Lost my cool there a little bit. Ok I’m back. Carry on. You are probably correct, same old jerseys different manufacturer.
  10. Love the passion! But at the same time don’t care. We are suppose to be taking about what WE think they will look like or what WE hope they will look like. Not the people we suspect have a say in what little things can and can not be on the jerseys. Who cares who pays for them or gets to place what design where. Everyone of these threads starts out fun and enjoyable to read. Until somebody brings up all the political bull crap.
  11. Hockey teams need to quit it with laces on the neck. It’s getting old. I can’t f’n take it.
  12. Thoughts on these with our logo? 47983A5E-FC28-4A75-9589-4A367E52E184.jp2
  13. I agree with you. But at the same time a prick attitude is what this team needs. Just go on YouTube and watch some of the final fives and games against our old wcha foes. We were a hard nosed prick team that won a lot of games. I’m sure at some point someone said Blais was a prick before he came to UND and now he’s one of our heroes.
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