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  1. I’m guessing the problem with them being hung over the ice is now we have a giant scoreboard that will block the view of half the banners. So hanging them on the end where most will be able to see all of them at the same time was their thought.
  2. This spot on. I think the REA realizes that the bulk of alumni/donors that have had time to work hard and donate their hard earned money are the Fighting Sioux crowd. The Hawks logo is still in its infancy and doesn’t have a lot alumni that has only known the Hawks logo. Give it time and it will slowly shift. I don’t think we should ever rid the REA of the Fighting Sioux logo as it is an important part of our history. Plus it’s just fun to hear about all the people that get so butt hurt about seeing it.
  3. My Great Grandfather was a flickertail. Would have rather we returned to that nickname.
  4. My obsession is the university I attended as did much of my family. I love the history of the school and everything it use to be. I’ll never stop with the Fighting Sioux and neither should the Ralph. Why throw our history down the drain. Display it proudly and keep the memory of what this place use to be.
  5. You must just sit awake at night thinking about how much you hate the Fighting Sioux logo. I sleep well at night dreaming about all the people that can’t stand it. It brings me so much joy that it bothers you morons so much. Here’s to another good night.
  6. You have a South Park image for your profile pic.
  7. There’s something other then hockey? Do we have these things at UND? These other things need money? They also must have really long history of national success then.
  8. The guys an idiot. I use to work for him in the summers. Didn’t he get a 14yr old and 15yr old brothers to commit before he quit.
  9. I guess we wait to see what Kai can do as a 14 year old. See if he even comes close to what Bowden did.
  10. Can’t we assume that Bowden stepped up a level and crushed it. Possibly playing against much harder competition.
  11. I’m seeing Bowden with 68 points in 29 games. Matthew with 39 points in 33 games.
  12. Probably why they lost. Need to play your physical guys against the Russians.
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