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  1. That's even another level up from counterfeiting the jerseys and selling them for $40. At least then the buyer knows what they are getting.
  2. Still along party lines. I'd wager our 5-4 party lines bettors are gonna go home winners here.
  3. Gallegos (R) - Yes Shoemaker (D) - No Hill (R) - Yes Smith (D) - No Ganahl (R) - Yes I've got 3-2
  4. Yes, that's pretty much what I was thinking. Reminds me of Union's jerseys.
  5. Yeah I remember seeing these. These would take some getting used to but they would be a clean look. While you're at it, let's see what it would look like using the Wild template (green jersey, wide white stripe with logo).
  6. That could actually work. I think part of the problem with it as a crest in the middle is that is wider than it is long and it just looks kinda weird. Having it part of a horizontal stripe would fix that somewhat. Or perhaps it could be put in a circle or something.
  7. Quick and dirty edit:
  8. You think they'll finally ditch the North Dakota script on the front?
  9. Anyone have a picture of a green one in the wild?
  10. There were accusations of bot use to juice the votes by the losing bar after the last round but I'll take the win. Let's go JB's!
  11. Yes, and Midco picked up the feeds as well.
  12. I think there's a few scenarios that could get us as high as 13 going into St Paul even if it takes 3 games to beat Denver. Bowling Green and Notre Dame obviously have to lose. CC beats Western in 2 or 3 and Dartmouth takes at least a game from Harvard and it looks like we can get to 13.
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