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  1. And if I'm not mistaken, that's how Zombieland started
  2. They seem to be at a completely different angle along with the letters being clearly smaller
  3. Only 4.5 years too early lol
  4. And there it is: Love these. No joke, i've been thinking for years that a jersey in the vein of the old diagonal Sioux ones with "NODAK" down the front would be nice to see. I wonder if this is a limited run jersey or if it will be an alternate that's in the rotation.
  5. Is this another new jersey tease? They're in the hallway with the historical jerseys...
  6. Hall of Fame level name as well: Rip Torn
  7. Mine is being auto-renewed on 12/1 for $112.95. My inactive subs shows an NCHC Friends and Family sub for $94.95 from 2016. Very inconsistent.
  8. Yes now you don't feel like you're playing russian roulette every time you turn left.
  9. We took our 3 and 5 year old to see Koo Koo Kangaroo yesterday at noon. Good show and lots of kids there dancing and having fun. It looked like a pretty cool setup overall.
  10. So there should be nothing stopping the Sioux Shop from selling me a black Otis Weah jersey now (or anyone else).
  11. We had 11 freshman in 2015-16 and that worked out ok. Let's hope this group can gel like that one.
  12. I have not. Was thinking more in terms of reach but if it's a crappy product that probably not worth it. Midco's production has been good.
  13. Just saw that WDAY TV is going to be the new home of Bison Athletics starting this fall. It looks like UND's current deal with Midco goes through the 21-22 season (correct me if I'm wrong). It seems like this could be a good opportunity to cut a deal with KVLY for football going forward and get on broadcast TV statewide.
  14. Doesn't everyone in this group have just 1 game left? One of NDSU and SDSU is guaranteed to be 5-1 so if MO State or UND were also 5-1 it wouldn't be imbalanced.
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