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  1. So for forwards who other than Riese Gaber is coming in? I miss Brad's old blog with everything down the side. Rizzo? Kunz?
  2. It's definitely going to be interesting. I love Dalvin, but at the same time if you look at all the recent megadeals for RBs it has not been good (Gurley, Zeke, Bell). Extending Kirk theoretically gives them room to do some restructuring and create more space for this year, but i'm not sure 3+ more years of Kirk is the answer either. I'm fine with Zimmer getting an extension,
  3. Let's talk some sports - Rhodes and Linval both got cut creating about $18.5 million in cap space.
  4. Will do. I think she was coming at it from the angle of having to make up days that were missed. I told her not to worry about it. The governor can make changes in emergencies if needed.
  5. For what it's worth, my wife mentioned that she did look up that the ND department of public instruction does not recognize any form of online learning from home. Obviously that could change, but currently we're not set up to do things remotely.
  6. Doesn't that almost seem inevitable at this point? I'm also wondering when the other shoe drops on the public schools around here. I think it's up to 6 states, DC and many cities. That's going to have a real impact on people (as has been discussed previously here). My wife is a teacher and she said they've discussed very little regarding what will happen.
  7. Sorry to hear that. A good reminder that pandemic or not, hug your loved ones. Call your friends. Be thankful for every day.
  8. He sounded terrible during that speech.
  9. Feel terrible for the guys on the teams. Especially the seniors.
  10. Wow...things are moving fast.
  11. Again, i'm not trying to fan doom and gloom I just think there's potentially fire to the smoke here. You may be right and this is all overkill. I don't know.
  12. And honestly I agree about trying to avoid a panic. There's so much information flying around right now, who knows what to think? Thanks for being civil. Cheers and Go Sioux!
  13. Yes, and all of those stats are foolproof since everyone has been able to get tested as needed. Keep on keeping on brother.
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