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  1. a dollar coin with a tractor on one side and a tractor dealership on the other side
  2. Just make a modified "nickel" with a bison on one side and hawk on the other. It can just be the Dakota Coin or something.
  3. Abdominal Snowpeople really rolls off the tongue nicely.
  4. Popolino's The Cay Bonzer's (Used to enjoy lunch there occasionally when I worked downtown - not many great quick lunch options close there) Edit to add the Red Pepper - haven't been there much lately so not much experience with the bread controversy but was tough to beat for late night food back in the day. I still like it for some pregame tacos. Blue Moose Speedway I've lived here for 11 years since coming to college in the fall of 08 and have yet to eat at The Toasted Frog or Sky's (never ate at Sanders either).
  5. This was a missed opportunity to dig into a conference change conspiracy theory. "Did anyone else notice that the NCHC school banners are down? This has to mean we're joining the B1G right???"
  6. No worries - just wanted to check. Thanks for the update!
  7. I think those feathers are too evocative of a headdress to fly with the NCAA
  8. I think that already happened:
  9. Agreed. I also like that they have diced jalepenos as an option to add into the burrito.
  10. I might make another account just to upvote this again. That would be a slam dunk.
  11. Nice. I still think there needs to be a quick burger or burrito place in that 42nd corridor.
  12. They've got a pizza oven and have Pizza Corners available. Or at least they used to. I haven't been there in years.
  13. That's even another level up from counterfeiting the jerseys and selling them for $40. At least then the buyer knows what they are getting.
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