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  1. I've got 2 in section 302 row J available for Friday night. $35 each. Message me or text me at 701-429-1003.
  2. We passed. Figured we'll get enough pregame partying with other fans in on Saturday. We wanted to go out and explore some Friday night.
  3. And we should see a bunch get sold to the general public tomorrow with 10 months to fill it up.
  4. Haha probably. It all worked out in the end!
  5. You almost didn't have time to think. Felt like every second you spent deciding was just taking more seats away. Regardless, i'm pumped. Gonna be blast.
  6. I probably went 0 for my first 20 tries of selecting tickets and then having someone else pick them before it loaded the payment screen. Ended up in 224. I'll take it. Was stressful though!
  7. There's some info here: https://www.ndchampionsclub.com/Nashville?erid=6945543&camefrom=EMCL_3146957_150456032 This shows that the Champions Club presales will close at 10PM on the 13th as they get ready for the general public sale. It also lists the general public sale as starting on the 14th. So i'm not sure about a general pre-sale.
  8. He was told it was Price is Right rules
  9. This is good advice. It gets you in the door. I'm below 2000 on the priority ranking but I'll still get an opportunity to buy before the general public.
  10. I know - that actually made it even more surprising. They must have been very belligerent.
  11. There were cops talking to someone way at the top in 302/303 on Saturday night. Looked like a minor situation.
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