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NORTH DAKOTA vs. Canisius - FRIDAY Gameday


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Home games against seemingly "inferior" opponents have tended to be closer in final score (not necessarily on-ice performance or SOG)....Recall Huntsville last year? I'm going with a 3-1 final score, UND, but doubling up Canisius College (the other CC) in shots and a significant territorial advantage.

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18 minutes ago, NoiseInsideMyHead said:

Going to be lots of holes in the crowd tonight...has anybody seen the number of tix popping up on that thread?  Why the exodus of UND fans?  Does nobody appreciate Canisius or what?

That and Ticketmaster still has quite a few left, not sure what the reason is.

Hopefully there's a lot of people looking for last second tickets!

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19 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:

IMO Gornall is a better option than Olson. Top 3 lines are ridiculously good.


14 minutes ago, InHeavenThereIsNoBeer said:

I think this'll be a battle for the 1st part of year. Wouldn't be surprised to see Gornall tomorrow

I actually like Olson better, but yes, those are three good lines. Not to mention, Yon and Bowen were two of our best forwards last Saturday. 

I personally want to see Wilkie start doing something. He was invisible, to me, against Manitoba. Kid has so much talent. I'm hoping for him to break out. I'm sure we all are, actually.

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Staying home after spending most of the week in the hospital

Looking forward to hearing the new Mido guy Alex Heinert - He did a good job on the coaches show


Decided not to die until the Vikings win the Super Bowl :silly:

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2 hours ago, stoneySIOUX said:

Same lines as Manitoba except Gornall and Chartand aren't extra skaters and Rinks is No. 2 over Tomek.


20Gage-T. Pooly
C. Pooly-Peski


I still think Yon would be a good fit on the heavy line.

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