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  1. I know, THe post wasnt made for you sorry I quoted it. Im done now.
  2. Im so sick of getting harrased on here, im done with this place for good. Thanks again everyone for all the great info over the years. I literally cannot take it anymore from a few people on this board. Borderline ....I better not even say. Well you got what you wanted Im leaving. Thanks again to the actual nice folks I have met over the years in here. Goodbye
  3. The Obsession is Real folks....You literally no zero about me. Move along troll move along....Oh I just sold an old PS4 game for $19 is that ok with you or was it priced too high? GTFO
  4. You sir are legit BAT !@#$ CRAZY o.m.g
  5. I changed the price as I realized that was way too high, OOKK. And AGAIN sold it to a guy for FORTY FIVE dollars since yall are keeping record. Let me know if he should call you. Is that ok with you or was it still too high? Appreciate the infatuation but its getting really old. Please confirm what I did for $45 is ok so we can close this account out. 10-4
  6. For what an illegal listing of a jersey. I told you I sold it to a guy for $45. Do you want his name and Phone#???? I will give it to you right now.
  7. I appreciate your concern and obsession with me but can you kindly leave me alone and GTFO of the facebook group. We dont want your kind in it. Thanks bye
  8. I decided I didnt want it....It cost me $55 with shipping. I ultimately sold it to a guy here in fargo for $45. Guess someone got butthurt i listed it so high, my bad and I sincerely apologize for that price. Again i bought ONE jersey just for the hell of it. GOt it and it didnt fit in my collection. Ended up losing $10 on it. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!! and flattering that people are so concerned with my every move. This site is getting to be tooooo much for me. Its not fun anymore its just people whining and bitching like little kids. Go cyber bully someone else and run them from the room like you just did me. Im freakin out of here, goodbye!
  9. One of my best friends little bros...man i feel old
  10. I Dont want to OWN, BUY, Sell, or even here of existence of a fake Sioux Jersey. I dont know where this started but it needs to end here. I am 10000% against fake china crap jerseys. This is ridiculous and if I made a mistake posting one for someone once maybe even twice and didnt know it and offended someone I am truly sorry and it wont happen again. I own 8 of my own jerseys since 1986 when I started going to games. I have the blackhawk logo, the geo, a game worn Sioux. Seriously I dont know who started this by mistake or was misinformed but its really starting to annoy me now. I know there was some crazy kid that thought I was buying and reselling a bunch of jerseys from the sioux shop or something which was a HUGE LIE and now this. I dont know what is going on but lets end this now for gods sake.
  11. OMG Again I am NOT ripping people OFF. The one China I posted I didnt know was a China and took it down immediately. I hate fake jerseys and dont want anything to do with them!!!!!!!!! Why is that so hard to understand.
  12. You must be fun to hang out with. Dont ever bring up my name again. You have no clue what you are talking about, and are lacking knowledge yourself crazy man.
  13. What THe F lol wow. some people are straaaange on here.
  14. LMFAOOOOOOO you guys need to not only get a life but stop posting fake news. I had this jersey listed for a buddy for $125 and after found out it was a China I removed it. What.In.The.Actual. F????? Also that whole selling Sioux FB jerseys for double???? WHAAAT I bought 1 jersey lmaoo. Who makes this sh*t up seriously? Someone out there is SIOUXPER obsessed with me, its actually kind of scary! I seriously cannot believe what I am reading right now.
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