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  1. siouxstudent

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    2 of the worst games Ive watched in years last weekend. I about fell asleep in my seat....Lets hope for some energy tonight.
  2. siouxstudent

    UND - Montana Game Day Thread

    TV Options?
  3. siouxstudent

    North Dakota vs. Minnesota in Las Vegas - October 2018

    We are indeed
  4. siouxstudent

    North Dakota vs. Minnesota in Las Vegas - October 2018

    Anyone know what special warm up jerseys we are wearing for this?
  5. siouxstudent

    What do you think of the logo now??

    The Horror
  6. siouxstudent


    Yep saw those back in the day, its not fake or china just a bad rep. They had some pretty bad black and also white reps via K1 also.
  7. siouxstudent

    Sam Houston State Viewing Options

    Blacked out on 790 DTV for me
  8. siouxstudent

    Gameday: Fighting Hawks vs MVSU

    Boeser with the coin toss
  9. siouxstudent

    Gameday: Fighting Hawks vs MVSU

    VIewing Options?
  10. siouxstudent


    why even bother
  11. siouxstudent


    Need alil help here guys. Can someone confirm this as legit authentic and approx value of this. Dont want to get robbed lol. Thanks
  12. siouxstudent


    These go for upwards of $450+ nowadays.
  13. siouxstudent


    Real as it gets right there
  14. siouxstudent

    Students Spearhead Effort for Fighting Hawks Mascot

    Who cares, good for him.
  15. siouxstudent


    Sorry but I dont want the new ones at Scheels or the Sioux Shop. Never have, never will. Moving on...................