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Carson Wentz taking Philly err Indy err DC by storm


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2 hours ago, Rory said:

You wet yourself when you posted that?

against incarnate word mr trey steps back, smiles at his two girlfriends in the stands, checks his apple watch, and unleashes a perfect spiral for the TD and Izzo creams his pants.....

against Da Bears he knocked over the pylon...

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12 minutes ago, Vegas_Sioux said:

Watson is my favorite it dumps on both the packers and the cows. 


you could replace that bubble with "instead of going to Fargo a week before my pro debut and taking pics with over weight bison fans i should've been in Green Bay getting my mind right."

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2 hours ago, Hawkster said:

So, what do the Wentz jock sniffers think of the game today?   I see Wentz is in his true form,  sacks and all sorts of problems.   Getting smoked by the Lions has to be embarrassing.

353 yards and 3 touchdowns and one int. 60 minute game not 30 oh obsessed one 

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9 minutes ago, SIOUXFAN97 said:

better if its dislocated or broken?  looks like dak's injury

My guess would be that a break would be better, but not sure.

It was hard to see the replay to see exactly what happened (unlike with Dak, in which we saw what happened).

Given that they needed a cart and they immediately put that air cast on... I'd be shocked if he played another down this year. 

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