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  1. They keep it within 30 that will be a victory for them. Regardless the exposure they get is going to be through the roof
  2. That both fan bases are obsessed with each other. Nothing new obviously but it’s in full gear now. Bison fans are delusional if they don’t think UND is their main rival.
  3. 24 pages and still rolling. I believe my point was made.
  4. Funny how this is the hottest thread going. Who is obsessed with who?
  5. No question UND is NDSU’s biggest rival. Not even debatable
  6. Yet here you are replying to him
  7. Hak is hanging by a string. But he is set for life. Good on him
  8. A lot of it is just hate for anything NDSU. It runs deep in GF. I hope he succeeds and I think he will. If not he’s set for life.
  9. Make that 28-0 still in the first quarter
  10. NDSU off to a 14-0 lead against Delaware 5 minutes in
  11. Pats have one penalty. That’s all that needs to be said.
  12. Defense stayed home today.
  13. If he has all day like he has tonight he can beat any team.
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