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Goofers are insane


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Gopher trolls will get a double benefit if UND fans stay away.  First, it will be a decidedly Gopher crowd, unusual for UND games in any venue.   Second, gopher fans will crow that Nodaks are too poor to hang with the UMTC crowd.  

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13 minutes ago, joeyjr said:

The problem with buying the package just to go, which would be funny when 6 of their other games are even more empty because of the UND fans not going to them: They will still use those empty seats in their attendance numbers.

Or UND fans show up in droves the rest of the year to cheer for whoever is playing the goofs

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Did I read the article correctly?   This "flex" package is available to purchase right now, but if you wait until September 14th when individual games go on sale, the requirement to buy a package of tickets no longer will be in play?     

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Just now, DaveK said:

Funny you mention Bison fans. The attitudes expressed by UND fans towards the Gopher hockey team are every bit as obsessively ridiculous as the attitudes expressed by NDSU fans towards the UND football team.


Isn't that what I said? Hence, they remind me of Bison fans. 

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