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  1. I would love to see 1000 people pack the seats of Skautahollinn . . . flights in the winter are pretty cheap too.
  2. Resch Center, Saturday before a Vikings game
  3. East side was still using the old buns last time I was there. Only one that did (all the ND locations, including Fargo switched).
  4. East side Pep is still rocking the real bread, I believe . . .. all the ND ones (even the OG one on Uni) changed.
  5. No good place to put this anymore, but EGF elementary schools did some fitness testing last week . . . my 10 year old daughter did 13 more pull-ups than Casey MIttlestadt.
  6. I've seen worse not be suspended a few times already . . . the department is so inconsistent it is ridiculous. Tom Wilson's hit on Wennberg should have been three games (it was definitely worse than Doughty's one gamer and Wilson has been suspended twice this year). Hell, even my man, Josh Anderson's borderline boarding call that I didn't agree with the major and misconduct on was worse than this . . . I think. Kadri's was really . . . bad, and I guess he did get three games. Good necessary hit, absolutely not. Suspension . . . I doubt it (hopefully they haven't announced one already and make me look dumb). But I am honestly wondering what the penalty was, I didn't watch the whole game. On the other topic, Haula's butt-end was dirty. I've seen a player get tossed for a much more clearly accidental/defensive butt-end earlier this year (on Ovechkin). I have no problem with people embellishing sticks to the head, because if a stick is coming at my face I would delayed reaction jerk back as hard and fast as possible as a reflex.
  7. That looks all body to me, doesn't it? He may even have his stick on the puck but I'm not sure. What was the penalty? charging or interference?
  8. Even Peyton . . . his place among the greats was relentlessly questioned until he won a championship (even though his team was consistently very good), and then people argued that one wasn't enough, then people argued that the second one had nothing to do with him so it didn't really count.
  9. True and the way the team is built and plays partly contributes to his other numbers too. Extremely high talent but hard to make a rock solid case for his GOAT status when his team is (still) a habitual dumpster fire.
  10. McJesus has 300 points this year but still somehow only a +20. He had three points against Columbus and still was a -2.
  11. Went back a few pages, been gone for a while . . . do we have any projected lines with incoming recruits yet?
  12. So, MM is just a no . . . WMU guy doesn't seem to move the needle. Chaves was just on WDAZ with one of the most ridiculously poor fitting suits that I can remember. Just ruined it for me. So . . . It has got to be the lady from UTSA, right?
  13. What is weird is the structure of this entire article. I had read it earlier and saw that they say: "If picking an All-Showcase Team in terms of top Division I prospects, the nod goes to forwards Justin Pearson, Shane Pinto and Azzaro Tinling . . . " Then in the scouting report further down that you included, they rag on him a little bit. Do they mean they picked the all-showcase team before the tournament. Not that they picked it based on the performance at the tournament? Are they saying though he is essentially one of the top prospects there, he just didn't perform as well as expected in this particular viewing?
  14. Agreed, it disappoints me to no end that instead of getting diverse restaurants (we still don't have an Indian restaurant and are just now getting a Vietnamese one), we have seven Subways, 5 McDonalds, etc. Getting a new franchise is only slightly better.
  15. (In general) Kneeling is not an intent to disrespect, the large majority of them are not protesting the anthem or the flag and have repeatedly stated that. We could have a discussion about why they should or shouldn't kneel, but it is disingenuous when people project their own reasoning onto protestors actions. It is actually commandeering their protest for one's own means, which subjectively is just as disrespectful. Note: I don't think that you (Frozen) specifically have crossed that line but others have. Personally, I think the linking arms or kneeling BEFORE the anthem were good compromises and attempts to get the point across without letting the "disrespect for the flag" narrative overshadow it . However, one could say that if your arms are linked then your hand is probably not over your heart. However, a good number of people didn't put their hand over their heart in the first place and it was never a problem. I do stand for the anthem when in person (I actually don't while watching TV and never really thought about that until recently) and I do yell Sioux . . .
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