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  1. Anybody have a "short" clip of the Kawaguchi between the legs goal? I am no clueless at editing the longer videos.
  2. I tried to search for this but came up blank. Hope somebody can enlighten me. On Ticketmaster I see the 4 separate Champions Club pre-sale dates, then I see a "general pre-sale" on December 13th. Does anybody know what qualifies somebody for the general pre-sale?
  3. I have 2 seats available for the Friday night game against Union on November 24th. They are in the first row of seats below the bar rail in the DeKalb club. This is the end UND shoots at twice. Shoot me a message if your interested.
  4. I stayed at the Plaza a few years ago and just walked across the Bridge and then to Joe Blacks. Sounds like the weather will be nice. Not a difficult walk.
  5. So the Gopher series is only on Midco? Not FSN in the TC metro? Seems odd.
  6. I am suddenly unable to go to this game. 4 tickets, section 310, Row G. Shoot me a DM. I hope I know how that works.
  7. What Television provider do you have and what channel number do you show ASN as in the TC metro?
  8. Sorry if this has been posted earlier in this thread: Please be advised that the 2016 College Hockey Showdown hockey game originally scheduled to take place at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, December 3, 2016 beginning at 8:00pm will now start at 7:30pm. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and look forward to your continued patronage of Madison Square Garden. Sincerely, The Madison Square Garden Company
  9. Did I read the article correctly? This "flex" package is available to purchase right now, but if you wait until September 14th when individual games go on sale, the requirement to buy a package of tickets no longer will be in play?
  10. Oilcan89


    Is there a source for specific replica jerseys? I mean like a Tony Hrkac 21 in the style worn in 87 or a Cary Eades 22 in the style worn in 82? I don't need a game worn jersey, just so long as it has the same design and logo from the specific year. It seems there would be a market for them. I apologize if I am missing an obvious source, I did read a few pages back on this thread. I also don't know how all the licensing works for styles from years ago.
  11. I am going to be in the Fargo area(Casselton) on Friday during the game. Anybody know if the game is covered by any local radio stations?
  12. If I buy one of the NCHC TV packages and connect my laptop to my smartv using a HDMI cable, will the broadcasts be watchable? ie, similiar to watching a game televised in a traditional way? I am very technologically challenged and doubt I would watch anything short of a smooth HD broadcast, I have Comcast internet that seems adequate in every way I have needed. Sorry if this has been addressed earlier in the thread but there are 28 pages to scroll through and I may have missed it.
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