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  1. Will Bill's in GF has about the worst service I've experienced in a long time. Stay far far away from that place. Food is bland as well.
  2. I'd love to try and make some grinders but man it would be hard to get it right. So many things have to be just so. The meat with the oats in it (FYI Taco Bell puts oats in their taco meat also) The cheese The bread. Maybe the most important part IMO. The white sauce The summer sausage (although I think you could use any good cut of summer sausage and get good results if the above items work out)
  3. I don't have CBSSN any longer. Can anyone recommend a bar/rest in the north metro (prefferably blaine/anoka) that would be able to put the game on one of their TV's tonight?
  4. Now that the tournament is back where it belongs I wonder, what can we expect for attendance? I don't see a LOT more people attending now that it's moving back. 10-20% more? Sure, but not much more than that. The hard core fans were there at the Target Center, IMO. That puts this at what? 10,000 fans? I think Xcel should look into opening only the lower bowl and Club sections for this and charge one price. It looks so empty when they open the upper deck as well. If they did want to open the upper deck, may they could just fill the main section that would be visible on camera before filling the other 3 sections (ie: the ends)
  5. Hopefully Wolanin plays better than he did last Saturday...
  6. High school hockey has been over for weeks now. That has nothing to do with Last weekend.
  7. One thing I think that hurts Duluth is a lot of people up there are Gophers fans first and foremost.
  8. I just don't think any city outside of Minneapolis is going to draw nearly as many fans as you'd get at the TC. I'm looking forward to the tourney next year after the renovations are done for sure. The question is how do you get more St Cloud and UMD fans to go? UMD not showing up at all was painful to see. What the heck is going on with their fan base? I know St Cloud wouldn't have done much better had they been there instead.
  9. The only thing that really bugged me was the UMD band and their 'Sioux no more!' chants after any sioux chant we did. Just seemed mean spirited for an official team band for UMD to have more negative UND chants than positive ones for their team. It didn't help that they were able the worst college band I've ever heard in my life. Finally at one point they played another terrible tune and I couldn't take it any longer. I screamed 'GET SOME LESSONS!!' directly at them at the top of my lungs without really even thinking about it. It was pretty hilarious if I may say so, with several of the band members turning in my direction to look at me while most of the UND fans around gave me a thumbs up or hearty chuckle...
  10. My thoughts after my 4th year in a row at the Target Center: Pros: -Scoreboard is amazing. I also loved the 4 big screens in the corners of the arena with the teams stats on them. Very handy. -Full bar on the 2nd level was nice. Didn't see that last year. -Getting in/out was easy considering how much construction was going on. -I love the restaurant choices in Minneapolis . On Friday we were able to walk into Rock Bottom Brewery and get a table at 5:30 on St Patricks day. Good luck getting a table anywhere in St Paul like that. Not enough choices or places overall in St Paul. The parking is also nice in Minny. $10 at the ramp? Nice... -We were in section 221 both nights and I thought the sight lines from there were great. No need to pay way more $$ for lower bowl when those seats were $25 no fees. Cons: -The ice looked horrible. After the 2nd intermission in the Saturday UMD v UND game the water wouldn't freeze and one of the refs used a squeegee to clear the excess water off the ice. I've never seen that before. Awful -$11.50 for a small drink? That's crazy, and way more than I paid at the X for a Wild game a few weeks ago. They also had 1 bartender in the bar for about 100 customers. It took nearly the whole intermission to get 2 drinks. -I know they are changing them but the seats at TC are just disgusting... Stains, rips, uncomfortable. There is very little leg room as well. -The sound in the TC is awful. It always has been and there is nothing they can do about it, but I hate it. Everything echos terribly and the bands/music sounded awful. -The in game entertainment and the girl who was the announcer were terrible. They need to step out their act on this front. If you want to be the premier league do better.
  11. I have nothing to add about the refs or UMD gooning it up as it's all been said and I agree. I wanted to add that many UMD fans and even their band were acting like complete f'n tools for much of the game, especially after. You would have thought they just won the national championship the way they were acting. Poor form for sure. Act like you've been there and had a few drinks before people.
  12. We're bringing our kids downtown and hoping we can get in somewhere to eat before the game. I'm thinking it's going to be crazy (busy) downtown this afternoon and tonight though. I'd almost like to go to the early game as well... Should be a good one.
  13. You can watch a concert on your TV as well instead of going. Doesn't mean it's more fun...
  14. Wife just called and bought 4 tickets in the cheap seats using this number. We save like $50+ in fees she said. Almost pays for dinner! He also helped my wife pick tickets in the end UND shoots at twice even though my wife didn't ask for it.
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