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NORTH DAKOTA vs. Michigan - SATURDAY Gameday


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Another game for Cam against a team from his home state. Hope he dials in and is a brick wall. 

Is it going to be a pro-Michigan crowd? I saw a lot of yellow in the crowd from the picture I saw of the ND/UM game. Hope I'm wrong and there is plenty of green!

Excited for this game, should be a fun one to watch!

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I think as long as Cam shows up today we will be fine and roll Michigan.  Their goalie has not looked all that great, and truth be told Cam has had some less than stellar games as well.  The top CCM line from Michigan will likely be in for a rude awakening when they feel the crush of our D-corp.  They rely on scoring a crapload of goals to gain and keep a lead.  My hope is that we can hold them to far less than they are used to, and I am confident that we can score more than them.  Should be a great game.

Go Sioux!

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48 minutes ago, MuggsyGobes said:

Wearing the same thing as yesterday. Sitting in the same spot. Using the same koozie. Keeping the T.V. volume at the same level. Ordered an identical pizza and made sure the same guy at Dominos made it again today. No, I'm not superstitious. Keep it up, boys! 4-3 Sioux. 

Just pulled out yesterday's shirt...can't hurt

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Time to exercise the 2011 Demons. I'm on my third change of undies...

LJ's line is gonna be a difference maker, defensively mostly. Cam will be fine.

If CBS show up (to include Deuce), it'll be GAME OVER early. If not, all bets are off. Let's hope Keaton and Shaw can look a bit more steady than yesterday. 

Pogo, Chyz, Pauly.  If we can can one of these vets to put one in the net, we will be in good shape. 

The 3 Little Hobeys on the CCM line will be left wondering what hit them. They are not ready for this Day of Reckoning. 

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't Lose. Go Hawks Go.

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