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  1. I have an extra pair of tickets Section 113 Row A (end UND shoot twice). These are for Saturday October 28. Face value is $23/ticket. Text 701-866-4283 if interested
  2. Tony's downtown would be a fun informal gathering place Saturday afternoon. Plus, it's a Green Bay Packers bar that feels straight out of the upper midwest so the travelers from ND can get their Miller Lites without being looked down upon. http://www.tonysdowntownbar.com/ Mini pitchers, cheese curds, fried walleye and all. It's about a 10-12 minute drive to the Arena.
  3. I would really like to get a more formal fan gathering for this series. BWW is so convenient because it is within walking distance of the arena. The problem is that is always so packed and loud in there. Most other good options for gatherings won't be nearly as convenient. Maybe I will work to set up a shuttle and some drink specials if we can get enough interest in future years. As for this weekend, maybe with Saturday night's game being so early (6pm) we can fill up the bar with Sioux fans. If you see me, come say hi. First beer is on me. I will be the short guy wearing the Sioux jersey. Really looking forward to the weekend, you guys.
  4. Wow. Silly me. I posted the wrong phone number... Sincerely apologize to any of you who may have sent texts or called the wrong guy. Call/Text 701-866-4283
  5. I have an extra pair (possibly four) for Friday and an extra set of four for Saturday this upcoming weekend at Broadmoor World Arena vs CC. Lower bowl, great seats. Would love to fill them with Sioux fans. Text/Call 719-866-4283
  6. definitely the Ralph announcer. See you all in Tampa
  7. sounds like the Ralph guy doing the arena announcing
  8. This. Same as yesterday. 28 is a total wildcard right now.
  9. Time to exercise the 2011 Demons. I'm on my third change of undies... LJ's line is gonna be a difference maker, defensively mostly. Cam will be fine. If CBS show up (to include Deuce), it'll be GAME OVER early. If not, all bets are off. Let's hope Keaton and Shaw can look a bit more steady than yesterday. Pogo, Chyz, Pauly. If we can can one of these vets to put one in the net, we will be in good shape. The 3 Little Hobeys on the CCM line will be left wondering what hit them. They are not ready for this Day of Reckoning. Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't Lose. Go Hawks Go.
  10. Very excited for the second half of the season. This series should be a ton of fun. I am beginning to embrace this series and am looking forward to it continuing to become more and more of a true rivalry. Its an accessible road trip from both ND and CO and would be a fun annual meetup spot for UND fans (if we could ever get tickets to Baxter). As for this weekend, we can only hope the CBS line can jump right back on it with little to no signs of rust. Same with goaltending, let's hope the guys can keep it up in net. Really looking forward to the weekend, you guys. Go Sioux and Go Fighting Hawks. Cheers!
  11. Way to come out and win the 3rd period. Let's hope that becomes a common occurrence during the Berry Regime. Nice win. GO SIOUX
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