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  1. Ranger

    The Herald

    You’ll still receive impeachment updates from the D Post though...
  2. I think you’ve set yourself up for an assistant professor of military science position somewhere... with a few more years of experience.
  3. Ranger


    He’s an a-hole.
  4. I only have a peripheral understanding of the situation...but think something like that occurred. UND coaching staff wanted her to leave the State to develop, while she/her family didn’t think that was necessary. She stayed in Bismarck, won 4 State championships, and then earned WCHA rookie team and a NC. Not bad for western ND development. I also heard from ND parents that the staff didn’t care much for ND kids, and actually made that statement to my friend while they were in Minnesota at a tournament... not realizing my friend was one of those ND parents. And now the program is dead.
  5. Big failure by UND staff in not successfully recruiting Curl.
  6. Awesome Duke win!
  7. Agree... she was 1-3-1 at UND.
  8. Okay crowd... maybe for the Maple Grove Ice Center.
  9. Not necessarily... if Frattin was doing that prior BS during his candidate year, he wouldn’t have been nominated.
  10. If the kid pulls that stunt in the bigs, he’s going to get his face ground into the ice.
  11. The better team won. Eff the commies.
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