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  1. There are also potential federal charges regardless of current outcome.
  2. CIA officer killed in combat in Somalia https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/25/politics/cia-officer-killed-somalia/index.html
  3. My Minneapolis ward had 91.4% turnout of registered voters.
  4. “national hero”? I wouldn’t lower the bar that low. His actions include lying to sworn federal agents, which is a 1001 violation, regarding his relationship with Russian SIOs, and misleading the VP about this. Not exactly a Boy Scout in this matter.
  5. Did GA use electronic voting/software in 2020? I recall the SECSTATE commenting on several occasions that this was their first election in 20 years to utilize all paper ballots. Maybe previous issues with electronic solutions led them down that route?
  6. You’re referring to the actions of the current Administration, correct? They appear pissed that D/CIA and D/FBI aren’t throwing political enemies into dank jail cells. This led to the selection of the least qualified and inept DNI to date. ODNI is an overseer, and not a doer, so little damage can be done by one individual. In the past, as you recall, the GOP were unapologetic supporters of the very same entities they now hate. Disturbing how the pendulum shifted so quickly, for both sides I suppose. You mean the last four years of the Trump Administration and it’s very own hand picked Director, under the leadership of his DOJ and Barr? Sorry, I don’t buy into the deep state paranoia.
  7. That USG institutions are enemies of the state.
  8. This event makes no sense. US military forces do not conduct raids, for criminal matters, in friendly foreign countries. I can’t think of an example of this ever happening. Then, how does a private citizen claim possession of this data? There are so many problems with this—especially chain of custody of whatever evidence they say there have. If it hasn’t been in the hands of LE from point of collection, then its tainted. And... the “CIA are not the good guys”? WTF!?
  9. Strongly disagree. BTW... Hoover died in 1973.
  10. A friend on mine was a staffer on the Transportation committee... he occasionally referred to him as Senator Strauss.
  11. Biden appears to have compiled a strong and experienced national security team and advisors.
  12. 2020... crazy. My lead investment appears wise.
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