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  1. Actually, you can. Milano says it had a carbon filter inside.
  2. I’ve witnessed just the opposite at several HDs in Minneapolis and even the one in Fergus Falls... and I made it past the customer support counter. This was before the mayor’s mandate too.
  3. Wait, wha? NoDak has a Trader Joe’s?
  4. https://www.fox9.com/news/parishioners-priest-at-annandale-church-test-positive-for-covid-19 God’s will or Darwinism?
  5. I’m still favoring a Pinot/Clorox blend. Very nice.
  6. Not print news, but MPR — volunteer furloughs and early outs.
  7. It’s about time JCP died.
  8. Not agreeing/disagreeing with the action, but Walz is a retired Command Sergeant Major. So, yea, many do consider him an American Patriot.
  9. Or this quote: “As long as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is silenced, local and state health departments, epidemiologists, and clinicians may need to lead the way.” Or my personal favorite: “you are your safest sex partner.”
  10. You can include Brooklyn Center’s too. Just horrible.
  11. Misleading. Millions will be infected with TB regardless of C-19. This is about treatment out to 2025.
  12. Or perhaps 5 to 10 divisions
  13. There are several ‘deliberate’ C-19 related cases with state and federal ramifications currently in the legal system...
  14. Created by agricultural and ranching lobbyists... as well as a few paid "nutritionists" of course. Worst advice ever.
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