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  1. There are also potential federal charges regardless of current outcome.
  2. Murals seem to keep the taggers away... one of my wife’s commercial buildings used to get tagged a couple of times a year until we painted our own mural— a take off of the Black Flag album, Slip it In. That was 14 or so years ago and no taggers since.
  3. He misused his insider information then?
  4. I saw Wisconsin dismantle Duluth early in the season. I’m surprised by their season.
  5. I don’t get playing Yon... 100+ games/15 points. JT please.
  6. Dozens in attendance at MMM arena watching Notre Dame outwork the home team. 0-0.
  7. Ranger

    Bubba extension

    So....UND doesn’t care about its football program?
  8. FWIW, St Thomas is dropping its joint MBA/Accountancy full-time program. Enrollment dropped from 145 students in 2010 to just 28 students this academic year. Future accepted students to be offered similar in flex MBA, online MBA programs. Certainly a funding/common sense factor, but murky on how closely related to D-1 athletics.
  9. Looks like a hard shoulder to shoulder hit to me.. with the player’s head following the body direction. Caulfield appears to have tried to avoid the hit... lifts right skate off the ice and tucks in elbow. Not a direct hit. Seems Clown player leans forward, to his left, head down. Tough play at game speed.
  10. yet bet... Hoeven and Cramer would certainly call for witnesses and subpoenas of Twitter and Gmail records to get to the bottom of this. Errrr, wha, wait...
  11. Hmmm... perhaps a former player, maybe even a female. I just can't think of anyone with a name begging with "jo".
  12. yea, that's obvious. Didn't think I needed to address that... but thanks
  13. The "evidence" attributing "UND Sports Talk" to JW is a selector ending in '71' (which can easily be acquired by google phone) and a gmail email account beginning with 'j' (also easily obtained). The above screen shots do not suggest any effort to "fire and destroy" anything. Not exactly a preponderance of evidence to accuse on social media. All from an account created on siouxsports ~11 hours ago. What's the motivation there? Also trying to wrap my head around why a young man from Canada would debate First Amendment protections and the tax foundation of the University.
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