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  1. yet bet... Hoeven and Cramer would certainly call for witnesses and subpoenas of Twitter and Gmail records to get to the bottom of this. Errrr, wha, wait...
  2. Hmmm... perhaps a former player, maybe even a female. I just can't think of anyone with a name begging with "jo".
  3. yea, that's obvious. Didn't think I needed to address that... but thanks
  4. The "evidence" attributing "UND Sports Talk" to JW is a selector ending in '71' (which can easily be acquired by google phone) and a gmail email account beginning with 'j' (also easily obtained). The above screen shots do not suggest any effort to "fire and destroy" anything. Not exactly a preponderance of evidence to accuse on social media. All from an account created on siouxsports ~11 hours ago. What's the motivation there? Also trying to wrap my head around why a young man from Canada would debate First Amendment protections and the tax foundation of the University.
  5. That penalty play looked offsides.
  6. Well, perhaps, but his problems go back a month now. But, whatever floats your boat.
  7. Oh... and the goalie not being able to stop a beach ball
  8. Deflected, but still. He should have held the puck, instead of playing. He’s lost this game. Thome the rest of the way.
  9. Thought the same weeks ago... seems he’s lost his edge. can he steal a game when the team needs one?
  10. Duluth must practice that running into the goalie play
  11. Duluth player was holding MM’s stick... he should have skated away, or fallen down holding his head
  12. FWIW, an online article on Reddit states the Ottawa 67s attempted to get him to sign, he declined and said he was going to stay at North Dakota this year and next year as well, hoping for the NHL in 21-22.
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