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  1. Deep State member! And if you must know, I’m burning through use or lose leave today.
  2. Correct. You should stick with your rants about a governor of a state of which you do not reside, and your creepy obsession for children and adolescent sports. I choose to remain neutral in these discussions, mostly because much of what’s said here is nonsensical and has pushed away those with expertise and helpful opinions, but also because of Hatch Act issues (regarding the political tug-of-war)...something Goon should be more concerned with too.
  3. Perhaps TNT can answer that for you... or yourself, you’re purportedly a medical professional?
  4. Although deadly in quantity, ricin isn’t too extreme. The Russians are using the good stuff, especially on Putin’s opposition. As for former President Obama, he received daily deaths threats and plenty of white powder letters.
  5. I don’t see it flipping... outstate will really have to vote out in record numbers. Possible, but odds are against. Will have to see what the October surprise is!
  6. Prosecution requested one trial. Defendants requested four separate trials, all change of venue.
  7. Comrade, in fairness, the ad doesn’t specify which troops to support.
  8. Trump ad uses stock photo of Russian MiG-29 planes and actors... oops. Da! https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/14/trump-ad-asks-people-to-support-the-troops-but-it-uses-a-picture-of-russian-jets-414883
  9. That Mexico festival was a head scratcher, but seriously thought about going. My first Wilco shows were in Denver during the Being There tour. Denver had (has?) three great theaters in the Ogden, Bluebird, and Fox. I recall the Bluebird had a really tight pit area, which was insane at times. Saw them at each, but I remember one of the shows specifically because Tweedy jumped into the pit with my friends and me during the encore set, maybe during their cover of I Wanna Be Sedated or some other. Seems so strange now, considering his stage “shyness“. Geez... almost 25 years ago.
  10. Love me the UT, and fortunate to have seen them in the early 90s before the split. But thinking I like the Soft Boys original better. Dunno. Still great though.
  11. Is it really that amazing how drastic reduction in fossil fuel usage has a direct affect on air quality? I doubt firing up 1,000 coal burning EPPs would have similar results.
  12. I would expand that thought to include the greater 7 county area around Minneapolis and St. Paul, plus Rochester, Duluth, and St. Cloud. Pretty much any city over 10K.
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