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  1. I also doubt Blasi would be an assistant at UND, but who knows anymore. I like him as a human, and he's had great success (Borat) at Miami. So Who knows.
  2. This is exactly why I hate Be One Gee schools, and The Collection of Racist Universities or SEC or whatever they're called. Recruiting in the NCAA has become a sport of its own. It's all ridiculous
  3. I saw a Schloss tweet that UND and Quinnipiac were in talks for a home/home series in 21-22 and 22-23, or something like that. I need that to happen. Not want, NEED. UND coming to Hamden, CT? I'll bring a cheering section of 50 people
  4. Can't say I know anybody personally on here, but the UND and Grand Forks family accepted this Connecticut boy and made me love this school, this town, and this state. So any time a member of this family is lost, it's heartbreaking. Hoping his family is alright, and that he gets to watch many, many more Sioux Championships from the Heavens. Sioux Yeah Yeah
  5. We all know the old adage: The more shots on goal, the more depressing the North Dakota loss is.
  6. I've determined the following: Gavin Hain is an idiot
  7. Hot take: I think we've dug ourselves into quite the hole, and splits are well and good but I would've rather a sweep. Two consecutive years not in the tournament are unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable.
  8. The Boys are Back in Town. UND has Phil Collins, The Pats have The Outfield Go Pats
  9. I'll take a split vs #1 all day long. Build on this and make this effort consistent and good things will happen!
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