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National Signing Day


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19 minutes ago, Csonked Out said:

WR Travis Toivonen from Red Wing MN and S Jake Geier from Andover MN are both in. Excited about Travis, he is a big boy at 6'3'' and 205 and lead the state of MN in receiving yards last year.

I'm also very excited about Toivenen. Bubba has loaded this team about with big receivers.

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17 minutes ago, Westside said:

I can't remember from previous years.... Are PWOs announced as they come in or are they all announced together at the end of the day?

It depends on whether they get the proper paperwork filled out and sent in. It is slightly different from those getting scholarships.

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5 minutes ago, Westside said:

Saw Omaha area schools were closed today... Could be a little delay in Cloyd getting in due to that... not sure.

Feel pretty confident seeing on Twitter the amount of UND gear his parents got, but still would be nice to have that one in the hopper.

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6 minutes ago, Westside said:

Coach Gigli said in the live chat they expect 23 signees (scholly & PWO) today... That does not include Murray & T. Hunt.  So, 25 total in the class.  The wiki here lists 24... Could we see a surprise signee or pwo?

There's actually 25 listed. The heading is off saying 4 PWO's, there is 5 with the addition of Rastas. The list matches SFI's list of 25 as well.

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