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  1. That may be but why do you think UNI wins their first game every year then loses? They buy a home win. Of course UND wasn't going to win the national championship....but could certainly try and buy a home win and go from there.
  2. The way the brackets got set it was all regional. Was going to be Nicholls or SELA no matter what cause UNI was getting an easier home game.
  3. UND-1

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Not sure he is still in the mix. UND has their 2nd elite camp this weekend and if he doesn't come to that then its safe to say he is not. They already have 16 commits and may get a couple more this weekend.
  4. UND-1

    2020 FB Recruiting

    I wish. Don't have enough zeros in my salary to hang with those dudes.
  5. UND-1

    2020 FB Recruiting

    The staff is on other guys for NG or DE spot.
  6. UND-1

    2020 FB Recruiting

    SU brought him in for their big junior day and didn't even offer him. UND actually had to force their hand.
  7. In your opinion that justifies SJ's decision to sit the year out in hopes of Walseth being fired? Personally, I question how someone could abandon their teammates in hopes of personal gain that may or may not happen. If I am Brew I would question that first.
  8. I believe you on everything you say about her family, work ethic, and such. However, it's hard to overlook the decision she made that set this process in motion.
  9. You think she is a “class act” after listening to that? Pretty obvious to me she quit on the team before the season started - hoping to use a redshirt year with the possibility that Walseth isn’t back next year. She was never injured. Calliou even went along with the lie in his article stating she sat out for “health reasons”. If I know the truth and Sarah even admitted the truth today on Jack’s podcast why did Calliou lie to cover for her and the program a few days ago?
  10. LOL...internal testing. How many guys have gotten caught/suspended over the years?
  11. Exactly the point. Thank you. Although I question how excited NDSU was about giving a full ride to a preferred walk-on.
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