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  1. Needed that to be downed deep badly, oof
  2. Spared again, refs are friendly this drive
  3. They're probably not going to pass here, stack it.
  4. Nice block, move the chains
  5. These guys can be thrown on, should open some room for the running game if it continues. Big hit there.
  6. I don't think they can kick anything longer than a XP against the wind, their kicking game is very suspect.
  7. Terrible play by them, find the sticks bud
  8. Might have some success passing going with the wind, he's had time. Have to hold them here first tho.
  9. Little conservative there, punt could have pinned them better.
  10. Looks like a decent feed, that's a plus
  11. I don't think putting the Sioux in tents is exactly politically correct, maybe someone should mention that to the NCAA?
  12. Just heard about this tent and Green Acres potty and shower setup, holy balls. They shouldn't be allowed to bid a playoff game with those "facilities" for the visiting team, that's not good enough for the second season even if they are working on a solution next year. Supposed to rain there Saturday too it sounds like, that probably won't help.
  13. jodcon

    Weber St GDT

    Sounds like you guys are hanging in there, good job. Have to put them in 2nd or 3rd and long and make them throw, not their best game. Easier said than done though.
  14. Yeah Thompson got knocked out with Sac St down about 10 and driving, that was pretty much it as their backup was a big step back. Too bad because this looked to be the game of the year in the BSC.
  15. If they don't roll these guys they need help, but actually this is the kind of game they could lose 13-10. And then beat someone like NE next week. #crapshooteveryweek
  16. That was solid. Funny thing I heard the other day when people were rehashing this game, the Packers were actually kicked out of the league in like 1921 because they were cheating so bad. I doubted it but Google confirmed, they had to pay the whopping reentry fee of $50 to get back in. That is funny !@#$.
  17. jodcon


    What's the score guys?
  18. Well not a big surprise the series was lost but making the Yankee staff look like the 95 Braves pisses me off a bit, 7 total runs and never more than one an inning...did not see that coming.
  19. Exactly, why not save him for a big strikeout spot? This bullpen rotation has been baffling tonight.
  20. Please do not have Gibson on this roster next year. That is all. -Twins fan (s)
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