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    Weber St GDT

    Sounds like you guys are hanging in there, good job. Have to put them in 2nd or 3rd and long and make them throw, not their best game. Easier said than done though.
  2. Yeah Thompson got knocked out with Sac St down about 10 and driving, that was pretty much it as their backup was a big step back. Too bad because this looked to be the game of the year in the BSC.
  3. If they don't roll these guys they need help, but actually this is the kind of game they could lose 13-10. And then beat someone like NE next week. #crapshooteveryweek
  4. That was solid. Funny thing I heard the other day when people were rehashing this game, the Packers were actually kicked out of the league in like 1921 because they were cheating so bad. I doubted it but Google confirmed, they had to pay the whopping reentry fee of $50 to get back in. That is funny !@#$.
  5. jodcon


    What's the score guys?
  6. Well not a big surprise the series was lost but making the Yankee staff look like the 95 Braves pisses me off a bit, 7 total runs and never more than one an inning...did not see that coming.
  7. Exactly, why not save him for a big strikeout spot? This bullpen rotation has been baffling tonight.
  8. Please do not have Gibson on this roster next year. That is all. -Twins fan (s)
  9. I expect a couple more Sunday lineups this week.
  10. It's going to be intense when that Yankees series starts, I will get made fun of for talking to the TV. Or worse.
  11. Looks like we're visiting the Yankees as expected, why do I feel like betting the over in every game immediately?
  12. Now you have a week to relax, I feel like this stretch run has kept you on edge Wilbur
  13. This outing took "bad Gibson" to another level
  14. Pretty tough to beat the old 3-hitter by 8 pitchers. Gave one back tonight.
  15. Didn't really need that 9th inning homer put on the board Hawk.
  16. SOX working the bullpen committee pitching scam tonight...working too.
  17. That has to be fairly rare, I'm sure ESPN is searching for Sportscenter now. We'll take it though.
  18. Yeah he would have been toast all right, turned out to be a great call.
  19. Good night Irene, this rides over
  20. Well this has turned into an adventure
  21. Haven't really been watching anything except the division race but Cleveland has a bigger problem than the Twins now, they are on the outside looking in at the Wild Card spot too. Oakland has quietly been playing some really good ball lately.
  22. Slammy always helps, this could be a monstrous day yet!
  23. Closed the gap on this one, if they could somehow pull this out...
  24. I'm getting that old familiar feeling we slip into the playoffs right into the waiting arms of the Yankees...again.
  25. They're not, in fact the total seat gain appears to be...12? According to the EWU guys on our board this is strictly a stadium upgrade catered to fan experience, getting rid of the track which nobody can stand around football fields, and putting in new turf closer to the "good" bleacher side, plus other upgrades in seating and press boxes and such. The temporary seating they reference is probably the same as they bring in now for a Montana or Montana State game. The reality is they don't really need any more, even though they have created a winning program the attendance is probably capped under 10,000 except a game or two a year. And they don't have any money, this is just the green light to start accumulating, which could take a few years. The feeling is they're comfortable with what they have and what they've been able to accomplish in their market, and want to enhance their facilities for their fans as they can afford to. That's it.
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