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  1. Twins still leading the majors with 138 homers, team record almost certain to be broken. I wonder if they'll try to trade for a closer from a non-contender, the late bullpen is the only weak spot right now?
  2. This was expected, most have been gone for quite a while and a few more left recently because of various reasons. I expected a lot of turnover after Hauck got through year one and saw what he had and continued to work back into his style of offense from the Stitt regime (having TE's, FB's, and depth on defense instead of 128 WR's). The only two eye-raisers were Green the RB who didn't sound like the right fit but has skills, and the kicker who was very good but left school for a great software job I believe. The others were not looking at significant playing time which probably factored in.
  3. On pace to crush the team record of 225 by 100 or so, I'm sure they won't keep this up all season but the team record is definitely in jeopardy. And...Sano is back now too.
  4. Only 3 homers so far tonight. Pretty weak.
  5. Bronx Bombers reborn. Except against the real Bronx Bombers, Seventh Street Single hitters there.
  6. Pitching and power will take this team a long ways, moving from cautiously optimistic to mildly excited about their chances now.
  7. Isles on the verge of summer now too, as good as they looked against Pittsburgh it's surprising they're getting run over this bad.
  8. 5 more homers today! Chicks dig the long ball.
  9. I guess if little Johnny can't make the Octopush team there's always this.
  10. Is one of the teams Augustana?
  11. Hey Ray you can just pencil me in after tonight, my guys are all golfing now
  12. Well that was a good one. Capitals impeached?
  13. That was bad, granted he was knocked out and bleeding but it wasn't exactly the result of a malicious hit. WTF do they have replay for? This is going to sting in Vegas for a while. Slot payouts cranked down another 2% out of spite.
  14. So Leaves or Leafses? Words is hard.
  15. All of a sudden Game 7's are all the rage, Nashville trending that way also.
  16. Never seen a year where all the 1 and 2 seeds were in trouble or out, only the Islanders took care of business quickly. Looks like #butparity has carried over to the pro ranks too this year.
  17. That would make 25 years since a Canadian team has won it all, getting hard to remember when the Canadiens and Oilers ruled the ice.
  18. I think it means Red Wing fan. Those people are messed up big time.
  19. Looks like Dallas is going to put up a TD on Nashville, wonder if they'll go for 2?
  20. That is a cool deal, we always try to do that as a 3 for 1 trip because of the distance
  21. Chance to get revenge on Canisius right away, pitchforks and torches will be out if that doesn't go as expected
  22. Well I've heard somewhere he's not the only one who might be crawling back to their old job...can't put my finger on who though...
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