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  1. White Privilege...having an adult male for the first 18 years of your life who would kick your ass if you screwed up. Systemic Racism...doesn't exist, never has.
  2. Define "systemic racism" Define "white privilege "
  3. Politicizing the Wuhan Flu, keeping the economy shut down as long as possible, keeping Sleepy Joe in the basement, and calling traitorous rioters "peaceful protesters" Bath House Barry and the MMM are all complicit.
  4. In the meantime...the walls are closing in on Bath House Barry and the most corrupt administration in US history.
  5. You must have quit taking history classes after the 3rd grade.
  6. What is every war about? Money. International Tariffs to be specific. You think all these southern white boys went to war to fight for the right for rich plantation owners to keep their slaves?
  7. What BS. Civil War was not about slavery. It was already dying out due to industrial modernization.
  8. American history is obviously not your strong suit. Educate yourself and quit repeating idiotic libtard talking points.
  9. OAN racist? You're more clueless than Sleepy Joe.
  10. Never did understand a statue for a fictional character. No big loss if the animals tear it down.
  11. Lighten up Francis.
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