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  1. Not in Denver. Let's go Sioux chants throughout the game. You wouldn't even know they were the Hawks if it weren't for the scoreboard.
  2. How difficult should this be? The perfect blueprint was 80 miles down the road.
  3. MrEdway

    The Herald

    I can go to funeral home websites for obituaries. Don't give a rat's arse about the cut and paste Washington Post propaganda. The opinion page is largely occupied by nitwits still crying about an election. So local sports is all I will miss.
  4. No, it really is just that simple. You're just too arrogant to admit it.
  5. The fraud is a bunch of white folks deciding the logo was hostile and abusive.
  6. MrEdway

    2019 Season

    It is what it is. I have seen nothing over the last 3 years to inspire any optimism in this program.
  7. https://www.breitbart.com/sports/2019/08/12/poll-most-native-americans-say-redskins-name-makes-them-proud/
  8. S Shakeys was at 24th and Washington, you're thinking of Happy Joes?
  9. I sure do. You need to quit dining out before games.
  10. It would be nice if you could build it at 47th and extend 47th east into MN all the way to Highway2.
  11. Phil & Lil's on Washington.
  12. 800 seats is about 650 too many. Nobody cares about women's hockey except friends and family of the players.
  13. That works out to over $10,000 daily.
  14. MrEdway

    The Herald

    Agreed. Not going to pay to have my intelligence insulted by the likes of McFeely, Zaleski, and Shaw.
  15. The entire reasoning for getting rid of the Sioux name was childish. And very ignorant.
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