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Well definitely a sad night for Sioux hockey. But what an effort. I'm still shaking from that hockey game, but the cool thing about hockey is that you see something that you've likely never seen before.

That being said my time posting on siouxsports.com has come to an end. I want to thank you all for a lot of great times on the board, and a lot of great discussions about hockey and many other sports. Your passion for UND athletics is tremendous, and I enjoyed reading everyone's take on the ins and outs with this hockey team.

Child number two for my family is coming in less than a month, and my job now takes more of my time than it did before. I promised my pastor I would devote more time to my family in passing a few months ago, and my son is starting hockey in the fall! I can't wait to have another tiny Wilbur running around, and teach that child my love for UND athletics as well.

You all are the best. I truly wish all of you the best in the future, and even though I won't be posting, I'll be looking on from afar hoping we can pull the string and get a championship.

God bless all, and take care!


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It's been fun making new friends on the board, Wilbur, and I'll miss you insight on here. I'll be out in western ND soon...and will expect to meet you and sprig for dinner in Watford City.

Wow, driving right into the middle of the mess, but I'll try and make it. Haven't even been to Williston in 4 years, longer than that to Watford

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Great meeting you and skating with you all those years ago at Lake Aggasiz park.

Best of luck with everything and your new little one!

Hope to see you back here in a few years if time allows.

PS - how come you are leaving but some of the dingbat "fans" remain? Can you take a couple of them with you? :)

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I guess halfway from Dickinson is probably a bit north of Watford, eh?

Close to the same distance. and all of us would be stuck dodging trucks.

And 'eh' is the correct usage where I live. Haven't heard 'huh' in a long time.

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