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3 minutes ago, ChrisUND1 said:

Clowns 5

Hawks 3

UND has a 3-0 lead disappear. 

That's honestly more likely than my guess.
I could see them blowing a 2-3 goal lead, they've shown that they can do it quite easily this season.

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23 minutes ago, siouxfaninseattle said:

I have to assume that BB threw darts to come up with these lines.

I like this lineup. 9&17 haven't done much scoring at even strength lately. Plus they aren't very good in the defensive zone. Worth a shot to split them up.

Lines look pretty balanced. Plus ...if it doesn't work, just go back to what also wasn't working ;)

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9 minutes ago, 108498 said:

I feel UND fans should be a refund for NCHC, considering two of the past three games have not been available.

Do you?

After this weekend, 27 of 33 games(counting exhibition games) have been on NCHC TV. 2 games on Bally's(road games at Minnesota) and now 3 of our games on CBS Sports Network and 1 game was at Bemidji with  no TV.

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