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  1. Just wondering if the Cay is open? Making a trip to Forks tomorrow from Fargo and really got a craving
  2. Your link won’t accept my vote unless I log into Facebook. What a crock. Not a member of Facebook and won’t ever be. Facebook is wrong and evil, and one of the big problems with today’s youth. In my humble opinion. Is there another way to vote?
  3. I was only in frenchy's once when I was 19 me and four of my buddies Had a great time on a Wednesday night. And our waitress was smoking hot. Blonde if I remember right her name was Teresa
  4. Yup from what I remember been years since I've been there though
  5. Yes near where Eastside Express is home of the best breakfast sammich
  6. Thought it was a family member that didn't get along with the rest of the family went and opened their own over on the East side with permission. An ok you go do that don't bother us and stay away. But I could be wrong, just remember hearing that when I asked someone back in the 90's
  7. Time to drop gloves and whoop butt just for shits and gigs..... Oh wait do we have anyone that can do that
  8. I would watch those even though they would be lame as hell, but cult classics Refering to the Youngblood sequels
  9. Youngblood........A good skilled kid who doesn't want to fight but learns how in order to avenge a teammate/ friend.
  10. Reminded me of Lapoint a few years back
  11. His foot should not be at that angle, covered up I'm guessing a bone is sticking out
  12. Denvers band sounds like they are playing carnival music
  13. At least Cincinnati broke out the good nets for the tourney
  14. I'm gonna go check out UNDs practice, would it be wrong to hang out and heckle the Duluth practice/players?
  15. Ok I was wrong, after I posted that I thought it may have been at maine
  16. UND also wore blacks in home game against Maine every player had Walsh on the back for their name for the Maine coach battling cancer. Jerseys were auctioned off afterwards with the money going to Walsh.
  17. I'm rewatching the game and yelling about the non calls and laughing at melrose and bucci
  18. What time did Tim start drinking today, he was trying figure out how many points would be awarded to each team. It's non- conference no points for anyone
  19. Visiting usually don't, I don't like but or know how it started but I've noticed that at the Al
  20. I started as a UND hockey fan but grew to love all of UND's teams, I don't care about Climax-Fisher rule my high school co-oped a few years after I graduated and came up with a new name I accepted, didn't even have a choice in it, much like this situation
  21. If I could vote which I cannot, but been a fan of all teams since I moved here in 1980 I prefer the Fightin Hawks like mafiaman said keeping the fighting means a lot. I am a central fan and Grand Forks already has a Roughriders team, do we really need a second one.
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