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Union beats Northeastern 3-2

Providence and BC tied 2-2 OT

Lowel and UMass tied 1-1 OT

Colgate beats Harvard 6-4

Cornell beats Dartmouth 1-0

St. Lawrence beats Princeton 5-4

Bemidji and St. Thomas tied 2-2 OT

Ferris State beats Mankato 3-2

Holy Cross beats AFA 2-1

Duluth leads CC 4-0


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11 hours ago, jk said:

Mankato swept at home for the first time in seven years, despite outshooting Ferris 73-26 on the weekend.  Having trouble moving on from McKay.

I'd argue they are having a much harder time moving on from top end scorers. The goalie has been keeping them in games for the past 3 weekends. I believe 3 of the goals this weekend were.on odd man rushes and one came with a defender sprawled on the ice hurt after blocking g a shot. The top defenseman are taking penalties like no ones business and making bad defensive plays left and right and one of them was out for 3 games.

Injuries are also a killer so far. The top goal scorer, sam morton, was hurt 3 or 4 weeks ago and is going to be out until after Christmas. Bennet Zmolek was on the all-rookie team last year and hasn't played a second this year and I'm hearing he potentially won't play this year. And the top recruit that was supposed to be a goal scorer hasn't played and probably won't until after Christmas.

This is gonna be a season of taking some lumps, but the good news is we are still only 6 pts out of first with 2 games in hand. 

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53 minutes ago, jk said:

Thanks for the update, bale31.  Good luck.

This will be one of Hastings best coaching jobs if it turns around this year. He told one of the fundraising groups at the beginning of the year something to the effect of "judge us at the end of the year, not the beginning". We will see. This weekend was as ugly as I've seen since, probably, the Jutting years.

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42 minutes ago, fightingsioux4life said:

But according to some on here, recruiting is just fine. :silly:

I don't understand. How does a CC press release prove that UND recruiting isn't fine? Were these six highly recruited?

NLI's are really easy for either side to back out of, aren't they?

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Is anyone else shocked that 1st round draft pick Isaac Howard only has 1 goal and 4 assists for Duluth and a team worst -10?    Just goes to show you that you can't always depend on the young elite talent to produce right away, and that overage diamonds in the rough like Ryan McAllister can sometimes be a sensible way to make up for lack of super high end guys.  The positive thing for Duluth is they probably get him for longer due to his slow start, and combined with Ben Steeves, that is a good combo to build from, although if Howard has an amazing sophomore season he could take off.  

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St. Cloud leads Miami 4-2

Duluth leads Denver 1-0

Michigan State leads Michigan 2-1

Penn State leads Notre Dame 2-1

Arizona State leads UNH 1-0

Lowell leads Dartmouth 2-1

BU and BC tied 4-4

Mankato and BGSU tied 1-1

Ferris State leads Northern Michigan 2-0

AIC beats Niagara 4-1

Quinnipiac leads RPI 8-1

St. Lawernce leads Yale 2-0

Clarkson leads Brown 2-1


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