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Team defense, goaltending, and discipline (too many penalties) have always seemed to plague Western Michigan under Murray. Given the kind of offensive talent he would bring in, trying to win 6-5 type horse races never seemed like a recipe for success IMO. 

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4 hours ago, AlphaMikeFoxtrot said:

Pretty sure he dropped a bit to the 3rd round. Wonder how draft position affected his decision making process.

The knock on him is being soft in his own end and always being the first forward out of his own end.  Many question his skating ability as well.  He will put up plenty of points in the OHL, but does he ever make it further than the San Diego Gulls??

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25 minutes ago, AlphaMikeFoxtrot said:

Brad was correct about Herter joining Western. Good for him.

Which begs the question of why you quit as associate head coach of a championship team and then join as assistant coach at a less successful team.  Was there something behind the scenes, or did he miss hockey and want to come back?  

Edit.  The story said he quit to pursue pro scouting to spend more time with family.  Maybe his kid/kids have moved on to college now.

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45 minutes ago, Tbone said:

Who would have you removed to place Herter on the coaching staff?

Sympl anser, I assume it would have to be Goehring since he only won one as a player.  Both Jackson and Herter won as assistant coaches but not as players.  

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3 hours ago, Tbone said:

I remain unenlightened, who would you remove from the present coaching staff and replace with Herter. If as you say ‘wish und would have taken Herter’?

At this point he should just go buy a Duluth jersey. The love affair he has for Duluth is sad.

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16 hours ago, Frozen4sioux said:

I see after Buccigross got done gobbling Wolverine knob today he tweeted the whole spew.... crew is coming back this season.

Good for them.....       mumbled in slight jealousy.


They will certainly be a very talented and highly skilled team, and probably the preseason #1.
They and UMN will both be very good next season and will probably easily be 1/2 in the B10 standings.
Both of those teams will lose a TON to the pros after this upcoming season, so this is their best shot to get a title in many years.

As we've seen in the past though, high NHL draft picks don't necessarily translate to post-season success, especially in a one and done format.
Should be a fun season.

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We have never seen a college team with that kind of talent, though.  Four of the top five overall picks in one draft, plus other guys.  Truly unprecedented.  It will be the ultimate test of 19 year old supertalent against 23 year old workers and late bloomers. 

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