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  1. Kawaguchi, he fakes, he shoots, he scooores!! Thanks to Mr Placebo Fight on Fighting Sioux!!
  2. Also booked the Capitol Hotel Downtown, .33 miles from the rink for $259 refundable. Choice Hotels site
  3. I would still take the over. I was hoping for a good contingent of fans (2-3000) to make the journey for Penn State. But football is king there. Might be hard to give up a Saturday of fun & football in the fall to follow a fairly new program. They are easily my favorite, and only team, in the Big 10. (Gopher eliminators)
  4. Maybe 8 cities within 250 miles of Nashville to fly into if you want to do a little exploring while traveling and make a week out of it. I plan on visiting the Ark Encounter south of Cincinnati on this trip. Chattanooga is beautiful also. Memphis, other than the bbq, is an armpit in my opinion
  5. I would prefer Bill Clement over most anybody
  6. I agree with the Stephen Halliday assessment. I believe the kid would look elsewhere if delayed
  7. Mick’s Office has been in that location for at least thirty years. I spent three days there one night in the late 80’s with their long islands teas. Great blue collar bar with a college mix. Still has cheap draft beer and pounders with dollar 1/4lb burgers on Tuesdays. And of course, the Hi Ho is still pretty awesome just not as affordable as it once was.
  8. No problem. I like when people post that type of information on the logistics of tickets, venues, flights, hotels or restaurants. It makes the whole fan experience a lot more fun and often more accessible than we thought
  9. Yes it was. The only requirement was a three day notice. I watch Frontier for flights for FARGO to DU & CC. And for Minneapolis to Cincinnati (Miami, OH is 40 miles away) Frontier will probably be my hookup for the Nashville game
  10. Fargo to Denver non stop flights (Thursday-Sunday) on Frontier are $37 each way today (promo: BOOKNOW)
  11. Interested. Call or text 701-740-5362. I am guessing electronic transfer to an account at the REA? 

  12. Wondering what row the tickets are in. I might be interested 

  13. And once bouncy ball starts where will it be? Hockey is the red headed ba$tard
  14. KNOX reports Mike Lamoine has been hired for Red River
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