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  1. ‘temerity.’ There is a word that you do not see everyday. I like it. I may be so bold as to use it today.
  2. What is an SBD? Some Bad Dude?
  3. The general public seats were good enough for me. In the door and I’m happy.
  4. I as well enjoyed listening to Woog during the broadcasts: “that’s been going on before the Dead Sea got sick” & listening to him struggle and stumble with a few names like Rastislav Spirko, although I’m sure that he embellished a few times for the humor. College hockey lost a good one and a character. A sincere and heartfelt tip of the hat tonight to Doug and the Gopher Family. R.I.P. Wooger.
  5. I posted the same sentiment after the Vegas game ....... and some on here wanted to throw rocks at me. Which is understandable, but still. It just doesn’t sit well.
  6. Would someone post a screen shot of available seating as of tonight? Thank you
  7. Easy. The end that is $20 more per ticket than the other end
  8. I’ll take Chris Porter under the terms that you described. Maybe Spiewak as a personal favorite
  9. Kawaguchi, he fakes, he shoots, he scooores!! Thanks to Mr Placebo Fight on Fighting Sioux!!
  10. Also booked the Capitol Hotel Downtown, .33 miles from the rink for $259 refundable. Choice Hotels site
  11. I would still take the over. I was hoping for a good contingent of fans (2-3000) to make the journey for Penn State. But football is king there. Might be hard to give up a Saturday of fun & football in the fall to follow a fairly new program. They are easily my favorite, and only team, in the Big 10. (Gopher eliminators)
  12. Maybe 8 cities within 250 miles of Nashville to fly into if you want to do a little exploring while traveling and make a week out of it. I plan on visiting the Ark Encounter south of Cincinnati on this trip. Chattanooga is beautiful also. Memphis, other than the bbq, is an armpit in my opinion
  13. I would prefer Bill Clement over most anybody
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