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  1. Wait, your confusing me. I thought that Sandy and the Dogs wanted and got the blue chippaz
  2. Blood slowed up and waited for Aaron Marvin to follow him behind the goal line. When Marvin caught up, Blood shouldered him to the ice. Retribution for Marvin’s end of season plus one year hit on Chay Genoway.
  3. Well until he attains the ‘blue chippa’ blessing from the fringe gobc wannabe, he will maintain ‘grinda’ status for me
  4. Big kid. 6’ 3” at age 16 1/2. Father has a lengthy NHL pedigree and two brothers playing college currently. must be another grinda
  5. Tbone


    If you knew that you were positively a carrier of the Covid virus while vaccinated and chose to attend anything in such close proximity to another, “well the end result of such a lopsided thought process is too obvious to require elaboration.”
  6. Several times. From a small, but engaged student section. It didn’t overwhelm the game, but it was present several times.
  7. I would estimate the crowd was 1/3 Sioux fans with a couple hundred empty seats.
  8. Hak and the Kraken get rolling tonight on ESPN. Best of hockey luck to the hard working and ambitious Dave Hakstol on his new coaching job. Pretty good guy in my opinion.
  9. Tbone


    Our opponent in Nashville, Penn State, has been picked to finish 5th in the 7 team Big Ten. They have been the only team that I have ever found likable in that conference. Club team that a benefactor rewarded with a beautiful and clean looking arena. Would love a UND series to be scheduled there early in the the year so I could attend a football game the same weekend.
  10. Tbone


    When did the requirement for every single person in that building to be vaccinated go into effect? I had believed that a negative test with 72 hours of the event would suffice. Not sure that I should rely on this thread for information on #thescience or #thetruth. I already gave up on it being about hockey.
  11. With the 5th year eligibility, Chris Porter’s record of NCAA games played will fall. At least I still believe it is the record. Was it already eclipsed?
  12. I’m thinking it is Ryan Martens
  13. Tbone


    David Puddy: “It’s gonna be rough”
  14. Evidence that he grew up a ‘Sioux hockey kid’ is where? Maybe there is more recent evidence to point to how ’Nodak dropped the ball’ on him. Gotta wonder if it will come out.
  15. I am interested in watching if the Beavs take a harass, bump or run approach on their former goalie
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