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  1. Tbone


    Regarding Vegas prices: it sure was disheartening the way the so called true Sioux fans, including some champions club members, were all too glad to attempt to rape other Sioux fans with grossly inflated resale prices. In saying that, I wonder how many non champions club members were able to purchase at face value on the online public sale. Were the vast majority of online (Stub Hub, Seat Geek, Ticketmaster resale) tickets actually from champions club members or were they from opportunistic non Sioux fans? I had a coworker offer me his for his online asking price of $800 each. I would have been tremendously embarrassed at being that level of gouger face to face with anybody. Supply and demand, I know. I ended up paying almost double, $150 each. I did enjoy how some on this forum publicly called out others for their attempts at larceny.
  2. Tbone


    Telly33, what did you get your Vegas tickets for? Obviously below face value as you stated. Interested in how low you were able to parlay your patience into a cheap ticket. I paid $150 apiece 3 months ahead of time in the interest of still finding affordable airfare. (But still took a sh#t kickin’)
  3. Tbone

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    East side Zep grinder with spicy taco meat.......mmmmmmmm
  4. Coming up from Detroit Lakes right now. Looking for two cheapie tickets. Call or text 701-740-5362 Thanks. Go Sioux!!!
  5. I am looking for 2-4 tickets also. Placed my request in tickets buy/sell also. I don’t want to take the hose on this either. Call me cheap if you want. $150 per ticket is probably my ceiling.
  6. Thought that I would throw my hat in the ring for any possible tickets that a Sioux fan wasn’t able to use. Maybe my Powerball numbers will hit before I find tickets but I should at least enter the sweepstakes for Vegas. Looking for 2, 3, or four tickets. Call or text 701-740-5362 or private message. Thank you.
  7. I have four tickets for sale. Sec. 206 Row B seats 1-4 I am into them for about $335. Looking for $200 or best offer Can meet in Fargo with tickets or scan and send them to you. Call or text 701-740-5362
  8. Tbone

    Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    The Zep grinder with spicy taco meat @ the Red Pepper East is awesome. I agree that you get a little more food for the dollar.
  9. Didn't Gretzky finish last in his rookie preseason camp for physical aptitude? Talent and determination served him well.
  10. You have SRO and the $20 fan fest ticket for $50 apiece? Not sure why you want at least $50 less than face value. I am interested in three and will only meet you in person with cash. Sent you a pm
  11. Looking for 2-3 tickets. Text 701-740-5362
  12. Tbone

    Regional Tickets

    I noticed tickets were $40 dollars for a weekend ticket at Cincinnati and were also cheaper at both venues out east. I thought that the ticket price was set the same by the NCAA
  13. Tbone

    Regional Tickets

    Heck, St Cloud didn't use their allotment two years ago at Scheels
  14. Tbone

    Regional Tickets

    I got four in 113 E, seats 21-24, I feel fortunate. It looks like the only tickets available to the public were a few rows in 113. What do you think 75-100 tickets total?
  15. Tbone

    Fargo Regional

    I had called the Scheels Arena box office last week to inquire as well. As last year at this time I was one of the few fortunate enough to have bought tickets at the box office. They replied that at this point in time they were not releasing any information as to a purchase date at the arena, and the season ticket holder would be notified shortly.