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  1. Tbone

    REA Banners

    While I have seen a lot nicer, as a supporter of the University of North Dakota, I love it. I could look at 15 more like that before I go.
  2. Actually, I believe that you can.
  3. Tbone

    Best bar...

    I have watched games at Franks Lounge, Rookies, and the Red Hen in Moorhead. I liked Franks the best. And some Sioux memorabilia on the walls.
  4. I am with your assessment. The continued success of the player and trusting the process that the program instills in you are not to be discarded with a championship season. I believe that Gino Gasparini had a better way of saying it than us keyboard warriors. Something along the lines of "for most, your first NHL contract will be easier to attain than your second one, and the program can be used to achieve that.”
  5. It was ok, I’ve seen better from them though. I thought that the scoreboard parody in this link is pretty funny though. Worth taking a look.
  6. Maine is closer to Anaheim, and Alaska Anchorage was the host there. That was a darn good Maine team that won also.
  7. Miami RedHawks are fairly close. UAH Chargers a couple hours closer.
  8. Tbone

    Hobey Baker

    Amen to that. Kind of funny when I see someone else say how I feel. Oh well, maybe I’ll join when I’m older and need the affirmation.
  9. Didn’t realize that he was still local. How long has it been since he has done coverage? 15 years? What’s he been doing?
  10. It’s pretty easy actually: West regional is in Loveland Co. this year and next year. Midwest regional is in Allentown Pa. this year and Fargo next year.
  11. ‘temerity.’ There is a word that you do not see everyday. I like it. I may be so bold as to use it today.
  12. What is an SBD? Some Bad Dude?
  13. The general public seats were good enough for me. In the door and I’m happy.
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