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  1. I guess I’m just in the dark and stupid. I thought people followed Sioux hockey and that they knew that there was a game. I don’t remember how I did it in the 80’s, but I guess that I just knew that there was a game to go to. Seemed like 6000 other people figured it out also.
  2. Absolutely agree about the cellphone use. When the REA boasted about their increased wireless connectivity a few years ago I groaned. I thought that they should put up a firewall to prohibit all wireless action. All the dolts that are slumped over on FB, instagram, snapchat, Get over yourselves, your not that important! Watch the friggin’ game! I also feel that there should be more pep band and a lot less canned music and cutesy video games. I feel that the students are the heart of the arena. The fan interaction drops dramatically when the artificial fun starts
  3. Anything for the gobc to keep the gas prices artificially high. Makes you wonder how some of the same vendors in GF can afford to sell gas 20 cents cheaper in Fargo. They must sell there for a loss
  4. Good eatin’ at Shakeys. Was that the same building or corner before Mr. Steak? Same location/building as Toppers from the mid 90’s? Loved Toppers
  5. .....I think he was that cool cat from Sesame Street, or maybe that was Gordon
  6. Tbone

    Twins ?

    Santo with the bomb!!
  7. and he could hide behind Jeff Panzer
  8. Had anybody eaten at Noel’s Cuisine(?) in downtown GF back in the mid 90’s? I think it was Pakistani food but I cannot remember for sure. Unless I am thinking of Babu Bhatt’s Dream Cafe
  9. I’ll second the Walrus in Bismarck. Kick butt pastas in a mellow atmosphere
  10. Tbone


    Now you’re just being a part of the Lunatic Fringe
  11. Don’t forget about the state prep football tournament that weekend. That will certainly curtail attendance at the ‘john’
  12. Greatly agree about Karl’s work ethic and intelligence as a student of the game.. I have know him just through our kids activities. I got an extreme sense of honesty coming from him. I would never bet against his success. True epitome of: “The harder you work, the luckier you get”
  13. Tbone

    Shaw's gone.

    Has a list of those invited to interview been posted anywhere? It is my understanding that the names of those who apply are now kept in confidential. I wonder if Akil Adams threw his hat in the ring again.
  14. I would have to agree on St Cloud, the concrete center and its fans are a bore. I also, haven’t been to Miami yet, although I put it high on my list to attend. Nice clean intimate rink and a short drive after flying into Cincinnati
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