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  1. Gotcha. Was thinking that you implied he went to Bemidji State. You through me off referencing that he was a BHS alum. Wasn’t sure on the relevance.
  2. I was thinking Steve Peters (Arizona video coach) is the same dude as Steve Peters (Bemidji LumberJack & Sioux goalie) Are you thinking Bob Peters, former Sioux goalie and coach, and longtime BSU coach?
  3. Love them mexi-burgers. Anybody know the fixin’s?
  4. He is way ahead of my pace
  5. Maybe you better leave that last part about the wife on the down low before your living down by the river
  6. It is still possible that Duluth picks up two ‘no contest’ game forfeitures enroute to the national title. Their game against Michigan was canceled five hours prior to scheduled start. Imagine only playing one game in the tournament and just showing up in Pittsburg to be awarded the title.
  7. Is it possible for Duluth’s or BC’s next two games to be declared ‘no contest’ (via positive opposing team covid testing) and they be declared champs playing only one game? I mean, Michigan backed out day of contest. Would suck royally, eh?
  8. I’ve held a similar grudge against Schneekloth since the 2001 title game
  9. I thought that I had read that the allowed fans in Pittsburg was 15% of capacity = about 2760
  10. Oooh, there’s me toothpick!!!
  11. Decided to throw my hat in the ring looking for tickets. You won’t get what you don’t search for. Thank you. Call or text: 701-740-5362
  12. I do also. I have not found the reasons to throw rocks at him like I feel some on here have. Tim H. is always smart enough and not rude about it to continue with play by play when necessary even if he has to walk over Ole.
  13. Irregardless of when it should happen, I give a tip of the hat to the late SiouxVolley, for probably calling this expansion first. Rest In Peace.
  14. The only thing that I am qualified for is to be an armchair hockey expert. Good point. Anybody else out there? Maybe time to find some positives around me. Love me some hockey!
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