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  1. No doubt. Bring it back to the 800 page dumpster fire p*ssing match
  2. St. Louis to me was a gritty town. Hope that Cardinals are playing next time around. Al Hrabosky’s bar for the pregame was ok. Tour of Anheuser Brewery was ok. Gateway Arch is a must do but will only kill an hour. I was surprised by a lot of the downtown architecture but that could only interest a few of us geeks. Best part of the trip: Duncan wins the Hobey and Lammy made a couple of Emmy nominated cart wheel saves.
  3. He was also draft eligible, wasn’t he. Projected in the mid rounds? Thought he was older than Jackson Kunz who was drafted.
  4. Put me in your camp. Just because his discretions may have not been mine, does not make my own slate any cleaner. ”I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do, I do not do, but what I hate, I do” St. Paul All sin is a character issue, is it not? We were all created to be saints, we choose to be sinners.
  5. I’m with you on Popolino’s. Love their sauce and thin crust. I used to order identical pizzas to taste test from both Pops & Deeks to pick up on the way home from work. 4 out of 5 in the house favored Popolinos.
  6. I don’t mind Spicy Pie’s pizza, two slices and a 22oz. Busch Light for $6. With enough white sauce and hot sauce, not bad. I’m ok with their grinders also. I haven’t found any trace of oatmeal in their taco meat paste either. I live in the FM area, Casey’s whole pies are a good deal.
  7. Great points all around. I believe also, that most of us fell into complacency watching our team make the tournament every year. A lot of our fan base, especially here, have less than 20 years experience. Myself? Only 40 years. A lot of you old timers have much, much more. Our fall remains at barely missing two tournaments. It’s funny when Berry mentions to us how close the team was in most games. Coaches were confident but disappointed. Most on the message boards were only disappointed. The coaches and players seem cohesive and confident going forward and we fans appear to be back 100% We had some very forgettable years at the end of Gino’s time. Attendance was at 2-3000 for some of those games. Is there a half dozen traditional hockey powerhouses? UND, DU, UM, WIS, MICH, BC, & maybe BU. Will UMD remain relevant? Hockey is cyclical. We haven’t been cellar dwellers for decades. And never for very long. Some of the traditional powers have really struggled recently. At some point, they will be back also. Their traditions are too strong to stay down too long. I too, feel that we are back and the future is bright again. Thank you coaches, players, the Engelstad family, REA management, and our knowledgeable and obsessive fan base. .
  8. I would also be a perspective buyer.
  9. I thought that he would be too old to be drafted. Couldn’t see it though, I haven’t felt that over agers get much of a look.
  10. Tbone

    Hobey Baker

    Most importantly, Happy Easter! Hope that it is our primary reflection and gratitude today. Congratulations to Scott Perunovich. Welcome back Jordan Kawaguchi!
  11. Tbone


    Boston was such a fun town for the Frozen Four. My second favorite after Tampa. Great walking city to see lots of history. The lobster rolls were flippin’ awesome. Hope the Sox are in town next time I’m there.
  12. I’m thinking the level of competition of the Oct. opponents will be relatively high all year. All should finish well so I do not see a losing record against them hurting us greatly. Hard to crown a champion that early. That said, I would hope that we can go 5-2.
  13. Tbone

    REA Banners

    While I have seen a lot nicer, as a supporter of the University of North Dakota, I love it. I could look at 15 more like that before I go.
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