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Hawks eat Spiders prediction


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Scary game...Richmond is a damn good team.   I think Richmond will get their passing yards (350-400) but as usual UND comes away with crucial TOs.  UND NEEDS.....NEEDS a full 4 qtr game......namely first half.  Rudolph better have his A++++++ game and the boys need to execute .....sharp and crisp!!    Prove we belong.  

What i would  like to see:

-Keaton healthy and "on"

-secondary keeping all the plays in front of them. 

- front seven making their rookie qb's life a living hell in ND. 

-offensively  50-55 total rushing attempts 

und 31-30 

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This will be the biggest challenge of the season.  Need to see our best game of the season.  

I am a little concerned about our freshmen WRs and their ability to get open today.  Hoping Murcer has a big day.  Need to throw for at least 200 today.  

Defensively, make them one dimensional and hopefully crowd noise is a factor.  

UND- 27

Richmond- 24

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There's been a lot of talk of rust, and when any FB team looses after a break, rust is usually brought up. Now two weekends off is hardly heard of.  Many coaches openly admit they would rather not have a weekend off.  This team needed at least one weekend off, my feeling is we're much better off with 3 weeks to heal and prepare. This team should be ready and could surprise most.

Spiders  16

Hawks   31

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I stopped making score predictions after the first 2-3 weeks and we've been on a roll since then, so not going to change that strategy.  Like many my keys are....OL getting a good push all day and Keaton is on for 4 quarters, if we do that I think we can pull out the W.  

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