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  1. Mine is going down every minute or so, frustrating!!
  2. Not the Columbia Mall property, but I saw this email about a meeting tomorrow night at Hope Church in the Grand Cities Mall\South Forks Plaza. Hope Church is having a congregational meeting tomorrow night to vote on an offer of selling off the Kmart property. No idea who the investors are, or what their plans are: "We're inviting you to a congregational meeting tomorrow night (June 24) at 7:00 pm at HOPE Church to discuss and vote on the sale of the Kmart building located in the Grand Cities Mall. The Land of HOPE LLC was approached by a group of developers concerning the Kmart
  3. Sioux_FF

    2019 Season

    Montana State at UND from last October being replayed right now on Midco
  4. Neil Carlson is reporting tonight there are rumors Altru is being sold. Employees have been told an announcement will be made on January 3rd....... On inewz.tv
  5. nice story on the Bengals team page.... https://www.bengals.com/news/a-jim-leclair-appreciation-god-made-him-to-be-a-football-player
  6. Looks like it might be for all sports. Making a pdf available before the game. I would always try and get a FB program over the years and it was rare they had anyone selling them on west side of the Alerus. If I wanted one, I'd have to hike to the east side. If they discontinued printing them because of low sales, IMO they didn't work very hard at making them available to half the arena.
  7. We've brought grandkids to a game occasionally the last couple years. I believe the rule is 2 and over needs a ticket. Under 2 gets in free, but is supposed to sit on a lap. Our daughter signs our grandkids over 2 up for the Jr. Champions Club every year. https://fightinghawks.com/sports/2019/5/2/jr-champions-about.aspx?id=1874 I believe it's free to join. With that membership they can get $5 tickets for kids for all football games. All MBB and WBB games are free for the Jr Champions. We have used it a lot. Nice savings.
  8. My tailgating passes came in the mail this morning,
  9. I got my tickets last week, but was getting nervous about tailgate passes. I talked to Derick, the tailgate guy at UND. They are getting the passes from the printer this afternoon and hope to have the tailgate passes out in the mail tomorrow.
  10. from the GF Herald Mark Kennedy’s tenure at UND could be nearing its end. Multiple sources said Tuesday that rumors about Kennedy’s departure are swirling at the Capitol in Bismarck. Meanwhile, higher-education officials in Bismarck and at UND declined to comment when asked to verify the rumors. Kennedy, president of UND since 2016, is rumored to be in line for a higher education position in Colorado. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/4596561-mark-kennedy-rumored-be-leaving-und
  11. anyone want to buy a used TV studio? https://www.craryrealestate.com/flex/2220-S-WASHINGTON-Street-GRAND-FORKS-ND-58201-mls_19-195/?SavedSearch=20170523191359878136000000&pg=2&OrderBy=-ModificationTimestamp&p=y&n=y
  12. Dom Izzo story on state of SU's WBB https://www.inforum.com/sports/basketball/961690-WATCH-Hot-Mic-with-Dom-Izzo-on-NDSU-womens-basketball "What has happened to Bison women's basketball? It may be the question I get asked most when I'm out. The answer? Coaching and recruiting. Once the crown jewel of the North Dakota State athletic department, winners of five Divsion 2 national championships, the women's program has become the butt of jokes on social media."
  13. 16 first half points for the ladies tonight. I was hoping for an offensive explosion more like the 20 points the Men had last night in the 1st half!
  14. Not a bad point, but the cities have used pedestrian underpasses in the past for similar situations. At Wilder school along the very busy Gateway. On the UND campus, South Washington by WDAZ, and by the pool in EGF are good examples. A couple well placed pedestrian underpasses, one on 32nd and one on Cherry would make it workable. It's really only one school along 32nd, with Kelly's access being on Cherry. Maybe one over\underpass for each school would adequately address school safety and make this proposed route work. The ball was dropped decades ago by leaders of both towns. A
  15. No, there is not much I agree with you on. You can be as snarky as you want. Bubba had 5 years and 50 games to work with his handpicked OC on their philosophy and play calling process. Unless he is the worst coach ever, I'm sure they had ongoing and numerous conversations planning for those 50 games. Today, it came down to Bubba losing his job or firing a person who worked for him.
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