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  1. from the GF Herald Mark Kennedy’s tenure at UND could be nearing its end. Multiple sources said Tuesday that rumors about Kennedy’s departure are swirling at the Capitol in Bismarck. Meanwhile, higher-education officials in Bismarck and at UND declined to comment when asked to verify the rumors. Kennedy, president of UND since 2016, is rumored to be in line for a higher education position in Colorado. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/4596561-mark-kennedy-rumored-be-leaving-und
  2. anyone want to buy a used TV studio? https://www.craryrealestate.com/flex/2220-S-WASHINGTON-Street-GRAND-FORKS-ND-58201-mls_19-195/?SavedSearch=20170523191359878136000000&pg=2&OrderBy=-ModificationTimestamp&p=y&n=y
  3. Dom Izzo story on state of SU's WBB https://www.inforum.com/sports/basketball/961690-WATCH-Hot-Mic-with-Dom-Izzo-on-NDSU-womens-basketball "What has happened to Bison women's basketball? It may be the question I get asked most when I'm out. The answer? Coaching and recruiting. Once the crown jewel of the North Dakota State athletic department, winners of five Divsion 2 national championships, the women's program has become the butt of jokes on social media."
  4. 16 first half points for the ladies tonight. I was hoping for an offensive explosion more like the 20 points the Men had last night in the 1st half!
  5. Not a bad point, but the cities have used pedestrian underpasses in the past for similar situations. At Wilder school along the very busy Gateway. On the UND campus, South Washington by WDAZ, and by the pool in EGF are good examples. A couple well placed pedestrian underpasses, one on 32nd and one on Cherry would make it workable. It's really only one school along 32nd, with Kelly's access being on Cherry. Maybe one over\underpass for each school would adequately address school safety and make this proposed route work. The ball was dropped decades ago by leaders of both towns. A city this size only having 2 single lane bridges and plus the Kennedy has been short sighted and probably hurt growth over that time.
  6. No, there is not much I agree with you on. You can be as snarky as you want. Bubba had 5 years and 50 games to work with his handpicked OC on their philosophy and play calling process. Unless he is the worst coach ever, I'm sure they had ongoing and numerous conversations planning for those 50 games. Today, it came down to Bubba losing his job or firing a person who worked for him.
  7. And of course I didn't say anything like that. As the head coach, who worked day in and day out with the OC that he hired 5 years ago, I am just guessing here that Rudy ran the offense the way Bubba wanted, or at least the offense they agreed to. Or he would have thrown him under the bus after year 1, 2, 3 or 4 instead of today.
  8. I thought maybe you were in the meetings since you knew Bubba certainly wanted a conservative offense and that there is absolutely no way Bubba told Rudy to never run screens and never pass to the TEs. In actuality only Bubba and Rudolph know the extent Bubba had in limiting the offense under Rudolph. 5 years is a long time to stay quiet before firing someone.
  9. Then why didn't Bubba have that conversation over the years?
  10. I tend to agree. I love the passion Bubba has and believe he desperately wants to win. But, one thing I’d like to know is what the relationship was between Bubba and Rudy. Did Bubba hand the keys to the offense completely to Rudy? Was this truly Rudy’s offense, or was Rudy charged with staying within Bubba’s conservative, vanilla offensive parameters? Did Bubba not think some type of shakeup was needed (or not allow it) in opening up the playbook, trying a few new wrinkles or giving a different QB a chance at some point in the past 4 weeks? He could have and should have instructed the OC that changes needed to be made, weeks ago. (Or, last year). If it was Rudy’s offense to run and Bubba didn’t demand some changes, I think Bubba should have been the first one gone. If it was Bubba’s choice and mandate to “stay the course”, I'm not sure what will improve with a new OC. We could get a great new OC, but if Bubba reins him in, it might not be much different. He looked really, really uncomfortable in the news conference. I'm guessing he was told to make some changes or the AD would.
  11. 2 seconds on play clock,they're dis-organized and we call a timeout!!
  12. Sioux_FF


    Great perspective CMSioux. Are you gonna take in the State Title game for you Alma Mater on Friday on the way up to the big city? An early 9:10 am start I believe?
  13. Dave Tippett way on the right in street clothes, partially cut off. I think that is Gord Sherven in the middle bottom, but not 100%.
  14. Sioux_FF

    2018 Season

    FB tix and CClub cards came in the mail today. Tailgate passes a couple week ago...……...Can't wait.
  15. Sioux_FF

    2018 Season

    Agree. As we've seen at times, Santiago or Olivera do not need very must space at the line to break off a long run. Sometimes just one more battle won by an O-lineman would result in a big play. Rudolph does get that. So does Bubba, who obviously sets up the offensive attack along with Rudolph. If John breaks off a run for 40 yards people will say "great call". If he's stuffed at the line, people will say Rudolph can't call a game. But, I think it's all part of Bubba's philosophy, challenging the offense to be a dominant running team and keep the clock running. I liked Keaton, but at times his accuracy drove me crazy. The Bubba-Rudolph's philosophy seems to be to avoid the 45 seconds drive after a couple of incomplete passes. I think we have some nice QB options heading into the fall and because of that we're going to see the RBs have a great year. Good QB play can make an average line look better and vice versa and that's going to help the run game. I want to believe the offense takes a big step this year. I can't wait.
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