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We are the champions!!! Finally


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52 minutes ago, 808287 said:

Best fans, best TRADITION!!!

UND is just picking up speed.  It won't take 16 years for the next one.  



I hope not.....I'd be 80 years old and I don't think they let you drink whiskey coke in "the home" while watching hockey.

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2 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

Last post, then I'll disappear.

The players have no idea how much this means to everyone in the fighting Sioux family.  Talked to my dad tonight after the game and hearing the pride in his voice is a moment I'll always remember.  I'm so proud of this group and everyone involved.

One more time....SIOUX FOREVER 

I know I teared up at least twice.

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I have been following UND Fighting Sioux Hockey for the past seven years since I met my wife (she graduated from UND in 2007) - what a great game and F4 play! I loved every minute of it and I have loved reading all of your posts throughout the years. Go Fighting Sioux!

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