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  1. Yeah, and I heard “Weathersby” all night, too.
  2. Looked like just an unfortunate collision to me.
  3. Another primary assist for 29. Didn’t I just say that a minute ago?
  4. Another primary assist by #29. The kid’s got some good vision this year.
  5. Did the REA just play the World Junior's penalty music?
  6. http://asianplayers.com/2015/06/01/setoguchis-cousin-jordan-kawaguchi-commits-to-providence-todays-slapshot/
  7. When did Cornell take over the top spot in the pairwise?
  8. Took them way too long to start playing with any passion or urgency in this game.
  9. Finally seeing some fire in them. Nothing to show for it yet.
  10. I knew I should have just been a bit more patient.
  11. USA ties it up! 2-2. ~18:30 left in the 2nd
  12. Pinto gets the first against the Czechs for a 1-0 USA lead.
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