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  1. I was curious what outlet that guy worked for. There are a lot of questionable questions asked during those briefings, but that one takes the cake for the stupidest I've ever heard.
  2. I totally thought that was an April Fool's Day joke. Now I'm disappointed.
  3. He did the Wild TV broadcasts for quite a few years with Mike Greenlay. I certainly enjoyed him more than Anthony LaPanta.
  4. I was thinking the same thing a couple days ago. I really hope those dates hold though I'm not feeling too optimistic. I know my daughter would like to get back to school to see her teacher and friends before the school year ends.
  5. I thought about that, too, but what about the cascading effect? There are kids waiting to come in next year who may be aged out of juniors. What do they do if there isn't room for them anymore? Then if they're stuck in juniors, then there are some kids finishing high school who don't have anywhere to go because the juniors rosters are filled up. The graduating seniors will be disappointed and pissed off that this happened, but will still go on with their lives and careers just the same as if they played the post season. But if some kids further down the line don't get their chance at all, their career might never happen.
  6. At least we got to watch the mavs player waiting to come out of the penalty box while JBD scored.
  7. NCHC definitely needs to set higher standards for the video production. Stop letting schools simply show their scoreboard video. I'm more tired of the floating maverick head than I ever was of the floating tiger head.
  8. Nope. It’s on the same setting that it has been for the last seven years.
  9. Is the picture on NCHC.TV dark for anybody else? Or is my tv starting to die?
  10. Yeah. This is really poor production.
  11. Ooo! Me! Me! (I came here to ask that same question)
  12. Did Kawaguchi keep the Western player from getting out of the way of Scheel? And does that matter?
  13. Because his hands were slashed.
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