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  1. Seemingly less flashy than 15-16, but they just keep hammering in the goals and winning games. It seems like it's much more even scoring (I say that without looking at actual stats from 15-16).
  2. Power play zone entry is so much better this year, it's a joy to watch. And by that I mean they are actually able to enter the zone on the power play.
  3. I didn’t realize they still did that. Thought they stopped that 15 years ago.
  4. Under review WMU goalie change good goal!
  5. Was that really the whole student section chanting “F*** the refs”? That’s pretty classless.
  6. Weatherby knocks one in for a 2-0 lead. They’re saying he batted it out of the air baseball style, but I didn’t see it.
  7. This radio guy (NCHC.tv audio) is really bad. He says “bodies all over the ice” then goes silent and doesn’t say anything about what’s actually going on.
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