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  1. Grand Forks Herald reported he's a sophomore, so likely already a licensed Private Pilot.
  2. Very sad news. 2007 is the year that I heard. Think of how many thousands (tens of thousands?) of flight hours out of UND in the last 14 years and to have no fatal accidents until now. That's a pretty darn good safety record. No consolation for the Hauser family and friends, though. EDIT: Turns out it's over 100,000 flight hours PER YEAR! FY2021 set a new school record of 126,000 flight hours. That's more than 1.4 million flight hours in the last 14 years.
  3. Why did Holden get let go? I’ve never found anything that has given any reason. Seemed sudden to happen mid-season.
  4. Doesn't the toilet lid have the Fighting Sioux logo on it? Do you have that picture, too?
  5. I remember reading something about CCHA coming back but I don't know if I knew it was a for sure thing. I first saw it in the article about Thome/St. Thomas, and now here. Where can I find info about how the conferences are going to be aligned next year?
  6. Send either of them to St Paul to replace Anthony LaPanta.
  7. Eastview opened in 97. A year after Karl graduated.
  8. These two teams have now played more in this game than they did the rest of the season combined. EDIT: I take that back. One of the games went to overtime, so there's still a few more minutes before we cross that line.
  9. Has Kleven been back out after he collided with somebody and left the ice? EDIT: Just saw him.
  10. Is everybody seeing "ESPN Commercial break. We'll be right back"? Nevermind, game is back.
  11. Well if it was, that's good for me. I was helping put my kids to bed so I didn't miss much.
  12. Or they determined they couldn’t tell from the video one way or another. And since it was called a goal on the ice, they had to leave it.
  13. The top view makes it seem like he must have hit it with his stick, considering how the puck changes direction.
  14. Wow, you're way ahead of my feed.
  15. So, does the guy who punched Pinto in the head get a penalty?
  16. So they'll call accidental interference but not accidental contact-to-the-head
  17. That's probably what Berry's biggest concern was coming out of period two.
  18. He was making sure the AIC guy was wearing a cup. Apparently that's frowned upon.
  19. Hopefully it's a case of "we've got this game handled, you'll be fine but take the rest of the night off".
  20. Ok, now roll four lines, make sure nobody gets too worn out and most importantly: NO INJURIES!
  21. That was some fancy skating by Kleven to keep things alive there.
  22. Upcoming UND power play. Inteference on AIC.
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