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  1. Apparently they've already called it a 5 minute major for contact to the head. So they need to decide if it's worth overturning that call.
  2. What's the problem with CBSSN? They're great productions with top-notch on-air talent. And the video quality is excellent.
  3. Ciskie (which just autocorrected to “Dislike”, appropriately) is their radio guy. So a normal NCHC.TV broadcast would use the radio feed for audio, but this game was broadcast locally on My29 (I think) so they had their own guys do the play by play.
  4. It looked like there was some extension of his arm but it was after the contact was already competed. As much as I want Wolff ejected, that wouldn’t be the right call.
  5. Too many pure bonehead turnovers all weekend.
  6. Anybody else see Perunivich spear one of our guys after the whistle, and no call?
  7. Didn’t know Kawaguchi had that bomb in his aresenal!
  8. Yeah, and I heard “Weathersby” all night, too.
  9. Looked like just an unfortunate collision to me.
  10. Another primary assist for 29. Didn’t I just say that a minute ago?
  11. Another primary assist by #29. The kid’s got some good vision this year.
  12. Did the REA just play the World Junior's penalty music?
  13. http://asianplayers.com/2015/06/01/setoguchis-cousin-jordan-kawaguchi-commits-to-providence-todays-slapshot/
  14. When did Cornell take over the top spot in the pairwise?
  15. Took them way too long to start playing with any passion or urgency in this game.
  16. Finally seeing some fire in them. Nothing to show for it yet.
  17. I knew I should have just been a bit more patient.
  18. USA ties it up! 2-2. ~18:30 left in the 2nd
  19. Pinto gets the first against the Czechs for a 1-0 USA lead.
  20. Here ya go, page 6: https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/2210-1687681/2018-19_Final_Registration_Report.pdf#_ga=2.245555780.1107125706.1576789290-1896761470.1576789290 Minnesota has 58,000. North Dakota has 6,700. Most are on the younger end (12 and under) Utah has 4,700. It's the whole Rocky Mountain Region that has ~54,000, which includes 15,000 in TX and 15,000 in CO.
  21. At least the World Juniors are coming up, but that's still two weeks away, too.
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