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  1. I seem to remember when an occasional fish would be tossed over the chicken wire at the Old, Old Barn.
  2. On a side note: Blackhawks beat Leafs 6-2 (Toews 2 goals, 2 assists, Caguila goal and stellar defensive play. (Kubalik scored twice, one of which was a backhand pass from Toews across the slot to the goalie's right, that Kubalik batted out of the air and into the net.) The line of Toews, Caguila, and Kubalik had 5 of the six goals! Great to hear that UND won tonight. Now get ready for the Dogs next week.
  3. Coach Woog was a one-of-a-kind. I especially liked it when Mazocco would start whining about some call/non-call and Doug would set him straight on why it was called that way. I have nothing but respect for a true legend of US hockey. RIP Coach Woog.
  4. I hope those fans who have been very critical of Berry and his staff will now stop to realize that you don't usually take talented freshmen into the NCHC and win a lot of games. Talent, alone, is not enough. The Hawks lost a lot of seasoned talent off that National Championship team and it wasn't easy to keep the level of play up to the desired standards. I think the addition of Karl G. has also had a great positive effect on the program. You might even suggest that the new practice times have been a plus, too. Berry and Dane and Karl know what needs to be done. Now that some of the "green" players are more experienced to the UND level of play, I think most people would agree that these guys can coach, if they have the material to get it done. This team is very special, as Berry has stated. Who knows where it will all end up, but the ride to get to the goal has been exciting and fun to watch. I expect that it will continue and we may all be very happy with the final out-come at the end of the season.
  5. Maybe Bubs knows the guy. Bubs played in K and I believe he also was a coach there.
  6. I have posted this on a couple of other threads, but figured the more the better: Does anyone know of a venue where we could watch the Sioux hockey games next week with other UND fans in the Phoenix area? O'Sullivan's two bars have apparently closed their doors as of last year, so I guess they are not an option this year. Our flight to AZ will leave on Tuesday, so we would appreciate hearing any info on this before Tuesday morning.
  7. When we left AZ in late May last year, both the one in Mesa and one in a western suburb were closed. I had some friends that went to the one in Mesa to watch a game, and the place was locked up, apparently with a sign stating they were no longer open.
  8. I posted this on the game-day thread from last night, but more people will probably see this on today's thread. Does anybody know if there is another venue (like the O'Sullivan's) in the Phoenix, AZ area where we could view the games next week with other Sioux hockey fans? I understand that the O'Sullivan's closed their doors last year. I would appreciate hearing any info before next Tuesday morning, as we are flying out that day. Thanks.
  9. Also: Does anybody have a suggestion as to where we can see the games next weekend on tv with other Sioux hockey fans in Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona? I believe that the O'Sullivan's bars have since closed their doors, so maybe another venue has taken over for watching the Sioux. I would appreciate hearing any suggestions before Tuesday morning, as our flight leaves that day.
  10. I have to admit that I didn't read all of the posts on this thread (yet), but I have to say this about last night's game: I have watched Sioux hockey since the early 60's, both live and on tv. Last night's game has to be one of the best team performances I have ever seen. To take in to consideration the opponent they had, and the circumstances that had it a "must win," I have to say it was truly a masterpiece of defensive play and that includes all players. The penalty kill was also outstanding, smothering the DU pp like a wet blanket on a small campfire. Hats off to the coaches and players for a tremendous performance last night, and I wish them the best in the future games this season.
  11. I just saw a headline that Dean Blais has decided to retire from coaching the Mavs in Omaha. Best of luck to him and enjoy the fishing and hunting that he so much enjoys. Thanks for everything that he did at UND and for US hockey.
  12. Also note: Blackhawks didn't play on Saturday night (so Schmaltz was "available"). Could this be a continuance of "Olson's" emergence as a game-breaking scorer? Check my comments from a previous game's thread a week ago. Coincidence??? St. Cloud will now probably buy into a "conspiracy theory."
  13. Parade Arena was one of the rinks in the first movie. I also believe they filmed in the Robbinsdale Arena where the two Robbinsdale High Schools played (Cooper and Armstrong). I recognized the rinks inside from when I coached in the Twin Cities.
  14. Your calculations make a lot of sense. Therefore: The NCAA will obviously NOT use this format!
  15. OK, so Olson gets two goals (both winners) in successive games. Schmaltz misses the two Blackhawks' games on the same nights as UND's games. Coincidence?? You don't suppose...........no, that would be too crazy. But.........these were "must win" games for UND.
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