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  1. I was sorry to see that the Blackhawks' message boards today reported that former UND great, Troy Murray, has been diagnosed with cancer. He has been the color commentator on the Blackhawks' radio broadcasts for quite a few years. This is very sad news, but Troy is a battler and if anyone can beat this terrible desease, he's the one.
  2. I saw more replays of this play from different angles and must correct myself: I now realize that Stecher made a BACKHAND pass across the goal mouth to #88, to assist on the winning goal. That makes it an even more impressive performance by Troy.
  3. It was quite a play. I didn't realize what he had actually done with the puck to get by the first Russian player, until I re-watched it a few times and then in slow motion. Troy made a move like he may have intended to shoot a forehand while skating to his left. Then when he had the Russian committed to block the shot, Troy got the puck onto his backhand stick blade and tapped the puck up through his own feet and continued on to the net, where he turned on his forehand and sent the goal mouth pass to his teammate (#88) for the winner! I hope someone can post that video on this site. It's a move to remember, that's for sure (and the Russians would like to forget it).
  4. I think Dave Hakstol qualifies here, too.
  5. I remember the smell of cigar smoke in the crowded lobbies and the smell of popcorn and hotdogs. (I was just out of high school in 1965)
  6. I am assuming that you are being sarcastic in this comment, right? Berry is doing a great job and people that are not actively involved with coaching the program can sure have their own opinions, but they really don't matter to the team or staff.
  7. I think Murray is the biggest whiner in NCAA hockey. I personally can't stand him. He does have a lot of hockey knowledge, but the way he acts on every close call that goes against him makes me like it when he loses.
  8. Yeah, well when it came time to watch the game last night on our tv (with the Fire Stick), it would not work. We tried and tried, but ended up going on our computer and PAYING the $5.99 for the rest of the game (began to have a picture around the last half of the 2nd period). So much for what ESPN led us to believe when we signed up using the app they provided.
  9. We have a "FIre Stick" attached to our tv. Because we are Midco cable, internet and phone subscribers, we have access to the ESPN3 on the tv. Once we clicked on the ESPN logo (through the Fire Stick), we were given choices and clicked on ESPN+3. We then down loaded the app for it (took a couple of minutes for it to do so). Then we had to indicate which provider we had. Once we scrolled down to Midco, we clicked on it and it told us that we were "OK" and would be able to watch the game on Friday night. It was done fairly easy, and I was glad it was also "FREE" to us because of our Midco subscriptions. I hope any of you that have Midco, and something like Fire Stick, can get access to ESPN3 like we did.
  10. How about "hiding" the UND game on ESPN3? What a great farce ESPN is to any hockey, as far as I'm concerned!
  11. OK, Thanks. Because I don't follow the board quite as closely as some of you, I did forget that the gf person is usually complaining about something. The joke is on me, but that's ok. Thanks for the update.
  12. I don't need to name them, but you can find them on pages 9 & 10 if you want to look.
  13. All Sioux fans are happy now, as I am. I have to mention something that really bugs me. Those posters who were so quick to be critical of Coach Berry's tournament performances should take a deep breath and be thankful that YOU didn't have to make any decisions toward the end of the game. I was surprised by his pulling the goalie with so much time remaining, but when I read his explanation of why he did it, it made so much sense. And to the comment about Hain not belonging on a top line: "How'd you like the ending?" Let's all sit back and enjoy another playoff game and get ready for the future tilts that UND will be in. Good luck to the boys and their coaches.
  14. Does that mean that Midco will be showing the qtr final games on their broadcasting channels?
  15. Nostredamus is in the Big 10 hockey conference, isn't it? I think they swept the Rodents a couple of weeks ago.
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