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  1. To be fair, back then, there wasn’t social media. And not everyone was a keyboard warrior like they are nowadays. Seemed like people just kinda went along with things more then, than they do now.
  2. In 15-20 years, we’ll get another upgrade and follow the recent fad of hockey arenas replacing the boards and glass with one giant video board. And you’ll watch the game on there.
  3. It continues. State of Maine bans all Native American mascots https://www.foxnews.com/politics/maine-bans-native-american-mascots-in-all-state-schools
  4. If they don’t get the funding, will they finally go away and get real jobs?
  5. Good news is, I’m in 2nd place after the 1st round. Bad news is, I only have 2 players left.
  6. Alex Ovechkin Washington John Tavares Toronto Nikita Kucherov TB Brad Marchand Boston Blake Wheeler Winnipeg Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Brent Burns SJ Mark Giordano Calgary Morgan Reilly Toronto John Carlson Washington
  7. I’ll take 1 green, no moniker. If not enough orders for green, I’ll go with the black.
  8. UMass vs Harvard. ZZZZZzzzzzzzz........
  9. Thanks. Thought maybe with a loss, they would drop to a 2 seed and have two nearby teams in Fargo.
  10. Can Duluth drop to a #2 seed if they lose?
  11. KoolGuy2K

    ITS OVER!!!

    The one positive I can see happening about missing the tournament 2 years in a row, is it will make these guys humble. Hopefully they will realize that it’s not a cakewalk to get to the tournament every year and realize the importance of each and every game.
  12. KoolGuy2K

    ITS OVER!!!

    No wonder I’ve been dozing off during games lately. I thought I was just getting old.
  13. Central South Dakota here. I think I need a tractor.
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