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  1. https://nebraska.tv/news/local/red-cross-faces-critical-shortage-of-blood-due-to-covid-19 If you’re healthy and able to donate blood. I encourage everyone to please do so.
  2. This sucks! But, I guess, at least the guys got to celebrate with the Penrose.
  3. Can they at least put some cardboard cutouts of people in the seats?
  4. Can they play crowd noise through the speakers?
  5. You would think, but it’s the NCAA we’re dealing with.
  6. I guess the regionals will be like normal.
  7. Helluva comeback. What a great game! Gotta hit a few more of those free throws.
  8. The truth hurts sometimes I guess. No room for facts for her.
  9. Apparently being nice and stating real facts gets you blocked from @Mavpuck
  10. Goalie interference.....slash......goal.......no goal......who gives a $hit! Game is over. Sioux won the game. Sioux won the cup. Case closed. Move on with your lives.
  11. That works too! Lol. Whatever they want to do. As long as they disguise it as player safety reasons, it will probably pass. Is this a year for rules changes?
  12. The best way to get this point across to the NCAA and the conferences is to have a concussion protocol for “player safety”. Have the “injured” player sit a minimum of 10 minutes of game time. This will definitely cut down on the diving.
  13. I heard it was the target near campus.
  14. It’s nothing spectacular. But I do like it better than the current one they’re using.
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