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Big Sky Quarters: #4 ISU vs #5 UND (3/10: 4:35 Central)


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1 minute ago, UND-FB-FAN said:

Between UND's thumping of Idaho State and Weber State's narrow escape from Portland State, Jones best have his team convinced they can win tomorrow. 

Could have been Webers wake up call like UND's on Tuesday. :tinfoilhat:

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That was fun. Little lull, which is honestly tough to avoid when you're up that much and trying to milk the clock, but ending the game in something like a 14-1 run was nice, especially with Gene fouled out. 

Need that kind of shooting tomorrow. Hopefully McBuckets 2.0 and Baldwin feel comfortable in that the gym and can keep it up. 

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2 hours ago, UND-FB-FAN said:

it'll be all weber state talk..tradition and greatness and player of the year and randy rahe and all that...

doubtful many und mentions coming from this bunch...

The color guy, Joe Cravens, was the head coach at Weber before Randy Rahe.  Also is the former coach of Idaho and Utah.  

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9 minutes ago, fightingsioux4life said:

If we can replicate what we did today, we have a chance. Let's hope they drop the Jekyll and Hyde routine and keep it rolling.

Play like they did against ISU and earlier against NAU and we're golden. Play like they did against the Montana's or SUU and its lights out. Neutral site, anything can happen.

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