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  1. You nailed it, had last night's goal counted for UND then likely the W Mich goal tonight would not have been overturned. Even Steven although the refs really effed it up worse Fri night with reversal of UND's goal (total garbage on their part).
  2. Alex may be young and not from UND territory but he sure knows who his audience is, smart lad.
  3. Agree, vs Mich F4 semi-final toughest loss I remember and I've seen a few over many years. It made it even tougher cus that team was so very good. Was at Xcel to watch game and we won everything but the score. Then we w/o doubt beat the *&%^! dawgs the next night for our 8th natty (and not their first). That really hurt.
  4. 4 tix section 314 for sale < face value Fri vs Denver. Can sell in pairs.
  5. Agree, nobody on this team has any business going pro early ("strike while the iron is hot', huh/WTH?) but could there be one or two promising underclassmen transferring elsewhere in light of this dumpster fire we have and that is not really looking promising next season barring bringing in a capable scorers (not likely)? Hope effin not!
  6. GDPritch

    ITS OVER!!!

    Great point, it is surely double-speak.
  7. GDPritch

    ITS OVER!!!

    Agree, meaning we need a new coach.
  8. GDPritch

    ITS OVER!!!

    Yup, barely finished over .500 but got better as the season went on (unlike some other ND university D-1 team) to win conf tourney and qualify for the NCAA.
  9. Hey, fair point. In retrospect, we almost seem to do better 5 on 5 than with a man advantage so perhaps you're on to something.
  10. A few more seasons like these last two and we just might be.....
  11. To be honest, I'm gonna go down the middle between you and Mafia Man. Not sure they're a top 10 team as they are in the PW (probably should be around #12 or so). I say this; if this series is at home and the way we carried most of the play for at least 4 of the 6 periods then we sweep Denver. However, Denver gets great goal tending against us (all season long save for our 1 win), is a really good home team at mile high altitude, and we really struggle to score (I assume more so on the road vice at home) so really no surprise this wknd. However, we lose to Canisius twice so did not grab home ice.
  12. I gotta think it was sarcasm. Your season is on the line, you are offensively challenged, of course you pull the goalie.
  13. You guys nailed it. Am sick and tired anymore these last 3 - 4 season seeing talk/articles saying the recruiting class coming in has all these blah-blah players that are draft picks, highly recruited by other big name hockey schools (which is true, unlike FCS football), and they're putting up all these points at their pre-UND level. Again, either we're not very bright at recruiting anymore or these scorers/finishers are not progressing once they arrive. I gotta think it's the latter otherwise other schools would not be recruiting them too. It's gotta change, real soon.
  14. Yup, Denver lucked out only losing 1 out of 6 games to us this season. Huh?. All to do with puck luck and hot goalie. If Denver is a "bad hockey team" then WTH are we?!
  15. Have we scored any man advantage goals this year?
  16. Only if it teaches forwards how to score...
  17. Okay, so likely not on him then. Frustrating though is DU get 1 goal on a deflection on just 17 SOG but we have 32 SOG and can't even get 1 greasy goal thru traffic past the DU goalie. Groundhog Day.
  18. I'm not putting anything on Thome either regarding the lost when you give up just 2 goals against a top 10 tam and your own team is shut-out. However, he did give up 2 goals on I believe just 17 SOG (it wasn't like he faced even 25 - 30 SOG) so that save %, while not awful (.882) is certainly not top tier (unless we hung him out to dry on both goals?) and needs to be better. Again though, when your team does not score a goal then it doesn't matter if you have a .950 save %.
  19. Yup, he gets it. Puts it all on a long nearing 2 seasons streak of bad puck luck and running into hot goalies.
  20. Yup, that was very apparent as the season rolled on. At least tickets should go cheaper next season.
  21. Ouch! And I believe our top goal scorer only has 10 goals. Incredible.
  22. As bitter and frustrated as this old man is, I think they win Sat night simply based on law of averages, how evenly matched/alike these two teams are (despite us only having 1 win in 5 games this season vs DU), etc. Sunday night, no prediction yet.
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