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  1. I keep thinking about the cheap azzed sh!t should have been penalties that duluth got away with pisunk especially on Cam - the one on Tucker is an embarrassment - Can we play them again without retaliation? Scares me but if we get up a few or down & time is running out watch out - Has the crowd ever gone on ice & beat the crap out of anyone ?
  2. I saw UMD Win their National title that's enough for my life time
  3. If the Little White Dove helps us win a National title again in Hockey - I'll loosen up & if I can find a decent fitted cap with the logo I'll buy it
  4. I bet Western Michigan & Air Force may be good if we lose I'm for WM to win it all
  5. Yeah good read I'm from Ray so the Epping game was great for me & the info on Hillsboro was something to remember
  6. Interesting class b history https://kcts9.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/541ab2fa-00e3-4521-8229-319ae170b1f6/one-shining-moment-the-essence-of-the-b-hillsboro-vs-epping-1977-part-i/#.WM6t_vFOnqA
  7. I don't think so has more to do with Leprecorns
  8. Do teams work on / practice how to take penalties & not get caught ? It is a skill set that many are better at than others
  9. Boeser
  10. Come on tie it up make it interesting
  11. The dogs need to be neutered
  12. Nice great if he can turn on the scoring touch again