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  1. Berry should get another chance but the 2 assistant coaches have been suspect for sometime
  2. I'm about done with sports - Any & mostly all teams I want to win usually end up losing & I care too much & my happiness is terribly affected - I need to find pleasure in finding teams I can make lose - So I'm going to become a NDSU Fan & a Goofer Fan
  3. Sioux Survivor 2017-2018 Game #16

    Wolanin 1st game
  4. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    1 Brees as good as ever his last game this yr 2 Keenum feel bad for him 3 Bradford if knee holds up 4 Cousins never seen him play But I trust GM Coaches Owners they want a SB as bad as we do Save $ & spend it on better D & Oline
  5. Alerus Center Events

    Bring in Hall & Oates Or ZZ Top & John Fogerty are touring together
  6. Downtown Grand Forks

    Make Golf Carts legal every where As long as they are street legal
  7. You saying you want me to refocus on the nicklame ?
  8. Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

  9. You could see early on this yr that Kawahguchi had scoring potential but he got snake bit for awhile - someone kill that Damn snake
  10. Fetch's Random Musings

  11. Wow exciting great BB
  12. A AHL Team from either Winnipeg or Minnesota or Chicago - Call them the Fighting Sioux
  13. Sioux Survivor Game #15 2017-2018

  14. Sioux Survivor Game #15 2017-2018

    Wolanin Sat.