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  1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1933216916960812&id=1573649036250937
  2. Sioux Forever - With some help from the Supreme Court ?
  3. Who is the best Chiropractor & or Massage in town & not that new table that drops u but older snap crackle pop type in Grand Forks ?
  4. We're any fitted or just one size fits all ?
  5. For a while
  6. Funny how Fighting Sioux is still mentioned as much if not more by media covering us at tournament time & that Sioux apperal is still worn & Sioux chants & team cheers are still as popular as ever Sioux Forever is as popular as ever & I'm proud of that GO SIOUX !
  7. Nothing should impede quality & legal development anywhere in Grand Forks that helps the tax base
  8. Bud light lime is a beer that is very thirst quenching beer with a flavor that appeals to me Is it a great beer ? I think it's very drinkable & better than most light beers & available most everywhere ( not the Ralph ) to which I wish it was - Blue Moon is so I'm happy about that
  9. Nothing wrong with Blue Moon I recently bought a six pack of aluminum pints & really enjoyed it I can no longer drink like I once could so I like to try good beer - JL Beers has a Blueberry flavored beer in bottles 9% alcohol that I like but I also always have Bud Light Lime
  10. I liked everything about the X - liked very little about TC - I'd like to try Sioux Falls once
  11. Let's Go Fighting Snowflakes
  12. My Grandson Loves Cullen has many pics with him but I want Oshie to get his name on the Cup
  13. U know I would buy a decent (fitted) white dove hat if I could find one ???????