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  1. It was poor timing. The deal expired on 12/17 so I’m guessing they had to pull it by midnight eastern.
  2. Sorry if this has been asked, but is Lucas a relative of Bubba??
  3. I believe JUCO students also got a free year, so possibly 3 more years?
  4. I could've been wrong about the last post but I did find this on the NCAA website: "For D1 fall sports, seniors who have scholarships and who will be using the extra year of eligibility will not count against the team’s scholarship limit for the 2021-22 season." I would assume this was now applicable for all sports. It also says it comes down to what universities can afford
  5. I believe I read somewhere that the scholarships over the limit can't come from the athletic budget. They would have to be from another source.
  6. By transferring he got to play another season, doubt that he would've played this spring. I can't fault a kid for grad transferring to a Power 5 school and become a starter!
  7. Am I missing something? If SDSU beats NDSU and UND beats Youngstown wouldn't we be the conference champions and get the automatic qualifier?
  8. Paper did say he played with a broken ankle. Perhaps that had something to do with it. Regardless, Blake had one heck of a tournament.
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