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Duncan wins the Hobey Baker


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Well here's something to be happy about! Even though the season came to an end for the Sioux we at least got something to smile about...Ryan Duncan won the HOBEY!!! woohooo!!! Congrats Ryan you deserve it even though I know you'd rather have won a National Title with the team instead of getting the individual award.

Now we have 2 Sioux players who have won the Hobey!! Panzer was robbed?!?!? :silly::lol:

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Wow! WTG Dunc! Big things DO come in small packages. I personally thought he deserved it but I figuered he'd get screwed out of it one way or another. (Panzerish) I am just stunned, but moreso wowed.

Well, there is at least one trophy we can show off at the Ralph.

once again....WTG Dunc and all his linemate and teammates.

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Fantastic news, way to go Ryan. I took alot of flak and ribbing from the trolls who frequent this site when last summer I predicted that Dunc would surpass 20 goals in a thread that discussed replacing the scoring from last seasons departures. Well Slappy, Bucky et al what do you think of the Sioux's mighty-mite now. :lol:

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I am very pruod of our team and their accomplishments this season... it's a tough thing to get so close and not get it, but thats really an honor to have such an honorable player on our team... all of our players are amazing and got the short end of the stick this year... FOREVER SIOUX

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