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  1. The Walrus

    Game over.

    Kind of Ironic... Sticks and Stones will break my Bones, but NAMES will never hurt you....? Go SIOUX!
  2. The Walrus

    Division 1 Transition: Precursor for Perennial Mediocrity?

    Like I said before...RD17 is the man, he does this stuff for a living, GREAT Perspective......Thank You
  3. The Walrus

    So ..., what's stopping a UND-NDSU game now?

    Iowa and Iowa State draw better for those games than Army, Kent State, SDSU ect....Because of the In-State rivalary Yes, UNI gets paid, but I'm sure they could get more going to Michigan, Minnesota, ect....Just a guess...? I know in BBAll Mac told me that they have a Home and Away agreement signed with UNI (both schools UI & ISU), for alternating home and Away games every year with UNI for like the next 10 years......Mac and Rick Hartzel worked on that and set it in motion before he left...
  4. The Walrus

    So ..., what's stopping a UND-NDSU game now?

    THis is not true, as has been stated there is plenty of room in the schedule of the MVC......example UNI: plays either Iowa or ISU every other year because of In-State rivalries....
  5. The Walrus

    UND vs SUU

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the only Ring (bought your own I believe) the NDSU Bison have been wearing for the last 20 years....?
  6. The Walrus

    Answer Guy 10/13

    I enjoy the Answer Guy......
  7. The Walrus


    Got to pull him now.....
  8. The Walrus


    It's got to be hard playing in front of 43 people.....WOW......nobody there...?
  9. The Walrus

    USF @ Fighting Sioux - GDT

    This guy does this stuff for a living, maybe we should listen to him.... Good Posts
  10. The Walrus

    Should UND go away from the 3-4?

    That's adult....thanks
  11. The Walrus

    Should UND go away from the 3-4?

    They are both good Coaches and personal friends, I will not choose between the two of them on a message board, besides It's not my place, Coach Mussman gets that fun job. The team on Saturday for some reason lacked fire and heart on both sides of the footbal and special teams, hopefully is was just a bad day at work. Both the 4-3 and 3-4 take talented kids to run, some on here have said it's harder to find the Athletic DL or DE that is why the 3-4 is better, It was also hard to find guys like Challahan, Blue, Dixon, Brennan, Enger, Halvorson, but this same group of Coaches found them and we won, my bet is we will again....
  12. The Walrus

    Should UND go away from the 3-4?

    JK does, and (imo) he is more comfortable running a traditional 4-3 Defense. MM style I believe is more of a gambling blitz from all angles, take chances. MM played in that style under Lennon with Bubba. Not saying either is right or wrong, but we seem to have a 4-3 scheme at times with 3-4 personel and visa versa. You all know my thoughts is that I think we should just have 1 DC, I do not like Co-Coordinators, especially with different attacks and approaches. This is not the reason we lost the game on Saturday, it was a complete team effort, Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Coaches, and we could always use some more fans....
  13. The Walrus

    Should UND go away from the 3-4?

    I'm saying if you want to tell someone how to do their job, or call for them to be replaced, maybe you should do it face to face instead of on some message board.
  14. The Walrus

    Should UND go away from the 3-4?

    Lots of internet message board tough guys on here, you guys know where the Football offices are located.....?
  15. The Walrus

    Sioux FB hits bottom: but 2012 is the goal

    You obivously can not read...? I said we had a bad day, everyone does. The sky is not falling, we are in the early stages or transitioning to a higher level of Football the FCS. UND will be very good in the FCS, but it is no going to happen instantly, it takes time. I have faith in UND the history of their program, the Coaches on staff and the players they are recruiting. Today we lost to a very good team (we played poorly) this team has won 48 of their last 49 games... Did I type slowly enough for you....?