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    Is there more to life than Sioux Hockey. Okay, I have an impressive hockey card collection. Have switched from playing hockey to curling as it easier on the body and I am losing less blood.

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  1. I wonder if Goof fans still whine about the other team's overage Canadians.
  2. Not sure which game you were watching but the in the Gold Medal game on TSN they were the visiting team. Czechia had the last change and Canada were wearing white sweaters in the game I watched.
  3. IIHF rules made that play a crease violation. If the puck exits the crease the opposing player in the crease must also exit. Watch the replay and you will see that he did not. The NHL would have let that goal stand.
  4. The rest of the tournament was just cancelled. World Juniors cancelled in Edmonton, Red Deer due to COVID-19 cases (msn.com) Apparently the Russian team also has it and the tournament could not continue with less than eight teams. Amused to see that over 20 years later I am considered a newbie
  5. If you haven't seen it yet you all have to check out Stecher's unbelievable play to set up Canada's winning goal over Russia today. It might just be the hockey play of the year.
  6. Yes she is and the granddaughter of NHLer Bryan Hextall. She has done sportscasting in Toronto for several years and was the first woman to do an NHL game.
  7. The answer to your question is yes. He even held his Player of the Game Award with it.
  8. I attended the Sports Memorabilia show in Montreal last weekend sporting my Sioux Jersey. Red Berenson was there signing Autographs and he was part of their 64/65 Stanley Cup Winning team. When he was done I stopped in front of his table and told him we are everywhere. He cracked up and we had a really nice chat in the Lobby afterwards. He seems to be really enjoying retirement.
  9. I totally agree, it is called a Hockey Game not a skills competition. You might as well save time and just flip a coin.
  10. Canada has already done as well as anyone could have hoped for with the lineup of journeymen that were thrown together. A medal for Genoway would be nice, but even better would be another crack at the NHL. Of all the players in that lineup he is the most deserving of another shot as he has been the team's most dependable D-man ( I don't think there has been a goal against with him on the ice). Maybe Hakstol will give him a call.
  11. Perhaps you should stick to the sports you know like maybe Bouncy Ball?
  12. How are the saps who gave up on the team feeling now?
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