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    Is there more to life than Sioux Hockey. Okay, I have an impressive hockey card collection. Have switched from playing hockey to curling as it easier on the body and I am losing less blood.

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  1. The answer to your question is yes. He even held his Player of the Game Award with it.
  2. I attended the Sports Memorabilia show in Montreal last weekend sporting my Sioux Jersey. Red Berenson was there signing Autographs and he was part of their 64/65 Stanley Cup Winning team. When he was done I stopped in front of his table and told him we are everywhere. He cracked up and we had a really nice chat in the Lobby afterwards. He seems to be really enjoying retirement.
  3. I totally agree, it is called a Hockey Game not a skills competition. You might as well save time and just flip a coin.
  4. Canada has already done as well as anyone could have hoped for with the lineup of journeymen that were thrown together. A medal for Genoway would be nice, but even better would be another crack at the NHL. Of all the players in that lineup he is the most deserving of another shot as he has been the team's most dependable D-man ( I don't think there has been a goal against with him on the ice). Maybe Hakstol will give him a call.
  5. Perhaps you should stick to the sports you know like maybe Bouncy Ball?
  6. How are the saps who gave up on the team feeling now?
  7. As of today, with Jonathan Toews in the lineup Team Canada has a record of 47-1-1
  8. Hard to argue the point of this article given Captain Serious' record to date. http://www.tsn.ca/the-watercooler-toews-the-top-international-player-of-his-era-1.572253
  9. Everything in life tends to go full circle. Early in it's history the Gopher hockey team used to load up with all the best talent it's state had to offer and beat up on a bunch of beer league teams. Today the Gopher hockey loads up with all the best talent it's state has to offer and gets beat up by a bunch of beer league teams.
  10. The complete set is 40 cards. The first 32 are easier to find because they were given out at the game, which includes the Casey and Belfour. However you could only get the other eight Alumni cards with a sandwich at Subway so they are harder to find and are worth some decent coin. Those other Alums are Christian, Hrkac, Joyce, Murray, Patrick, Romanuk, Valk and Ward.
  11. There certainly were a lot of greats, but many of those greats had an incredible supporting cast. Therefore, if I had to pick the one player that I thought more often than not impacted the outcome of a game in UND's favour I think I would have to go with Jeff Panzer.
  12. Not an early departure but Hockey Night in Canada just announced that Cags just signed with Edmonton
  13. How many friend and family made the trip from Sweden and Finland. Toss in the NHL scouts and you will have your total attendance for todays Final. Ouch!
  14. The Ralph won't get their wish as Finland scored with under a minute left, and I forgot that the empty netter at the buzzer counted, to win it 4-2.
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