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  1. Where is the No. 1 place in the world TJ Oshie would like to play? (2020 NHL post-season) https://sports.yahoo.com/where-no-1-place-world-182238314.html
  2. Lights. Darks. Alternates. Business suits.... Tramp stamps?
  3. 3 Friday night Tickets End Sioux shoot at twice. Sect 104 Row R 15, 16, & 17 . $30 ea. cash. Would meet in lobby of Ralph. call
  4. Been wanting to update this Wallpaper for 16 years! Sioux Championship Wallpaper www.ibasiouxfan.com
  5. My unasked for 2ยข ; Everybody grieves for and lets go of things at their own pace. If they're not ready to let go of Fighting Sioux they're not ready. It's not hurting anyone-- the coaches and players know what the booing is for so it isn't bothering them. The one thing the students do that I'd want changed is the "Who's he, he sucks sh$t." -- It sounds immature and stupid to me. If you don't know who he is how do you know he sucks sh$t? Would prefer something more creative there!
  6. Sanderson I haven't done very well in Sioux Survivor of late so perhaps this will put Sanderson on a scoring streak !
  7. $60 million arena. terrible broadcast production and let's paint the seats bright yellow so the players and viewers can see at a glance how empty the arena is. Must be blinding for women's games. That said it is better than "watching" on just the radio!
  8. seriously! I go in to clean my printhead for like 2 minutes and I miss 2 goals....hmmm maybe I should leave for a couple more minutes
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