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  1. Stub hub you can get the rest of this game and the night game for under $30 for 2 tickets after fees right now
  2. I know the Thurs is probably a package and I don't think I would get through 2 games with him, so not sure if it could be done only for the night game, but a better option could be the Sat. if available then if anybody has that as an option?
  3. I know he wouldn't sit through 2 games for Thurs and not interested in the whole package, just wanting to get in the building to see what it is all about. How much would they be?

    1. fightingsioux4life


      I can't split them up. Sorry.

  4. I have never been to a frozen four and thinking about possibly going and taking my 5 yr old since our favorite team didn't make it to the Faceoff or this. If anybody has 2 tickets out there you might not be using for Thurs or Sat. let me know. Thanks
  5. Stuck in a hotel room without ESPN anyway it is on some stream without needing to login or use an account to watch?
  6. That would be fun just like the old days of Joe Senser’s in Bloomington that is ripped down now.
  7. Somebody had mentioned someplace else that a friend in the know of hockey communities said it will be more publicly known soon
  8. Crazy what happened Adam Johnson former Duluth/Hibbing guy with Nottingham. Skate blade to neck and died. Things like this make us realize much bigger stuff out there. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12683967/amp/Horror-ice-hockey-star-horrifically-hurt-game-Nottingham-Sheffield-teams-fans-told-leave-stadium-major-medical-emergency.html
  9. Anybody else not like this non loyalty and transferring so easily? I know you need to play the game to keep up, but I feel like there isn’t as much heart in coming to the place you first wanted and they wanted you playing with that purpose. When I was a student getting to know the players for the 4 years they were there made you want it so much more for them. Gone are those days I guess and maybe because I am getting older and further away from the game but it is just very different now when I took my 4 yr old to that St Cloud game at the X. Haven’t been to GF for about 15 yrs so maybe that might bring back more passion but I just don’t connect with the stories of these players anymore though Schloss does a great job trying to get us all to connect somehow. I know people say the name change and logos have nothing to do with lack of success lately but I beg to differ because we aren’t as intimating with that image and history on our side because we don’t know who we are and are reaching for pieces just like others.
  10. Is the game on MSC, FSN or Bally Sports? So really no tv in the Twin Cities? Guess the rivalry keeps taking hits for those not wanting to stream or buy into other packages.
  11. Cool. Thanks for posting Siembida! I just remember that game and thinking he could be the next big thing almost like Hasek moving around
  12. I remember that Siembida from Porcupine game vs gophers with his white helmet shutting them down
  13. 01grad


    Yep, Mafia, just hanging out and now have more time than ever before! I have been checking in still, just not always posting.
  14. 01grad


    These are a few of my favorite things...directly from Gemini back in the day.
  15. Has anybody created a digital Stanley cup traveling trophy yet with winners from each year listed on it yet that we can have on the website? We could add names and tiers each year.
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