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  1. Is the game on MSC, FSN or Bally Sports? So really no tv in the Twin Cities? Guess the rivalry keeps taking hits for those not wanting to stream or buy into other packages.
  2. Cool. Thanks for posting Siembida! I just remember that game and thinking he could be the next big thing almost like Hasek moving around
  3. I remember that Siembida from Porcupine game vs gophers with his white helmet shutting them down
  4. 01grad


    Yep, Mafia, just hanging out and now have more time than ever before! I have been checking in still, just not always posting.
  5. 01grad


    These are a few of my favorite things...directly from Gemini back in the day.
  6. Has anybody created a digital Stanley cup traveling trophy yet with winners from each year listed on it yet that we can have on the website? We could add names and tiers each year.
  7. Yes!!! I am the person who never wins raffles or anything like this ever. Took a whole minute to make picks just like when we are in it and always pick us all the way. Just did the same with my next favorite team since I like Sandy and taught JT Brown back in his high school days so why not Dulute!
  8. * Crossing Fingers * I haven't posted much lately, but it is fun to be in the running here after being an original board person from the beginning (just didn't start an account right away), but it is fun to look back through the archives at old names from back in the original years! This site is much appreciated and a great way to connect and keep updated!
  9. There is the mental aspect of the game when opponents line up and if you don't have the same look and feel it might take some time to get that back again with intimidation that we have built up over the years with a little birdie on the front of our jerseys. Once people are seeing that we are beatable that can go a long way so we need to rebuild that again.
  10. Is our program too big that these smaller schools are where they draw players that are more likely to get it done now? Look at the bigger more traditional teams from the past with rich traditions that aren't making it now. I personally don't think it is old time North Dakota hockey and think that line is just a way to keep the traditions they know are slipping away.
  11. I am not giving up on the team and didn't intend for this conversation to go this way, but doesn't anybody else feel this huge change with the overall program since the new arena, conference, name. Just feels like there is less passion in the program, definitely not questioning us fans though but with everything so much bigger it is simply going through the motions and thinking winning will come easy and then it doesn't and college hockey is more of a stepping stone for the next level which us fans are okay with but us die hards want the UND to win more than anything else.
  12. Name change and WCHA breakup nothing feels quite like Nodak hockey anymore. Not making excuses, but not playing for the history and honor of a name as we used to things are out of whack and we are just like any other team out there now.
  13. The adding color might be the way to keep more people happy on both sides of the fence. How do we get this out to the important decision makers higher up than us? Would they even listen? Mafia could make me want to buy one like this if we could get this thing going! Just like the game worn logo, only with a twist that everyone would want!
  14. http://video.foxnews.com/v/4979101939001/new-und-logo-reignites-debate-over-team-name-changes/?playlist_id=2827720506001#sp=show-clips That cleaned up version with black outline looks 100 x's better. Almost makes me a believer in change. The other one looks a little girly to me.
  15. 01grad


    This foolio lists the jersey as if it was actually used in the frozen four and added the patch. True Sioux fans know they only used the white and then the green in both games...Way to mess up a good jersey by modifying it yourself, probably loses some of the value. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Game-Worn-University-of-North-Dakota-Fighting-Sioux-Schmaltz-Frozen-Four-Jersey-/182094014423?hash=item2a65a627d7:g:pC8AAOSwKfVXEPQo
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