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  1. People bitching about a 41-14 win. Priceless.
  2. Excellent post. My whole point is that there is no way you can rule that conclusive evidence showed the play offsides based on the angle that was used. The only person viewing the play from the correct position was the linesman who ruled a legal entry. At a minimum, they should look at this rule or install a camera along with blue line.
  3. Based on this I believe the puck has to be across the edge of the line closest to the goal. Still doesn't change my opinion of the call. The blue line is always considered to be part of the zone in which the puck is in. Therefore, when the puck is entering the attacking zone, the “determining edge” of the blue line shall be the edge closest to the attacking goal. Therefore, the determination as to whether an “off-sides” has occurred will only take place at the moment the puck has completely crossed the determining edge into the attacking zone. A player only needs to have skate con
  4. Yep, that's the view I kept seeing and thinking "how the F is that indisputable evidence of offsides?" Unless you can see white between Hoff's skates and the blue line before the puck enters the zone there is no way, IMO, that you overturn the call on the ice made by the guy staring down the line. The angle, the view, the netting obstructing the view all make it impossible to determine if, in fact, Hoff was offsides. Disappointing that a game that hard fought was effected by the call. Props to Berry for towing the NCAA line that the call was right but I just don't see it.
  5. Crushed after the loss last night but extremely proud about how the Sioux played. The semi final tonight is between two teams damn lucky to be there. Ohio State completely dominated UMD in the overtime. In seeing the picture they put up on the TV claiming that Hoff was offsides I just don't see it, not from that angle. If that is clearly indisputable evidence then the standard is pretty low. Worst part about the call is that the "offsides" had absolutely no impact on the goal. At some point to have to rely on the official on the ice for a call like that. He clearly waived it off
  6. The only number that I think matters at this point is 3. If Poolman can't go, that is a huge loss.
  7. Western may get the best NCHC draw.
  8. Union makes more sense that UML.
  9. UML is at 5. Seems like they would send BU at 7 to Fargo instead.
  10. After the feeling I had last night watching this talented and dedicated group of men bring number 8 to the great state of North Dakota I figured there is none better than C &T to set the table for next year.
  11. Was at the game last night. Another fantastic Sioux fan turnout. The Let's Go Sioux chant drowned out Denver's starting lineup intro. The PA announcer sounded like he was mocking us every time he said "Fighting Hawks." Great last 5 minutes. If everyone can give 75% the effort that #2 brings on every shift this team will be lifting some hardware in April. That kid is a stud and his motor is always running. We obviously had a tough time containing DU's top line. I think that gets corrected and we bounce back tonight. I like this team but then again, I like our team every year. GO SIOUX
  12. i wouldn't wish that on anyone. Gotta feel bad for that kid.
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