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  1. Man... this was sure under the radar wasn't it. Not a peep that any discussions were going on. Surprised that something didn't leak out about discussions. Shocked when I seen come across my NHL alerts. While this is a good deal for Dave Hakstol (and all the best to him) one wonders how this will affect the program and future recruits and commitments as mentioned by others. However; the team will move forward and continue to produce I'm sure. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  2. Thanks for the info ubish...! I expect a solid game from both teams but I don't believe I will be drowning any sorrows but rather hoisting a few celebratory beverages after a Sioux sweep!
  3. Going to the Saturday night game... looking forward to seeing the Sioux play live since it's been awhile for me (last time when the Sioux went to the GLI...) and first time going to Lawson. Two minor questions for anyone in the know... Does anyone know which net/end of the ice the Sioux defend twice (I'm in Section 1 directly behind the net) and probably more importantly, is there a recommended bar or pub to imbibe in a few drinks before and after the game near the arena? Thanks! Sioux sweep but I'm not expecting a cakewalk by any means... Go Fighting Sioux!
  4. At a conference in Kalamazoo, MI (home of the Western Michigan Broncos) so I will be wearing my Sioux gear whil watching the game at Old Burdicks in the Radisson. Safe travels to all Sioux fans going to Philly and elsewhere to enjoy the road to #8!
  5. Take that win... So... Gothberg in tomorrow or staying with Saunders?
  6. Oh boy... biggest PK of the night...
  7. They changed to the 2nd at about 1 minute something left... Too bad they couldn't capitalize on that last face off in the ND zone... Very fortunate score for UND thus far...
  8. Is it me or does it still show it as the 1st period on the webcast?
  9. Lets go UND... PP... let's get another couple of shots and hopefully a goal!
  10. Getting outshot 32-8...?! Pretty sad... Saunders playing well... good thing!
  11. Haven't logged on in many moons but thought I would post something to help the cricket situation... watched some the last 1/2 of the 1st period... UND not playing its best hockey by any means... Saunders doing well. Take that goal though... UND going to have to step it up though... Go Sioux!!
  12. Disappointing end to the season as we always expect so much with this program. But there was a lot to overcome this season and they met the challenges head on, perservered and to make it as far as they did makes me proud to be a Fighting Sioux fan. Unfortunately there will always be those fans who will chirp, bitch, piss, moan (insert your verb of choice) about Hakstol, how the program failed, expectations weren't met, etc but I am still proud of the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux team and what they were able to accomplish. No... the have not won a National Championship... yet. But they will... they will... PS: There is no friggin' way I can root for the Goofers in the Frozen Four even if they are in the WCHA... just... can't... do... it...
  13. Maybe more like his wants...
  14. For what it is worth... if you have an XBox 360 and subscribe to XBox Live Gold you can watch ESPN 360/3 on your television. My kids watched some regional action last year on it (including North Dakota I believe). Not sure how it works as I just pay for it... my kids set it up...
  15. kfah1

    That Other Game

    Britton should have gotten the player of the game... he kept them in it to win it... but as a goalie dad I guess I would be biased...
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