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2023 Season (Tupac Era)


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Possible Roster for Next season:


Peyton Sewell, Elizabeth Norris, Teagan Timperly, Kortney Carney

Outside Hitters:

Lauren Perugini, Olivia Edlund, McCallister Gayle, Ashlyn Olsen, Elizabeth Norris, Katy Riviere, Paige Barber, Maddy Hornyak


Trinity Blackwood, Maddie Lipetsky, Sophia Ortquist, Erika Lindqvist, Marissa Stockman

Liberos/Defensive Specialists:

Kortney Carney, Isabelle McCormick, Skylar Darr, Kennedy Nelson, Maddy Hornyak, Jocelyn Juleson, Olivia De Jong


Currently Unknown on who is staying and going, graduate students are up in the air, anyone have confirmation on if Stockman/Sewell/Carney/Lindqvist still have eligibility? Pribyl and Ward were the only ones celebrated on senior night so I am wondering what that means

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I think the upcoming season will tell a lot. 6 new recruits coming in making it a full roster. These girls will only be freshman so who knows who will start or play but we hopefully will see some big moves coming from the team. 


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Looks like Sewell is no longer on the team. Social media posts saying she’s graduated and no longer on the team. Guessing with Timperly coming in, she may have seen the writing on the wall. Not sure who else is leaving at the roster is still full online even though they should have started last week. Carney was MIA at the end of the season, so not sure where she stands. Also, Jordan Vail is no longer on the list of coaching staff, it just says TBD. Wonder who they are looking at for that position. 

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