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  1. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/basketball/7002447-New-UND-womens-basketball-transfer-from-Texas-Tech-wants-to-give-it-one-more-go Didn't see anything on this in your forum or on the team twitter. Not a big deal, I guess?
  2. Charlie Creme is basically ESPN's "Joe Lunardi" of WBB. Up until the loss to Omaha, he had the Jacks as a 6-seed for many weeks. The Monday bracketology moved them down to a #9-seed, but still easily in. USD has been listed as an at-large #10-seed for many weeks, and is now listed as a 10-seed AQ. Recently Creme wrote an article that basically said that if USD doesn't now win the SLT, the Summit would get 3 in. As insane as that sounds, Creme has been doing this for a while. Personally, I think we wouldn't survive a loss, but who knows? article: https://www.espn.com/womens-college-basketball/story/_/id/31025577/no-1-seeds-women-ncaa-basketball-tournament-set-questions-remain-rest-bracket bracketology: https://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/30423107/women-bracketology-brackets-all-shapes-sizes
  3. No idea, but I can't think of a reason a new coach wouldn't want to have an extra senior player with her size and skills on the roster. She wouldn't be taking away a roster spot, weather she gets minutes or not. Unless she is some kind of bad-attitude diva (not likely), that's a no-brainer to me. Bummer the other two aren't staying.
  4. As I understand it, all winter sports will get a one-time (one-season) waiver on the scholarship limits, but only for a team's current seniors that choose to stay and play an additional year at the current school. So for UND's women's team you have three seniors. If any of them decide to come back and play an additional season, UND would be able to increase the number of scholarships by up to three. for only next season. I watched the senior spotlight for your team at halfttime on Midco, and they were focusing on Fleecs and Reinke. Both were saying they would miss the team, so I guess either they are choosing not to come back, or UND isn't going to pay for additional scholarships? Also, what about Leet?
  5. Doesn't look like it. The league announced the fall sports cancellation on August 10, and I'd guess the preseason poll normally doesn't come out until late august. So they just skipped it? Maybe they will unveil one this week. Some conferences do their preseason picks a little earlier, and announced them in early August.
  6. Clearly you guys are going to need to hire a new coach after the end of the season. Hopefully that new coach will be able to convince some of your good forwards to stay, while bringing in some talent at the guard spots. The extra year of eligibility might help. Looking at conference-only stats (the Summit site does this) the Hawks are one of the best rebounding and shot-blocking teams (#1 or #2). Lots of stats in the average range, but what has killed you is shooting efficiency offense, and perimeter defense. So basically you need to upgrade your guards (and coach). The program isn't in dumpster-fire territory. Just unbalanced, IMO. I think you'll win enough games to go to SF. I'd be shocked if that wasn't the case.
  7. I only watched the first quarter, but there's no question that if all your players had been available for that game, you would have won. You could certainly use some shooters, as others have said, but saying you need to clean house is a bit of hyperbole IMO. You have some talented forwards. I was really impressed with Zander, and she's just a sophomore. Get the right coach in there, a few transfer guards, a nice recruiting class and you will be fine. Just my opinion. Plenty of talent in the region for all the Dakota 4 to be competitive. Hell, the turnaround at NDSU was quite shocking considering what they were a couple of years ago. You wouldn't have to clean house as much as he did.
  8. kiyoat

    2019 Season

    OK, I completely take back my support of Summit League Scheduling. This basketball season's schedule is horrific. Double-headers are cool and everything, but it's like they sold out on that at the expense of everything else sensible. Just bizarre in some cases. It's like they have no idea what they are doing. My apologies.
  9. My words were "the Bruising, foul-happy team last year". I never called them goons (I assume that is the hockey equivalent of a dirty player?). They were, in fact, foul-happy. It is no secret that UND produced the most fouls per game than any team in the conference last year. This is quantifiable. They eclipsed 30 fouls seven times, against both good and bad teams. This was clearly just they way they were coached to play. It is a strategy. Brewster chose to be a physical team, in a way that produces fouls. It is what it is. I wasn't a fan of that strategy when I watched the three times we played the Hawks. I'm not whining about it, or making excuses. Our young women did just fine against it. In fact, we have been called thugs by Iowa State and SD State fans in recent years for our physical play, just for playing an aggressive, turnover-creating style of defense. In the game in Vermillion last year, we won 87-54 in regulation. UND committed 36 fouls and had three players foul out of the game. In the game in Fargo is was 33 with one ejection. To me, that's a little excessive. Again, I'm not calling them dirty, or goons, or cheap-shot artists. Just that they played a "bruising foul-happy" style of basketball that I personally was not a fan of. On flopping: clearly you have watched a lot of basketball over the years, and you understand that there is a very fine line between offensive vs. defensive fouls, and what is or is not a foul. Fans tend to "see what they want to see" with basketball fouls, i.e. "the other team is always getting away with stuff". I won't try to change your mind on that, but if you think your teams don't try to sell contact, you are insane. To never sell contact is to put yourself at a distinct disadvantage. Obviously flopping is a form of selling contact that goes too far. Some flops are painfully obvious, and some are well disguised. I actually admired WIU's Emily Clemens with her ability to draw fouls. Many of those involved "excessive selling", but she was damn good at it. Our own Monica Arens is very very good at drawing charges. In her case, she is just really good at getting into position defensively, and holding her ground. There is probably an element of selling there after contact, but it's pretty clear that hard contact is made. She takes a beating. I've backed up my statement about UND's fouling with facts. Care to provide me with evidence that USD flops more than anyone else in the conference, or am I to just take your word? I'd love to see a no-contact flop, ala LeBron.
  10. Thanks for your insights (this and the previous post). I had been wondering about this ND team, and why they had been doing so well this season. I'll have to admit I hadn't had a very positive view of your coach from what I had seen in the last couple of years. The bruising, foul-happy team from last year especially put a bad taste in my mouth. Coach Brew (in the past, anyway) doesn't interview well, either. But I guess that has zero to do with his coaching ability. I knew the team this year was a bit of a wildcard, as far as Summit ranking. I had withheld judgement, due to the weakness of the non-conference record. It's pretty obvious now that this is a much-improved team. Your posts have given me a better perspective on possibly why they are better. A fresh new group of players with a fresh new attitude from the coach. Whatever it is, it seems to be working. Tip of the cap to the Hawks and Coach Brew. Good luck this year. We need more successful programs to raise the league profile.
  11. kiyoat

    2019 Season

    https://www.argusleader.com/story/sports/college/university-of-south-dakota/2019/12/17/south-dakota-coyotes-volleyball-nivc-tournament/2665288001/ Yotes lose to GA Tech 25-23 25-23 25-17. Disappointing outcome, but a nice tournament run leading up to it. GA Tech only lost two sets total in that entire 5-round tournament. They clearly should have been an NCAA Tourney team. We also set a program attendance record for the championship, nearly 2,500. That kind of thing is good for the sport in this state, IMO. It's already the fastest growing sport for girls 12-18 at the national level. Several club teams have appeared in Sioux Falls in recent years. As for next year, we will lose 2X DPOY Anne Rassmussen, but other than that all three of USD, Denver and Omaha were pretty young this year. I'm hoping the Summit starts to get at-large teams on a more regular basis going forward. North Dakota was fairly young as well, if I'm not mistaken. I'm not sure about NDSU. A new coach at SDSU will have a tough task, but there is talent in the region to be had.
  12. Whatever, dude. I'd ask what unknown conference USU (Utah State?) and Creighton were both members of, but that is so off topic that I think I'll just agree with you and move on. Yes, St. Thomas will have magical insta-success in Division 1 within five years and leave us all behind, choking on their dust. Have a great day.
  13. Yeah, I knew what I was getting into. Not meaning to troll. I just am a big fan of facts, not speculation disguised as facts.
  14. OK, but that's not what you said. You said they have facilities that are better than two Valley schools right now. That's false. I'm sure there are ways to deal with the fact that they are essentially landlocked, and need space for new facilities, but those solutions will not be quick, cheap or easy. Booting the football team to an over-sized off-campus soccer stadium would be demoralizing to that program, IMHO. Rumors and message board chatter aren't a great source of factual info, anyway. I'm on-board with UST to the Summit, but let's not crown them the new Creighton before they tip off a single D-1 game. Crazy talk.
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